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BNWO - Christian Wife Chalice

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

This article was previously published on my Blogger, so I decided to share it here with several bonus paragraphs. Enjoy.


A Christian wife who has taken the vow to become a "Chalice" in the servitude of Black-Ownership has to agree to the following terms:

~ She will make every attempt to regularly harvest and store the seed (semen) of any & all "Sons of Africa" (black men), especially to a designated Black Master who meets the standards of her vow.

~ She will sign herself into Black-Ownership agreement with her designated Black Master, and deign him to take sexual advantage of her whenever he deems it necessary to do so. She will always welcome him into her life, into her home, and let his place be first where her white husband formerly occupies.

~ Her husband, too, will defer submissively to her Black Master/lover. He will continue to love his wife, and shower her with whatever form of indulgence that will ensure her Black Master continue to adore being with her. The Black Master, in return, will sexually dominate the wife as well re-mold her into becoming a suitable hot-wife to his taste. He will re-mold her husband into becoming a dutiful cuck-boi/sissy to the wife, and will be the keeper of whatever secrets the couple might carry individually on their minds for each other.

Her husband might choose to remain a simple cuck, or desire upgrading himself into becoming a sissified bitch-boi. Whichever he chooses, as long as he continues adhering to the rules of what the BNWO Reparations lifestyle affords him: to remain submissively loyal to his Mistress and Black Master, and do whatever it takes to uphold their relationship. Even better, upholding his Black Master's stature in his household, financially as well.

~ She will accept her Black Master’s cock in her pussy without the necessary aid of a prophylactic measures or condoms. Condoms would only be required for cuck-husbands to wear, and that is only if the wife desires to give her hubby a ‘mercy fuck’, as a sort of reprieve for having being away from her pussy for so long. But make no mistake that should she desire not to do this, it’s entirely up to her will.

Once a Christian couple becomes ‘Black-Owned’, the husband should not expect to indulge in much or any form of sexual activity with the wife. His only means would be to jerk himself and later clean up his cum whenever he gets done. And during moments of Black Cock-Training, he should be monitored by the Black Master so as not to exceed his daily dosage masturbatory workouts. The wife must always look forward to taking her Black Master’s seed into her pussy. She has first dips to tasting his cock before ever deciding to allow her husband to join in.

~ She will keep her legs open, and make her womb "the chalice" available to any/all negro men who meet these standards without hesitation, provided a proper time/place are possible.

~ Her womb itself is the "Chalice" and she makes every effort to keep it clean (disease free/presentable), and to this degree she is permitted a greater degree of latitude to improve upon herself, and make herself attractive to her black sperm donors. In many respects she has many of the freedoms of a single woman, but is in fact a married woman, so she is a much more "complete", sexual being. A wife need not feel inadequate, if she is obviously attractive to them, she need not change a thing! So long as they present obvious interest in her, she will learn what works best for her.

~ All of her powers and authority on sexual matters supersede that of her husband’s needs when it comes to the harvest and storage of her Black Master’s seed. If she decides she needs more or better black sperm donors, her cuck-husband must do what he can to improve upon the situation. They work together as husband and wife to help her keep her vows, and attend to her duties, safely.

~ The wife has the final say on all matters of fertility, even above and beyond her Black Master. It is up to her if she will choose to bear the young of a black man, her choice anyways. Should she desire to want to get Black-Bred, this must be first talked over with her and her husband before venturing into it.

~ The wife has many duties, but if she enjoys her works, there is no shame in that. Being in the Lord's service is pleasurable in its own respect, and a wife should enjoy harvesting Negro seed to herself, for it is her master's will.

~ She considers herself to be "A Chosen Wife" in that even though she is married, she knows that her Black Master will be forcing their manhood inside of her on many occasions as possible. She knows he will ravage her mercilessly, and forcibly pump their seed into her, and should always look forward to submitting herself to his yearning needs. She should endeavour to enjoy whatever erotic sexual fantasies she have in mind and share it with her Black Master.

~ She bears no shame or inhibitions based on her age, size and overall body features. She is made as the Lord intended her to be, amongst many things, also for this purpose. Her body was made to be a desirable sexual object for Black men to lust after. This vow "frees" her from much of the foolish/backwards confines/lies of human society's concept of beauty and the purpose of a woman's body.

~ She considers regular harvesting the black seed of her "flock" (or the black master(s) she usually attends to) to be her personal responsibility. She understands their seed may be pumped into other Christian wives who also attend to such duties, but she does not want her master's seed to end up in the womb of an unclean woman (a whore!) The Christian wife is not jealous, but zealous, in that she does not like to leave her master's "balls" full for very long, and usually makes efforts to see a proper time and place to empty them is available.

~ She accepts the fact that her Black Master isn’t just aligned specifically to her. That it is her duty to involve other Christian wives around her to become part of his harem of Owned wives. Whether the other women are her neighbours friends, or even family members, the wife should endeavour to work with her cuck-husband to persuade other couples to get involved in this lifestyle.

It is their submissive duty to help their Black Master with spreading his message of Black-Ownership to help free more white couples from their societal sexual prison. Even when the Black Master might move on from their home, the couple should remain indebted to him as a singular unite of a transformed white home.

~ These Christian wives are also tasked with inspiring their daughters, and other younger women around them, into the ways and means of becoming submissive towards her Black Master(s) around. These wives, having become addicted towards Black gods know that once a young white slut opens her mind and body towards committing to being bred by the right and appropriate type of man that's at the peak of masculinity.

Just as their mothers sought towards being Black-Bred by their Black Master, so, too, their daughters and other younger snowbunnies would want to have the richest seed swimming in their womb; their white boyfriends would equally appreciate cleaning every ounce of black cum spilling out of her cunt.

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Great post about how black master's fit into our lives.


Sep 18, 2023

i love all my holes owned by g

roup of masters


Other than being a black owned wife and whore it’s important that the wife / mother also inspires her daughters getting black owned as soon as possible and being black breed. They learn to spread their legs and provide access to their holes to the superior black men. In case the mother has sons she also makes sure that they support their father as a cuckold / sissy-bitches and devote their lives to the black King.

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