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Cuckold Humiliation

A cuck-hubby must expect some humiliation to come his way, especially because it’s desirable that he be reminded of his place in the scheme of things.

Once the Black Master moves into his home, his former position gets relegated toward that of home caretaker. The Master assumes the role of being the president of the household with the cuck hubby’s wife becoming his Mistress. The cuck hubby becomes the house servant, doing whatever menial chores such as taking care of the house, and making sure the Master and Mistress remain strong and comfy with each other.

A lot of means and ways can be taken to ensure this happen. It begins with the cuck hubby signing a cuckold contract with the Master, stipulating that from that moment on, the Master is going to become a part of his home, and in fact, a part of his life, and the hubby no longer has any jurisdiction or veto power unless approved by the Mistress.

The cuck hubby will do whatever is necessary toward sustaining the Mistress and Master’s livelihood. The hubby can still head out to work, but from that moment on, the Master and the Mistress are actually the ones whom he’s working for. The Mistress holds the accounts and makes all the necessary checkings to make sure the hubby isn’t being unfaithful on the side.

In the house, the cuck hubby will become not only familiar with his place, but his role in the new household, as well as his attire. He wil be wearing a CB chastity lock, having his ‘sissy’ style of clothing, and must consider himself feminine from there on. He will perform necessary massages to his Master and Mistress.

When at the dinning table, he will sit in his own kiddies-type table, or be under the table massaging the Master and Mistress’s feet, as well as kissing their feet as part of his submissiveness. The Master bedroom now belongs to the Master and Mistress; cuck hubby can be in the basement, or in other room, and must be up at the crack of dawn and start keeping the house clean for the true occupants.

The Master and Mistress can decide on whichever sort of punishment or activity to give their cuck boi if they wish, which might include urinating over him, and having him rim the Master’s ass whenever he wants it clean perfectly.

Husbands want to be humiliated when they are made to watch their wives getting fucked. It enhances his cuckold appeal, and makes it more pleasurable for him knowing that his wife is getting the best fucking ever, and equally knowing that his submissive status aids to that happening. The cuck will learn to take pride knowing that his stance is what helps guarantee that his wife will continue to maintain her reign as the hotwife she is henceforth.


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