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Cuckold Confession: Brian's Story - Ten Years Pt. 1

This may not be the most erotic story, but it is the true story of what a ten-year hotwife/cuckold marriage is like.

September 1st marks my tenth anniversary as a cuckold and my wife, Nancy, as a hotwife. We celebrated our eleven years of marriage in March, or at least I did. My wife was away in Tenerife, Spain, for a two-week holiday with one of her lovers.

Plenty of people fantasise about hotwife/cuckold marriages. Some are brave enough to give it a try. Those who do invariably find that there’s no going back once a wife takes on a lover. If ever I suggested to Nancy that we return to a monogamous lifestyle again, she would literally laugh.

Nancy and I never experienced a threesome, and so far, she has never put on a show for me with one of her lovers. Her affairs have always been private escapades. Her adventurous nights usually last until the morning hours. She has had a couple of one-night stands, but Nancy prefers long-term relationships with the men she dates, some lasting for years. She still regularly dates the first man she slept with after we got married.

The only condition I laid down on her before we embarked on this adventure was that she enjoys more than one lover at a time. I requested that because I felt initially insecure when her first lover demanded she spends most nights with him. It was easy for her because he lived a floor under us in the same apartment building. But when she started moving some of her clothes, makeup, and personal things to his apartment, I had a little mini freak out. Our son was young at that time, but he began questioning why his mom was gone most nights.

We reached a compromise that I would never attempt to limit her freedom to do what she pleased if she had at least two lovers and that she didn’t become too emotionally and sexually invested in only one lover. I think this act saved our marriage and gave us some balance. We call it the ‘two lover rule.’ It came with conditions which I will explain later.

Jealousy is something I deal with regularly. Nancy would be upset if I weren’t so, but there’s a point when it becomes annoying to a woman, so I purposely push that emotion aside. Being married to a hotwife involved you inevitably becoming a minor player in her sex life. That’s certainly been the case for me since we ventured into this lifestyle.

Nancy is both a knockout and a flirt. She attracts men like moths to light, so she has her pick when it comes to potential lovers. At 40 years old, Nancy doesn’t look out of place with a 25-year-old man or a 50-year-old investment banker. Since we moved to London, she has developed her own social set, many of whom I have never met. These comprise of friends of her lovers and their girlfriends. Being an American, many rightly assume she likes sex and is sexually adventurous.

I put in plenty of effort juggling between work and being a father for our son. Nancy cares deeply about him, but I have assumed many of the duties a wife would normally do, not that I don’t enjoy it. Unfortunately, Nancy and I might have only one or two evenings out by ourselves a month, but she will have three or four dates a week, and usually, one or two lovers might see her in the afternoon. She has a fulfilling, fun life and more sex than any woman I know who isn’t getting paid for it.

She has two main lovers and many others that she regularly sees, like the Oxford professor, who usually leaves behind at least one used condom in the bed, probably as a taunt to me. He is the only one of her lovers who wears protection; Nancy is averse to condoms.

Both of Nancy’s main lovers take her on holiday each year. She usually spends a month in Barbados during the winter and comes back with a beautiful tan. In the summer, she heads to the south of France or back to America to see her mother, accompanied by her lover. Nancy’s mother never took a liking to me but particularly liked her lover. She actively encourages Nancy’s hotwife lifestyle and is envious she didn’t have that freedom in her marriage.

One of Nancy’s conditions for the ‘two lover rule’ is that I am not allowed to masturbate. Not ever. That’s very difficult to do, and it’s a struggle for me not to touch myself. I seldom look at porn. Occasionally I read erotic books, but I limit myself to one or two a week. We did try a chastity device on me, but they are incredibly uncomfortable. Even the steel ones, which many claims can be worn constantly, are very difficult to maintain on a full-time basis.

One of the things we have discovered, much to Nancy’s delight, is that if you limit sex to once or twice a month, and you refrain from masturbating, your prick shrinks noticeably over time even when erect. I used to be well over 6 inches, but now I’m under 5 inches when fully erect. She often teases me on rare occasions when I get to put it into her pussy by asking me to tell her when it is inside her. It’s an erotic game that we share. It’s also something her girlfriends find endlessly amusing whenever she tells them.


This work is a true story as dictated to me by Nancy and Brian Fairchild. Should you not think I'm serious, you can reach them through the email below to hear from them. Look out for the continuation . . .

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