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My BLACK Boyfriend/my white boyfriend

My boyfriend has a teenie, tiny, weenie, eye-sore of a pee-pee for a penis. It is so pathetic and ugly-looking that sometimes I want to stump it with my high heels. I refuse to call it a dick because that would be too encouraging.

My boyfriend has a stub of a penis resembling the discarded remains of a pencil eraser; it resembles a rotten piece of mushroom. I dare not let him stick it inside me, and we barely have sex, ever. He does have a terrific tongue, so at least he’s good for something besides fucking me.

Regarding fucking me, I have a black boyfriend who knows how to take good care of me when I need my pussy scratched. He fucks me damn good and makes me cum like a whore. He gives me ultimate pleasure, and I do my best to ensure he leaves my place satisfied and with an empty sac of balls between his legs. I do my best to make sure he can’t go the remainder of the day thinking about me when he gets to thinking about wanting pussy. My white boyfriend cannot compare to him; neither does he even dare.

It’s tough sometimes for a horny white girl like myself to find capable men to satisfy me other than black men. I know that I’m not the only snowbunny having such issues. Even my best friends, too, complain about being upset with screwing their wimp boyfriends; I have inspired several to be like me and start dating black men.

Black men make the best lovers that white girls can have. They have long dicks, they know how to fucking use their dicks, and they have enough stamina to go nearly all night.

My white boyfriend often gets tired by the time he’s halfway inside me. I barely would feel his penis and would inevitably shove him aside and fuck myself with my dildo. Other times, I would call my black boyfriend and apologise for calling so late before asking if he wouldn’t mind coming over. He would grumble, as I expect, then he’d say he’s on his way.

This usually works on days when he’s less busy: days when he does need to go to work the next day or if he doesn’t have another white pussy to satisfy.

Yes, I’m aware that my black boyfriend has other snowbunny bitches that he’s fucking; I cannot stop him from spreading his seed however he wants. As long as he gives me my fair share, I have no problem with that. Also, as long as I never run into any of the white bitches he’s fucking on the side.

I know I’m not his main squeeze, but I do like to think of myself as high-class compared to some tramp bitches out there. I take excellent care of myself, I love shaving my pussy, keeping a narrow streak of blonde hair on my crotch, I love to suck dick—black dick, I mean—and I have no problem swallowing cum, too. I love getting my pussy stuffed, including my anus. I love it when my black lover invites me over to his place, where several of his friends are waiting. I get down on my knees and such their dicks before letting them use me like a fuck-machine. They fuck me for hours, and I get to climax multiple times. Only my black boyfriend, however, gets to climax inside me; he informs his friends to cum over my face or let me suck their cocks clean, which I’m proficient at doing.

Those are things my white boyfriend has never enjoyed from me. The only thing he can get from me is a searing tongue-lashing whenever he doesn’t perform well with his tongue, and maybe then I would be inclined to jerk his pee-pee until he cums. That barely takes much effort from me, and I always feel disgusted after I’m done and can’t wait to clean my hands.

You’re wondering why I keep him around when I’ve got a black lover to quell my pussy-ache. As I said, my black lover has too many bitches requiring his cock to calm their horniness; he’s not the sort that wants to get tied down to one horny snowbunny. My white boyfriend, however, does everything else to ensure I’m looking and feeling good about myself. He doesn’t mind that I get a kick out of humiliating him, even in front of my friends, and he’s talked about wanting to marry me.

My white boyfriend knows there’s a likelihood that my black boyfriend will me knock me up before the years is over. I’m not on the pill, and the sooner I get pregnant, the better I’ll be, knowing I’ve got a black baby growing inside me. My white boyfriend is okay with it and won’t mind being the father to the child as long as I accept being his wife.

If you’re me, would you accept the choice?


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Nov 28, 2023

I love it that the blog starts out talking about the tiny pee pees of whiteboys. The truth is out about us whiteboys and the little white worm between our legs. This has allowed the BNWO to grow and has made the white girl very bold stating her desires for a Black Man with a huge cock.


Jun 27, 2023

love to have a group of black cocks to suck and swallow there cum i will be your slave


David Sissy
David Sissy
Jun 26, 2023

As a white cuck "man", I totally agree, but even if I disliked the idea, I must admit that my opinion as a cuck fag is irrelevant to any woman, including my wife. I support and love to BNWO.

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