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Property of the Mandingo Squad

A husband has just received news of his wife having been initiated into becoming a Black-Owned property by the Mandingo squad. The husband received the news while he was at work. The squad leader had sent him a mail, including photos of his wife submitting to her first Black Cock Training experience.

As it turns out, the wife had passed the initiation test. This including her submitting to a roomful of Black gods, all of whom performed gangbanging workouts on her.

They began first by testing her oral skills.

They got her down on her knees and each Black god proceeded to stretch her mouth in ways she had never submitted to before. It was tough, and the workout was rough. There had been moments when she almost couldn’t take the onslaught any longer. There were just too many cocks for her to pleasure, and she had been kneeling too long. She choked, coughed, and spat gobs of saliva repeatedly. The squad leader had given her the option of bowing out.

To his surprise, she had opted instead to continue. The squad had encircled her once more. They shoved their one-inch pounder at her mouth, they slapped her face playfully with it; they murmured curses at her, and still she took everything with pride and worshipped their cocks with her mouth. They fucked her tits, they slipped their fingers between her pussy lips; she groaned and moaned, and allowed them to shoot their cum down her throat.

Her husband gasped when he read this part. It has been months since his wife designed to suck his cock, let alone ingest his cum. Ever since he signed her up for Black-Ownership to the squad, she had adhered to their rules: no more sexual activities between her and her husband. He is not even to come within five feet of her being naked. Her body was henceforth stamped with approval of submitting to Black gods only. It was imperative she keep her body holy from being contaminated by a white man’s touch; failure would incur a stiff fine and punishment.

Having concluded her oral lesson, the wife was given a brief moment of respite, before her next workout resumed. This one involved her hand-jerking skills. She got to give some of the Black gods expert hand-job, jerking them off with both hands until they erupted onto her face, her tits, and her mouth. The wife made sure to clean their cocks, and swiped splattered semen off her tits and into her mouth it went.

The husband had by this time gone to lock his door so he could immerse himself into what he was reading. It was a good thing he was on his lunch break hour, but still, it won’t be good to take chances of being interrupted. He returned to his chair and continued his reading of the mail.

The training broke for a half hour for the wife to clean herself up and get ready for the next training exercise. This was the one that lead to her getting gangbanged.

They led her to the bed, watched her play with herself while they watched and stroked their manhood to turgid strength. The squad leader then gave the order for them to advance. They came at her like a pack of wolves chasing after a lone prey. They ripped her corset off her torso, as well her fishnet stockings as they took turns forcing their cock into her mouth, as well into her pussy.

The wife groaned and screamed. The men tossed her around, spread her legs apart, held her feet to the side as they went in on her. The Black gods derived pleasure watching her squirm and jerk from the rough pounding she received. They played with her tits: they sucked and pinched her nipples till they glowed red. They squirted semen over her eyes and into her mouth. They laughed aloud and high-fived each other while she laid on her back hurting from the thick cock that was at that moment ripping into her cunt. The Black god fucked her with terrific gusto, she was helpless in her screams.

She did climax and squirt multiple times. When it was over, she had no recollection of how many it was. By then, her cunt felt so stretched, a train could have run circles inside her pussy.

The Black gods had solicitously cleaned her up as she was too weary to do it herself. They called an Uber and paid for her trip home; the squad leader promised to be in touch.

Yes, they had tapped the training exercise and would distribute it onto their website. However, her training isn’t yet concluded. The Black gods were yet to fuck her in the ass, as well to whore her out into the street. That part of the training would come soon enough.

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