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A Task Wife

Dear Master Shango,

My name is John, and my wife’s name is Alison. We are in our mid-forties, and we are a stag couple residing in the Canary Islands. My wife has had a number of black lovers over the years, though currently she seeks a permanent one. She prefers black men because, according to her, they are the only type of men whose dominating presence make her easily become wet.

It is unfortunate that with the pandemic coronavirus that is out in the world, she hasn’t had any luck inviting any of her old-time lovers to come and be with her, majority of whom reside in England. However, we have found a means to make things work to our quarantined advantage.

This isn’t a first-time idea that we’ve had, but rather something we, especially my wife, has come to enjoy over the years since. Alison loves to indulge in online submission. She corresponds with numerous lovers online, either through Skype or Kik, and they give her certain commands or tasks for her to accomplish or perform. They can instruct her to wear a certain outfit and go out in public, they can demand that she writes something erotic on her chest (e.g., I ❤️ Black Men; I Am a BBC Whore!). Other times, her former Black Master got her to set up her camera close to the bed so he can watch her play with her special dildo. Alison has an assortment of dildos, butt plugs, horse whips, you name it. But there is one dildo in particular that she favors the most. It is one that she named after you!

Yes, I know that sounds unbelievable, but trust me when I say that we have be following your exploits online for some months now. Alison has purchased a number of your books; she especially loves the one about Master Shango and his Merry Wives. Something I would like to ask, was that book based on factual activity that you partook in, or was it all fictional? Not that I am complaining. I, too, have read your works, and I get mesmerized every time I read them. It’s a wonder that someone like yourself is out there making white women know whom they naturally belong to, and whom they ought to be submissive to.

Alison would love to become one of your online submissive wives, and if possible, a permanent one to you. I figure you must have gotten such proposals from many couples before. And with this coronavirus/quarantine that is out there, it really would have been great to have you over to visit us. But this online submissiveness would be a great means for you to get to know Alison, and to know how submissive a wife she can be when it comes to pleasing you.

I remember one time—this was two years ago, when we took a vacation to England—her then Black Master ordered her to go out and find a black man, bring him over to our hotel room and fuck him in my presence. I usually don’t participate in her sexual activities (she knows, however, that she has my complete approval), but I sometimes don’t mind watching. Alison did as her Master ordered. She went to the hotel’s bar, and returned a hour later with a black man in her arm. The man was surprised to meet me, but I told him it was all right, and that he should go ahead and fuck my wife however he pleases. Alison left the bedroom door open so I could enter and watch. The man did fuck her to her satisfaction. She left her Skype camera aimed at the bed, so her Black Master could see what a terrific whore she was to him.

Though it hasn’t always been rosy. There have been times—several times—when she had gone against her Master’s wishes. In those cases, his demands were too much for her to carry out. Her Master then contacted me and ordered me to spank Alison for him. I would have deferred if it were someone else. But her Master knows me too well. He sometimes asserts his will power upon me, and I have no choice but to carry out his wishes. Alison knows that whenever a time comes that she has fucked up, and her Master demands retribution, she has no room to argue. She would lie across my lap with her buttock exposed, and then I would proceed to spank her butt till it glows red. Of course, her Master would be watching. Only when he tells me to stop would I then conclude the punishment.

So you should know, it isn’t all online business that she does. I did mention earlier that she makes clandestine meetings with her lovers whenever they come by, or when we take a vacation and go to visit them. Her Black Master loved to bind her arms and fuck her until he then floods her pussy. Always he fucks her bareback; Alison tells me she always loved the feel of him whenever he was about to climax. You should see her, the way she locks her legs over his back, not wanting him to quit humping her till the deed is done. I can’t help cumming in my pants whenever I watch them together.

I hope this email finds you well, and that you consider me offering Alison to you as part of our Reparations payment. I am including in the bottom her contact details where you can reach her, as well our Twitter handle. We hope you will continue staying in touch with us. Hopefully someday soon, this coronavirus will become a thing of the past. When that happens, we would certainly love for you to pay us a visit. You need not worry about the flight fees, we will take care of all of that.

Until then, do keep us in your mind and continue spreading your word.


John & Alison.


Just want to let you all know that I am in good health, and I pray you all are staying indoors and safe from this ongoing pandemic with your family. I am currently working on a collection of stories that will be titled 'Sex, Love & Quarantine', which I intend to make available to my readers free of charge once it's done. Keep following me to up learn more, and once again, STAY INDOORS AND STAY SAFE!

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1 opmerking

24 jun. 2020

Reading about the exploits of the submissive Allison both really turned me on as well as gave me new ideas. I too have served as an online submissive to black men before, but not to the extent that Allison has. Thank you for sharing Allison's story as a "Task Wife" John.

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