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It Started As A Fantasy

The notion or idea of a white woman (preferably married), wanting to have sex with a black man (one whom she isn’t married to) with the expressed wishes and blessing of her husband (usually white or of other ethnicity) usually starts out as a fantasy. This fantasy can begin from the husband or from the wife. Usually in the case of Cuckold, a high percentage of such fantasy comes from the hubby, so let’s not kid ourselves further than we ought to.

One question a lot of husbands have often asked me when bringing up this notion to my presence is whether or not they’re sick or perverted for having such crazed thoughts. My answer is as always no, and this isn’t so as to satisfy the hubby or anything else. It’s the absolute truth. Argue it however way you want, but what I’ve learned to accept is the mystery behind sex and of how we as human beings besides having the power and ability of creating instruments of war still are baffled by our sexual attraction, especially when its towards realms we always thought weren’t meant for us to follow.

But getting back to our discussion, the idea of such desires has often existed in the back of a lot of husbands’ minds. For some, it can take years before the hubby declares every thinking such, and for others it can go a different way. What could bring about such idea can be from a lot of areas, pertaining to one’s changing environment, the internet, or from some weird traumatic experience the likes of which the hubby suddenly begins developing some eerie sense of pleasure from. Most hubbies are even clueless as to how or where such fantasies even occurred to them or when. That any decent husband/boyfriend would love to become a voyeur to the thought of his wife being seduced by another man should act as no surprise to anyone.

The point isn’t about how or where as much as the underlying question becomes: ‘Is it possible . . .’ How long does such fantasy remain a fantasy till the moment of gestation when the desire of wanting it become real begin to manifest in a hubby’s mind?

The problem with such fantasies are usually weighted or even bogged down first by the thought of the hubby not having anyone around to share the thought of such, wondering if at all he’s the only man on the planet having such weird thoughts and as such should be placed in a rocket and shut out of the earth to the dark side of the moon and left to remain there as an outcast far from infecting the rest of humanity with his delusions. Another aspect is how to pull off such a coupe: how to break it to the wife and get her to see what he is seeing and partake wholeheartedly in it.

It brings up a collage of questions:

“How do I tell her . . .”; “What do I say to her . . .”; “How will she react to it . . .”; “Let’s say she tells me no, what do I do next . . .”; “How badly do I want this to happen . . .”

Trust me, the questions are endless, enough to keep any man sad and awake through the night. What makes it even harder is the fact that it’s something only he sees from his point of view, and no one else’s, not even from the wife.

No wife would readily jump to the conclusion of wanting to go out and fuck another man if her hubby tells her to. I’m not saying there aren’t women out there who won’t. I mean there’s plenty of husbands out there who’re even now enjoying the fruit of their labor without ever putting much effort in convincing the wife to join them in this lifestyle. But for others who’re still bickering and arguing about it with each other, the goal isn’t an easy one to reach. And I’ll make it even worst: there isn’t any set of ‘How To’ type of rules out there to make it easier to convince any typical housewife to want to try this. There just isn’t, so don’t go believing everything you might happen to read online.

I have written articles as regards to how a spouse (wife or husband) might convince his/her other half to enjoy indulging in this idea, but what I’ve written isn’t really an exact science and I only wish I was going to get a Noble Prize at least for trying, but the reason why is because I’m an only man, and don’t know much about the wives of the hubbies who’ve met in and asked me this same question of how to get the wife enticed to cuckold them.

Only two people can try to convince a typical wife to get involved in this, and that’s the hubby and the wannabe lover. Much like two people pushing a vehicle out of a ditch. The hubby supplies 30% of the effort, and the lover (bull) adds 20% into the mix. The wife gets to provide the other 50% to complete the equation.

The equation sounds dismal even from looking at it, I know. But that’s how it actually is, and don’t let anyone out there fool you. As much as a hubby might throw a bone at the wife and watch to see how well she bites, and as much a bull might try seducing the wife, in the end, the final decision is left for the wife whether she’d love to travel down this road, eyes wide open, with the firm love and trust of her hubby beside her, knowing that nothing about their marriage is ever going to crumble. It’s quite a leap of faith, and for a lot of husbands, much thought should be heaped toward the wife as regarding to whatever change they hope to see happen to her, weighting it against whatever consequences might follow. Knowing that it’ll all be for the better.

Always that it’s all for the better of making her happy. No other thought should be secondary.

Such is when the fantasy is said to come full circle.

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