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Semen on her Chest

I have been standing out in the corridor by myself for nearly a half-hour. Our Golden Retriever, Rex, sat beside my feet for company. He had fretted and gripped against my pants leg as I have been since Doris led her lover Marcus into our bedroom.

Sometimes I rest my ear against the door to listen in; Doris had left the key in its place so I could not peep inside. I heard mild grunts and squeaks and bumps, sounding like the bed was moving or banging against the wall. My breath formed most on the door. My hand grabbed at my crotch. Twice I had scurried away to a nearby toilet to jerk-off. My head was filled with images of what they were doing in the bedroom.

Marcus was giving Doris the fuck of her life.

I have been fortunate to watch them fuck the first time in the living room a week ago. Doris had warned him to sit and remain quiet, to which he did. He had bottled up his urges while he watched Marcus make mincemeat of his wife. Doris had screamed. She had whimpered aloud and hollered Marcus's name while he thrust deep into her pussy over and over again.

His cock was like a sword. He wielded it like one, and like a Roman warrior, he knew how to use it. From the first day I watched him rip into my Doris, turn her from being the typical meek, mousy housewife she always was into a fiery, sexually blatant creature she was now, I knew she was hooked. I knew then that they were meant for each other. The last thing I can ever do is keep them apart. Even if I did, she would do whatever she could to get him back into our bedroom.

I stopped my pacing and notice there is a wet spot on my pants near my crotch region. My mind remained abuzz with whatever was going on in the bedroom. I couldn’t hear anything from behind the door. Random thoughts crossed my mind as I pressed my ear to the door.

Were they taking a break?

Was he fucking her inside the bathroom?

Did he cum in her pussy as he promised he would?

I pulled back, gritting my teeth while I did, with Rex gazing at me in confusion. I patted his head to reassure him that everything was fine. His Mistress was likewise doing fine.

Suddenly I heard a key turn in the lock. I shot to my feet just as the door creaked open. Rex began barking and wagging his excitedly. Doris stepped out wearing a bra and nothing else. Her upper body glistened with a sheen of sweat. She was smiling as she drew closer to me. I caught the strong whiff of semen oozing from her, and then I looked at her carefully and saw splatters of sperm across her torso. Cum dribbled down her mouth and chin. She saw the look I gave her and she smiled when she ran a hand across her mouth and it came away with creamy cum.

“Wanna taste, honey,” she cooed. “I know you want some.”

I truly wanted some and she knew it. I let her draw her hand closer and I proceeded to lick her lover’s cum off her fingers and palm. Doris flung her head backward, chuckling while I lolled my tongue across her neckline, licked my way around her chin, then returned to cleaning the splatters of semen off her torso. My hands cupped her buttock and I rubbed my crotch against her thigh. This is the extent of our sex. Since connecting with Marcus, her body was off-limits to me.

“Come on inside, honey,” she murmured after I was done cleaning her up. “Marcus has some more for you.”

Rex was panting while beating his tail against her leg to seek our attention. Her excitement turned into a whine when we entered the bedroom and Doris shut the door in Rex’s face.

Marcus was sprawled on the bed naked, looking like a black god amongst men. He came to his feet, his engorged penis stood semi-erect. Always I am in awe of his stature.

He was our black god.

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Apr 29, 2021

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