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Watch Your Wife Take a Seat

Your wife said she was tired from the long ride to my apartment. I told her to come and take a seat on my dick. She got out of her clothes and did exactly that.

Her butt is large, and I had to adjust myself so we didn't spill over. She turned with her back towards me and gently lowered herself. I grabbed hold of her ass cheek while aiming my dick where it ought to go. She gave a slight moan as I went right into her.

I have what your wife desires; I have what she wants most nights: it’s black and hangs between my legs.

Your wife grabbed my hand as she then settled firmly on me. That thick butt of hers made the chair groan; good thing it was strong enough to hold both of us. She kept moaning and I gasped as my cock buried deep in her cunt.

She's got herself a tight cunt, do you know that? But I bet you don't. I know you haven't fucked her since the last time she gave birth. When was that, twelve years ago? Boy, you've been out of practice!

Her pussy didn't remain tight for long, though. Already, she had begun creaming when I got inside her. Then she started moving her hips while rubbing her thighs over mine. She said that she's been wanting a good fuck for a long time.

It's plain to see you cannot handle your wife, which is why you brought her to me. Her body has gotten bigger since you married her: her ass has gotten wide, including her hips and thighs. Her tits have gotten big and droopy. Not as exciting as she was before, but the same can be said about you, boi.

Where's your penis at? I'll bet it's a struggle for you to find it any time you need to take a piss. When was the last time your wife beheld your wiener? She'd probably throw up if you came to her wanting sex.

I have what your wife desires; I have what she wants most nights: it’s black and hangs between my legs. All she needs to do is touch it, stroke it, and put it in her mouth and then it becomes hard. It’s already bound to get hard once she gets to stroking, but you know the true beauty comes once she gets to sucking it.

You’re bound to get turned on watching me fuck her. You will get aroused, wishing you’re equipped with what I have. It’s partly going to break your heart knowing you cannot achieve the feat I’m enjoying with your Mrs. You can come and hold her hand if you want. Yes, you can even help spread her legs for me, even hold apart her ass cheeks and watch my slide my dick in-between. If you’re good, I might even allow you to clean my jizz out of her pussy. I know you’d love that—I see you’re licking your lips at the thought of doing that. Are you growing hungry for it? Don’t worry, I’ll see about whetting your appetite further.

What you won’t be is try to think you can fuck her like I do; you had your chance to do that, long ago, and now that era is past. The only thing you’re good at fucking is your hands, whichever one you prefer the most.

These words might sound humiliating, and yes, they’re meant to be. You’ve been deserving them for a long time. You know it, too, which is why you sought me out. The realisation occurred to you that it was about time you assisted your wife to gain some sexual happiness. Her sexual happiness and pleasure means that you’re going to be well secure about your marriage to her. You knew that the only way to make that happen is for you to humble yourself and make her realise how serious you’ve ignored her sensual femininity this entire time.

Who better to awaken the sexual but dormant beast in her than me? Who better to make your wife realise what her true nature is about, to remind her what she is meant to become when in the midst of a strong man. A black man. There is no better sort of man to make that revelation true to her. You might assume wrongly that you can get your next-door neighbour to be the one to seduce her mind. But if your neighbour isn’t someone that’s blessed with the mental fortitude, then such would never work.

That is why you opted to sought my help. You said you would do whatever you’re capable to ensure your wife gets to walk down this path that you wish for her, to become a hotwife whose mental and physical dedication would be towards pleasing a Black Master the likes of me.

There you have it, cuck-boi, this is the reason why you came here. This is the reason why you brought your wife to me; this is why she’s looking comfortable in my palace. Be a good boi and watch your wife take a seat on my dick.

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Wifes creampie filled pussy

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Is it worthy of black men


David Cuckold
David Cuckold
23 de fev.

The cuck boy is not ashamed of being a trifle in bed next to his wife's black lover, it is just the other way around, we must embrace the modernity of the new woman freed from suffering and only obligations, they have the right to be happy and smile from ear to ear after a good brutal intercourse. Something a micro-penis cuck can never give her.


I think about my mother with black men


Damn! What a hot story and pics..especially the creampie. What an honor that is to share this bond. 🔥

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I agree. I would eat creampie after watching such a beautiful sexual act.


Love that story to be my wife and I 😍

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I would too. I wish and would love to see my wife being taken by a superior black lover with a BBC.

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