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Pool Hall Gal - Confession

Hi there, Shango.

I hope you like the photo of me bending over the pool table. It was taken by my husband two years ago. He’s got such a filthy mind, which means we both think alike.

I want to tell you what happened that night this photo was taken.

It was on a particular dirty weekend. I kept giving this lusty view of my butt to the guy I was playing pool with. Hubby and I had already planned to take him back to our villa for some fun but hadn't asked him yet, though I'm sure he knew our intentions by that point.

On my next shot, I got a bit of a surprise though when I felt the fat end of his pool queue slide into my wet pussy. I didn’t realize at the time that he was standing right behind me. At that point, not caring that there were about 10 other people in the bar, I stopped lining up my shot, rested my head and chest on the table, and spread my legs a bit more. My opponent eased more of his pool cue into me and began slowly fucking me with it as I let out a low moan.

Seeing that I was in one of my naughtier moods, my husband went and explained to the barman that everything was fine, and if he wanted to lock up we could continue the party otherwise we'd leave. One couple and one other man decided to leave, but the rest of the men, including one woman, stayed behind.

It's was the start of a truly a debauched night, with me getting fucked by every guy in the bar including the barman! The best part of the night though was when the other woman joined in and we 69'd on top of the pool table. I licked her pussy and Hubby's cock as he slid in and out of her while I took her boyfriend's cock in my hungry pussy.

I was especially slutty that night and we finished about 2 hours later with goodbye blowjobs and me taking about 5 loads of sweet cum on my face and chest. Each of the men took turns fucking my pussy and asshole on the pool table. Hubby was the last person to enjoy me. He fucked me faster than he usually did, and like the others, he, too, unloaded into my well used cunt.

Our new female friend then went down on me and cleaned up Hubby's cum while her boyfriend fucked her from behind and then came inside her. It was then my turn to get her to sit on my face while I and my husband greedily cleaned her out.

My clothes were just about soaked with cum by the time we got done. I was still covered in cum head to toe as we left the bar and walked back to our villa. My pool player left with us, and we ended up fucking till wee hours of the morning.

Recalling that night always makes me super horny! Excuse me while I go drag Hubby away from whatever conference call he's on and fuck his brains out. This whole COVID-19 quarantine has been a real drag.

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