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Cuckold Your Husband

This was specially written for all you lovely wives and single women out there. With regards to the single women, it’s especially for those who’re already caught up in a relationship with a white boyfriend. Or even for those who’re yet about to get involved with one, this isn’t meant to throw you off to thinking that you’re not included. Even now, I suspect there’s a lonely white man out there who’s seeking you out. And if and when you do eventually get to hook up with him, I’ll want for these words I’m about to put down to ring through your mind.

Cuckold your husband. It’s what he wants, and it’s what he desires. Cuckold your man now, because he secretly wants you to.

Do not be upset or flustered by my words. Though you might consider what I’m saying as harmless or as nonsense drivel. If however, you’ve been following me for months now via social media as well through my blogs, and if you made yourself download this magazine of mine by which you’re presently perusing this article, then you know already what I’m about, what sort of message I preach, as well you know, too, that everything I say is about you and a reflection of what you desire.

But this isn’t merely about what you desire, it’s as well what your husband/boyfriend desires of you, too. Though he might be too worried to say it out loud, or even to dare give off a hint of what he means. Not all husbands are that brave as to want to be bold enough to present this idea to their women. For those who are fortunate enough to be so lucky, it requires little or no strong effort on their part to let this known, as he and his woman already have a strong bond of communication that’s able to cut through all nonsense.

For plenty of women out there, this might prove to be somewhat of a challenge. To think that your man would ever want for you to do this to him. For most wives, the thought of cuckolding their husband/boyfriend is synonymous with cheating. You ask yourself is this possible what your man wants of you: to go out and get yourself a lover and let him know that you’ve been fucking this new man and that nothing your husband/boyfriend says is ever going to make you quit?

The thought can bring up such a dilemma for most wives, especially when they get to hear their husband admit the truth that this is what they’ve been longing from them for a long time.

For such wives, allow me to provide some insight as to how to resolve such issue when you do get to confront it.

1. It’s Cuckolding, not Cheating:

There is a wide difference between what’s construed as cheating from what eventually is cuckolding, even though most would love to think of them as being the same thing. I’m here to clarify the difference.

It is cheating when your spouse is unaware that you’re busy creeping out with someone without his knowledge. That he knows nothing of whom you’re with and however you’re creeping out can be hurting. Though even for some husbands out there, I assume they would see that as a preferred alternative toward getting their women to cuck them, it still doesn’t change what it is.

With you cucking him, he knows very much what you and him are both getting into, and is willing enough to prod you onward about it. He knows well enough whom you’re with (whether it be a long-term lover of yours, or someone whom you’re choosing to have a fling with), and for most husbands and boyfriends, they desire nothing else but to become a part of whatever sexual adventure their women are having.

2. Withdrawal Sex:

Some wives might become well aware of this occurrence but have nothing in mind to say about it. Just as some are aware, there’s still others out there who aren’t. And the reason probably is that they’ve long stopped enjoying sex with their spouse to even care when the last time was that they enjoyed it.

A wife might see this as something tragic in herself: whatever could be the reason why her husband seldom makes love to her anymore. Or even when he does, he much prefers sitting back and watching her enjoy herself play with her dildo.

This is merely a withdrawal stage that most husbands and boyfriends enter when accepting that their wife needs to be pleasured by someone better than them. It is simply a strategy ploy to get the wife to come to terms with realizing her potential. In a situation where words don’t always need to be expressed in place of action, a wife might take this the wrong way.

It’s only after the appreciation dawns on the wife’s mind that she get to understand that her husband’s ploy is merely to have her assume better sexual appreciation of herself. To know that her sex is more of an independent weapon she can wield against him to do whatever bidding she demands. From there, they can move into role-playing whereby she would perform the role of being the master while he the submissive slave. Does that ring a bell?

3. Attitude = Outlook:

It’s all in the attitude. Once the attitude gets in the blood and mind, then the body is bound to showcase it for the world to see.

For a wife/girlfriend to appreciate the mindset of cucking her husband/boyfriend, she needs first to acquire the attitude of becoming a future hotwife to him. Her frame of thought needs to undergo a three-sixty change. It’s not that she shouldn’t see herself anymore as not being his partner/spouse, but rather that she has now assumed the pleasurable role of wanting to take charge of her sexuality, and to give it to someone who sufficiently will rejuvenate her desire for sex.

The same attitude, too, isn’t just for the wife herself but as well gets to rub off on her spouse/boyfriend.

Whereas the wife/girlfriend imbibes the attitude of becoming dominate of herself intimately, so, too, her husband/boyfriend assumes the attitude of becoming further submissive to her desires. This alternate change is further enhanced when they introduced a Black Master/lover into their lives who will further assume charge of making sure neither oversteps or withdraws to their former stance.


There’s plenty of reasons behind this fast rising trend of cuckoldry and why it isn’t something that’s mostly restricted to the North American continent. Even couples are far away in South America, across Europe, all the way into the Middle East and beyond are, too, entertaining this desire. Some might assume that such a trend was only made possible because of the internet. However, such desire has existed way before anyone thought to become aware of it.

That’s not to say that it is demanded of all wives and girlfriends out there. Merely for those who wish to open their eyes to explore their sexual nature of wishes in more ways than is conventional. And even for the husbands and boyfriends still extolling their women to indulge in this lifestyle, though they might encounter some resistance when it comes time for wooing, partaking in this lifestyle first is required for each spouse to know why they want this, and to communicate that wish with their better half before venturing forward.

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Unknown member
Apr 12, 2020

Women are the owners of their bodies, they can give it to any Black man they want. Either the husband accepts that or leaves, no in between


Unknown member
Mar 08, 2020

my first husband white just would not accept the fact that i now belomged to my black master we did argue at first i finally left him he now says he will accept that i belong to black men


Unknown member
Feb 27, 2020

Hub is realizing I need Black men. He is accepting his role more and more


Unknown member
Feb 27, 2020

Hub is slowly accepting his role as a cuck


I hope 🤞 this beautiful message helps liberate sexually frustrated women. Thanks 🙏 lord Shango.

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