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Questions About Your Cuckold Obsession

During the first week of March 2022, I posted a poll on my Twitter account that asked the question: What is your most pressing BNWO Obsession? You can find the result below:

Majority of those that voted requested that they wanted Black Cock for me/wife. That choice wasn't a coincidence. As much as there are more couples out there that are committing themselves towards sampling the cuckold lifestyle, there will always be hundreds that are just now learning about the existence of this lifestyle.

And for those couples who've already begun practicing the lifestyle, however means they are cavorting, won't the be wanting to try something new? For those who are mere swingers, won't the already be seeking some further means of intimacy?

I have to forewarn that I am writing this article in answer to the husbands out there who are still contemplating how to present this idea to their wives/girlfriends. There is no better way to get her involved that to share the idea with her. That would involve telling her about it. One way or another, your woman has to be aware of your desires.

As much as you obsess about her involvement, and of how best to pursue this urgency with her, there is more that needs to concern you. There is the intimacy that comes with getting to admit to your desires and obsessions as much as you wish to make them a part of you.

1. How strongly do you want to become a cuckold?

2. How long have you been contemplating this desire? Can you recall whatever it was that set it off for you?

3. What would you wish your desired role to become should your wife agree to become involved in this lifestyle?

4. Should your wife wish to venture becoming a hotwife without your presence or output regarding whom she indulges with, what would be your response?

5. What would you consider your role to be: a cuck, a stag, or something close to being a sissy?

I as well have a set of questions for the wives to respond to below:

1. How strongly do you desire becoming a hotwife?

2. Do you prefer being a hotwife to your husband, or strictly a whore for Black men . . . or both?

3. Do you have any inconveniences suppressing you from living your hotwife dreams, whether it be family or involving your environmental setting?

4. Do you fear that due to your age, you won't any longer be attractive towards Black men?

5. Would you consider involving other wives as well?

Send me your responses by email, or reply to them in the comments section.


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2 comentarios

Jonathan Cuckold
Jonathan Cuckold
26 ene 2023

. The test that I used was what was my reaction when I thought about it before taking the plunge. The answer for me was a rock hard erection! Whatever I thought logically couldn’t disguise the fact that my body was saying YES let’s do it.

Me gusta

Its all relative. I can't even answer the questions myself.

Me gusta
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