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Cuckold Your Fantasies

For every five husbands out of twenty that decide to actually strive to endear their wives towards cucking them, there are the other fifteen who live in the realm of fantasising about what it would be if they actually got their spouse to indulge in such activity.

There is a growing number of husbands (wives, included) who are only just becoming aware of this social trend. Something that hitherto has been unknown to them, even though they might have encountered it in one form or another. Possibly from having heard of some other couple who are practising it for real, or by chance from having seen such scenario occur in a movie.

The late great film director Stanley Kubrick possibly shed more light on this subject than most would give him credit for. In his final movie Eyes Wide Shut, a female character (Nicole Kidman) narrates to her husband (Tom Cruise) of a near encounter she once had with another man during an early time of their marriage while on vacation. How she had nearly thought of risking her marriage just to be with that nameless stranger but in the end had reneged on it. All through the movie, we follow her husband as he goes about his nightly business, but inexplicably becomes obsessed with the poignant vision of his wife in bed with another man . . .

Such scenario does play in the hearts and minds of most husbands out there from all works of life. Though they would of course vehemently deny it. But let’s not kid ourselves. This cuckold urge is a trend that’s far older than human nature itself though has remained nearly hidden from societal eyes.

But coming to the present, most would ask the question of Why: “Why would any man desire for another to have sex with his wife?”

This is far removed from those who are practicing swingers. The notion that an upstanding individual of society would, in the recess closet of his mind, actually derive pleasure from seeing his wife frolic and succumb to the pleasure of another man (a stranger, if you must), must seem unsettling for most to dare comprehend. The question is why are more and more spouses so enamoured by this trend?

The answer(s) to that question are as ubiquitous as they are ambivalent to be categorised into something reasonable. To even comprehend them might seem way too bizarre.


There is the visual aspect of it which most would consider as wholesomely palatable. Like watching your favourite porn star, being all too familiar with her distinctive grunts and moans, the outlook of ecstasy on her face when watching her get penetrated, or the sheer satisfaction of watching her body slam against her lover . . . most husbands, in this case, would love instead to picture their wives as taking the place of this porn star. That then makes their viewing pleasure more heightened.

For many husbands, seeing their wives let loose in the arms of another stranger is more like having something but setting it free, knowing it will inevitably return to them. To imagine the wife being seduced by another man, to play with images in their head of seeing the wife eventually succumb to the stranger’s probing courtship, and especially to see just how moved that other men still find her suitably attractive is a bonus point no husband can refute. The same goes to the wife as well as she then realises that neither age nor her length of married life have depreciated her seductive ability in another man’s eye.


As marriages become stale with time, so, too, does the sex. Over time the sex becomes all too familiar and unimpressive to both: the wife can set her timer as regards to how soon her man is bound to climax, likewise the husband listens to every purported moans coming from her as a whistle note he had heard much too many times and can’t decide if actually she’s doing that merely to goose him towards hurrying to climax or if really she still enjoys their romp.

And then for some other couples, the sex life has become almost non-existent. It was like it wasn’t even there at all. What better way to reclaim the magic than having the wife get her pleasure back with someone besides her husband. Someone whom the husband expects won’t merely make love to her, but rather fuck her. Fuck her rough, hard, and lengthy. Someone to make her scream, gasp, and groan louder than ever. If possibly, make the bed groan too.


A husband is meant to be dominate beside his wife. There is a flip side to this, however: not everything needs to be dominate with every husband. Now and then, most husbands desire for submit to their submissive nature: for the wife to become the dominant one who gets to take charge not just of her sex life but including his. Who better would enforce this idea more than the lover who enrols into their life? The stranger becomes entrenched in their couple’s bedroom as well becomes a fervent strongpoint to unveiling the husband’s submissive nature while he then ascertains the new role as the dominant one next to the wife.

This might as well bring about a husband’s bisexual desires which prior to this period he had kept hidden in the deepest recess of his subconscious. Some wives are so unaware of this part of their husbands and might become quit shock to see it come to the forefront. As the husband continues to embrace his submissive nature, which might endeavour into cross-dressing and other known fetish, it is left for them as a couple to embrace the lifestyle together as one, or call it quits. And should they then decide to embrace it together, the next option becomes finding a suitable lover/dominate worthy to pleasing them both.


In most other cases, the husband might not have any ulterior motive in his mind besides the fact that he cherishes his wife so much he is willing to sacrifice his own pleasure for her to get more acquainted with hers. He desires not to explore the cuckold lifestyle with her, he wants nothing to do with relishing his own submissive nature . . . all he wants instead is to just sit back and pretend to be the housewife in the home while she gets to gallivant with exploring more of her adulterous sexuality with her lover(s) however way that prior to then might have seem more outlandish and unbecoming of a married woman.


This reason might seem facetious, but it is true. The cuckold lifestyle has long existed before most ever thought about the existence of the word. Even the word itself does more harm to the imagination than the actual lifestyle does. As most would come to view the idea of swinging as being a healthy adventure that most couples would only partake in during summer/holiday periods, the cuckold lifestyle instead can be achieved in just about any setting. Couples need not travel far to enjoy the benefits of this activity, not when they can frequently bring it to their very home without even their neighbours being aware.

Which leaves for most couples fantasising about it to ask themselves the question: “Why not get into it, since most already are talking about it. Who knows, it might be the right antidote to take us out of the doldrums of our marriage . . .”

What’s the worst that could happen? At least then they can take benign pleasure in having a Black Master in their bedroom to keep them company.

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Aug 12, 2022

the lust of my wife is my aphrodisiac. it's as simple as that. nothing turns me on more than seeing her orgasm, hear her breathing become faster, feel her muscles tightening. and beacause i can only make her climax with toys, my fingers or tongue, it's only logical that someone else has to provide her an orgasm with his cock. someone with a larger cock but above all with more stamina than me. and because she never was with someone else but me, it would be her first real orgasm.


May 13, 2021

BEST pleasure ever you may do for your wife is to offer her to her black owner


Jan 25, 2021

I definitely need to be a sissy cuckold! My wife is currently feminizing me and I absolutely adore being feminine!


Mike 1995
Mike 1995
Jul 16, 2020

I love this post


Unknown member
Jul 02, 2020

i wish my husband received these

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