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Letter from a sissy-hubby #342

This content is from an email I received from a sissy-husband residing in Washington State. He wanted so much to showcase his wife to me, and wanted to know if she’d make for a true Black-Owned wife. Everything is real. None of it was by me.


Hello Master Shango,

I am just a sissy wannabe. And what I fantasise about is my wife coming home and telling me she's met you and spent the weekend with you. I want her to tell me that she's been doing all the things with you that she never does with me - that you fucked her hard in her hairy pussy and came deep inside her again and again until your cum just oozed out of her and down her thighs. I want her to tell me how she sucked your big, hard cock until you came in her mouth and over her face. I want to hear how you fucked her in the ass.

So when my wife comes home to me she is sore, and used and full of your cum. And she tells me how she's going to spend the next weekend with you, being fucked in our bed, in our house - and that she wants me there as well, because she's going to give me what I really want.

My wife's going to tell me that I'm never going to cum in her pussy again - that privilege is reserved for 'real' mean. When you come to visit I am to serve you both, whatever may be required. She tells me she is looking forward to seeing me dressed in my little maids outfit whilst I suck your cock. She wants to see me sucking and licking your cum from her pussy and ass after you've fucked her, and then she wants to watch whilst you spank me in front of her for being such a pathetic pansy.

I hope you like the pictures of my wife? She personally wanted me to take them to send to you. We both look forward to corresponding with you, and pray for the day when you will return to America to make me a happy husband!


Jessica Sissymaid.

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