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The Aura of Black Power

There is an aura of mystery and desire that attracts white women toward black men. Such can never be explained, nor can it ever be put into words. Likely it has always existed, but only now are more people tending toward becoming self-aware of such. Now that more and more women are becoming aware, it is a stunning surprise for them to realize that such attraction toward black men has always been in existence. It’s only through the advent of the internet, and of communicatory means of technology that they are learning to sustain such desire.

For many of such women, especially white wives, it baffles their minds that this sense of attraction has remained dormant all these years in the back of their minds, only to suddenly appear at the forefront once they begin experiencing such dilemma of emotions that’s brought them to the presence of black men. The same, too, goes to white men. For white husbands, the thought that they are starting to come to terms with their submissive nature is a shocking revelation they never could have been prepared to abide.

At least not until recently has that become prominent in today’s society.

It is arresting, this dynamic kaleidoscope of emotions that white wives are bound to have when it involves debating their desire toward black men. How are they supposed to explain it to themselves, let alone to others around them? Should they say that it’s something they have been wanting for so long, but never realized it until recent? Or was it inevitable that they were bound to commit themselves toward being pleasured by Black gods?

And what’s the deal with their husbands purporting this lifestyle shamelessly: is it some innate, depraved fantasy that’s been festering in their heart and minds for so long that the time has come for them to let loose? Is this something they have always looked forward to craving since the days of their youth: the moment when they observe and accept their cuckold inclination and objectification toward their wives?

How come it is often the husbands that get to introduce this cuckold desire to their wives, instead of the other way around?

How come, even when the wives decline such invite, the husbands tend to stew in their sexual misery for weeks, months, and even years, until they can find some form of release to their fate?

This is what the aura of Black Power inspires among married couples: suddenly, the mystery is now being examined and explained.

The majority of husbands yearn for the urge to fulfil that unobtainable desire that has lurked in the trenches of their hearts for decades, that involves them relinquishing their dominant role and handing it to someone more versatile of wielding it. With them submitting to their submissive stance, and guiding their wives as benevolent offering to their Black god(s), it seals in their heart and mind the deed of Black-Ownership commitment.

The wives may not always acquiesce to such agreement at the onset. Matter of fact, they are expected to exhibit repulsion at the sight and actions of their wimp husbands who are thus incapable of achieving their masculine status before the wife’s eyes. She switches her focus inevitably to that of the Black god in her presence. It is in him that she senses that yearning mystery that has been beckoning to her for months, and even years. That mystery that tends to unlock every sexual padlock that had been fostered upon her feminine figure.

The wife, much like her cuck husband (as he chooses to become henceforth), yearns for her learning to come to terms with her own sexual release. This moment comes when she gets to accept her Black god’s erection inside her womanhood.

For the husband’s eventual release, his takes the form of voyeurism/humiliation. He gets to watch his wife get fucked and bred by her Black god consecutively, while also made to perform numerous humiliating tasks that might involve cleaning the Black god/Master’s semen out of his wife’s pussy, as well cleaning the Master’s cock as well. He is forbidden from having sexual intercourse with his wife, and can be discipled by his wife/Mistress and her Black Master should they perceive any slight insubordination from him.

This Black Power aura is what attracts horny women into becoming hotwives, and converts husbands into willing cucks. It is also what empowers married couples to want to seek out whatever means necessary toward finding a Black Master of their choice.

To put it candidly, Black Power = Black-Ownership.

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