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Accepting Your Cuckold Instincts

There comes that irrevocable moment when you can no longer hide your most pressing feelings from your husband/wife. Especially when those feelings involves sex with another partner.

If you’re a wife/girlfriend reading this, you’d moment might be the day when you couldn’t hide anymore your need to be pleasured by another man, preferably a Black Master.

Whereas if you’re the husband/boyfriend reading this, your decisive moment came when you realise how ineffective it has become to hide your cuckold desires from your partner, but especially from yourself.

I say this because even now, there are husbands out there who remain obstinate about submitting to their cuckold instincts and accepting their predicament for what it is. Spending time corresponding with such husbands, you can tell that this subject has persisted in their mind for ages.

They consider themselves as impersonators whenever they lie in bed beside their wives, wishing for the real man to come knock at their door and assume his rightful place in their stead.

These husbands/boyfriends have read countless books and essays on the subject. They consume innumerable porn, mostly of interracial/Cuckold varieties. They long for someone to challenge them towards accepting their cuckold role instead of living a lie that isn’t theirs.

Some of such husbands have been capable of finally letting the truth be known to their wives, as they have as well concluded that being a cuckold is synonymous with their nature. It’s something they ought not grapple with anymore. Though it might seem frightening venturing further with this truth, but the relief is immense.

The same goes with wives, too. Many wives want to become immense in their Black Cock addiction even more than their husbands would give them credit.

Wives need to be true to what they desire as much as their husbands want to be, too. It won't do for either to pretend against whatever it is they feel inside: communication and desire can go hand-in-hand when it comes to exploring what is essential: commitment to themselves, and to the Black Domme that they both wish to serve.

It is never too late, neither is it too soon for husbands to express this wanting to their wife. The wife, too, shouldn't hide from herself whatever that's been lacking in her sexual reservoir to admit to her husband that she doesn't deserve better. Cuckold couples need to feel complete in demanding that they want to strive for something greater than what they already have. Even though they are already deemed as a cuckold couple, Black-Ownership is a entirely new field that many are yet to explore.

How many wives know how to welcome a Black Master into their home? How many husbands would travel a reasonable distance to plead with a Black Domme to come and become permanent in his home, even if it's for his wife's infinite pleasure? How many husbands won't mind dressing their wives up to look hot and sexy for a night out with her special lover? Even if it means chauffeuring them to whatever destination they have in mind, and then afterwards to beg and encourage the Black Master to go ahead and empty his copious seed into his wife's pussy?

These are but a few scenarios that couples are yet to explore together.

Black-Ownership is also applicable to couples that have come of age—mature couples, I mean to say. As long as a couple deem themselves worthy of wanting to worship a Black Master, then so be it. As well if they have once been involved in the lifestyle, but took a break away from it, there's always room to welcome them back into the fold.

With committment to this Ownership lifestyle, there are often questions that are involved. Few of such questions are: Is it deemed necessary that the cuck be made to wear a chastity cage? Not so. however, that desire can be determined based on his adherence to his cuckold instincts.

Should the wife be required to obtain herself a Queen of Spades tattoo to showcase her love for the lifestyle? Or should she go even further to have her Black Master's name tatted on her as a sure sign of ownership, and should this, too, be required for her cuck husband? Do the couple need to sign a Cuckold Agreement/Contract with their Black Master? Would it involve having the Black Master staying in their home if necessary? Are they allowed to involve their adult children into the lifestyle as well? What are the essentials that comes with reparations?

These are the likeliest questions I have often been assailed with by different couples who wish to desire more about this way of life. There isn't a straight-forward answer to any of the above-mentioned questions, and majority of that can only be determined by the level of trust and relationship that they share with their Black Master.

The questions, however, showcase growth in a couples' desire of wanting to become a part of something bigger than them. As long as they feel themselves worthy of wanting to absorb this life as it becomes a part of theirs, then they should deem it necessary to enable their Black Domme to be the one to have the final say in their Ownership affairs.


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Jonathan Cuckold
Jonathan Cuckold
Jan 19, 2023

For white men accepting who they are is one of the hardest but ultimately liberating experiences that they will ever undertake. For more and more white men looki in the mirror honestly will tell them that they just don’t possess the equipment necessary to satisfy their women. This isn’t something to be embarrassed by it’s just the reality. After this acceptance of their thoughts turn to how to satisfy their partners and the only sensible and logical conclusion is that they need to accept their fate as a cuckold to a black man. It’s obviously the right thing to do. Once done a world of possibilities opens up and it turns out that watching your woman getting amazing sex fro…


I was so frustrated for so long because my wife never wanted sex. I knew it was because of my inadequacy. She had a few others before me & it haunted me that they were better than me. I was sure my wife needed & wanted another man. I was scared and humiliated by my own thoughts. Then it happened. That story is below in July 11


Sir Damien, my wife left me for a black man 4 years ago in Phoenix. I moved to Dallas and am alone. Recently a black business man who lives in Tallahassee contacted me. He is looking for a live in sex slave. Our conversations have been very erotic and I am really tempted to accept. He sent me a contract and it looks ok with a clause that allows me to leave after one year.

What do you think? I am older, retired, live alone, don't ever get any sex anymore & this sounds so erotic. I realize I will be in naked bondage and sexually used but I like the sound of that.

Will I regret doing this? I'…

Replying to

One will never regret submitting to the Superior Black Man.


another masterpiece from a black master. excellent writing. Thanks !!

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