Make Cuckolding Great Again!

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Election season cometh in America.  A time will come when this post will feel irrelevant.  But until then, I hope you, Dear Readers, keep on coming back to it.

So, you all should know, this post has got fuck all to do with American politics.  This article was not written to equate some liberal/conservative mindset.  It is not my place to implore anyone whichever candidate is best, or whom to cast their vote for.  Whichever Left or Right-leaning you are is neither my concern.  What I am here about is what the article’s title clearly states.  It is part of the same reason many of you visit my blog regularly, for which I am grateful.

This is the twenty-first century, but aside from the influx of world population intermingled with updated technology, for many, it might as well be the eighteenth.  You would expect by now many white couples would have gotten familiar through social media about this cuckold lifestyle of ours.  Yes, many have heard of it in some form or another but acquiesce themselves with societal restrictions.  That such a lifestyle is contrary to what is deemed as healthy and productive, especially towards white women. 

Yes, that’s often the target: white women.  Why should they ever attain the curious urgency to want to re-examine their sexual choices to go hand in hand with their desires?  It’s almost a given that their husbands are left to retain such notions in mind as they strut off to work.  But for those lonesome, simple-minded housewives, including their lily-white daughters, the idea of them succumbing their flesh to the arousal of becoming black cock-whores is way too shocking to imagine.

Why should white wives and daughters be compelled to chase after that which beckons to them?  How dare they!  Why not they seek approval first from their menfolk before deciding on such undertaking adventure?

The reality can be stunning to those who are yet to acquaint themselves with the intricacies of this lifestyle.  The truth is that for many white couples, and this includes single women (cougars and snowbunnies), they want so bad to commit themselves towards serving and worshipping Black gods.  Whether in the comfort of their bedroom/homes or out in public.  They are shameless about the world seeing what erotic choices they have opted to enjoy.  

There once was a time when couples had to venture far from home and undercover in secret to find Black lovers for the wives to get acquainted with.  But things have changed, even though some haven’t so much.  Now, it’s more convenient for a housewife to sexually dominate her husband in the comfort of their home with her Black lover/Master watching over the proceedings.  

The wife attains the stature of becoming a hotwife. Her husband gets demoted to that of a cuck, or in more comfortable circumstances, to become a feminized sissy-boi.  The Black Master can become persuaded to reside with the couple, thus completing the circle that is “Black-Ownership.”  He has  a free license to fuck and breed the wife as much as he wants.  That, too, extends to the wife inviting her best friends and family members to partake in the sexual ritual.

This lifestyle, some might consider it as something that pertains solely to couples residing in liberal American households.  But in truth, it also extends to conservative America.  Regardless of one’s political affiliation, one shouldn’t get dissuades from submitting to their erotic inspirations, irrespective of where it might lead.  The inevitability is for couples to be joyously happy with their cuckold aspect.

As each couple commits to this lifestyle, and that goes to single white women, too.  They suitably pay it forward: to involve their best friends, neighbors, and even family members to come and sample their Black Master’s sexual teachings.  They will take pleasure sharing his cock, imbibing his precious seed, and inevitably hope that he would bless their womb by becoming Black-Bred sluts as part of his harem.

Although most married couples tend to venture into this lifestyle from their middle to mature age, for young white women, they have begun addressing their fascination through social media and the majority of porn sites to align themselves with wanting to be with Black men.  They are unencumbered by societal restraints that have withheld their parents from achieving such decisions at an earlier part of their life.  Also, their menfolk are equally eager to become part of this lifestyle, some from the start of their teens.

It is this population of young white women (snowbunnies, if you wish to apply the term) that will strive towards carrying the lifestyle further into the century.  As we travel down this road, it is easy to consider a time when white families won’t ever be castigated or shamed for embracing this lifestyle.  Instead, the infection will spread to compel more couples towards wanting to share in its benefits.  Cuckoldry will become as ubiquitous as two businessmen discussing Bitcoin on the street.  Husbands will indulge in becoming feminized to want to spoil in their love for Black cock just as their female counterparts already are.  Black-Ownership will become an embodiment that they will look toward upholding daily.

Such is why we must make the cuckold lifestyle greater than what it already is.  And that involves all getting and aiding to its growth.  After all, what do you have to lose?

A special shout-out goes to renowed star, Danny Blaq for allowing me to showcase this video of his. Do check out his Twitter page, and visit his site address below for quality erotic entertainment.