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Thaddeus Black & Two Hotwives

Thaddeus Black gets invited to a secret party. He gets handed a key and finds himself alone in a room with a one-way mirror on the other side where he's been watch. The door opens and in walks two hot women . . .

* * * * *

It was a simple room with a large bed with two chairs and a table by a corner. A large mirror made up the entire wall of the right side of the room that reflected everything inside including Thaddeus Black who stared at his reflection in mute disbelief as if unwilling to comprehend what he was doing in there. Thaddeus loosened his tie while admiring his reflection. It was a see-through mirror like the ones similar in police interrogating rooms; he was bound to have an audience at the other side waiting to see him in action. He slipped off his jacket and draped it on one of the chairs as well took off his shoes then sat on the bed waiting for his upcoming visitor to arrive.

Thad didn't have to wait too long. There came a sound of the door’s lock turning and then it opened to reveal two women who peeked inside before entering the room. He recognised one of them as the beret woman who had accosted him earlier; she was without her beret this time. The other was an Asian woman, petite figure but with a sizable rack wearing a white corset, garter belt and stockings; even her high heels too was while; her raven hair reached a couple of inches from her waistline like a black waterfall. The door shut behind them and the redhead reached towards Thad who then took her hand and rose to his feet.

“Hey there, big boy,” she said while caressing his shoulders. “I told you I was going to have you for later. I hope you don’t mind that I brought a friend along.”

The Asian chick smiled at him as she came to his side and helped with undoing his shirt buttons. “Let’s get him out his clothes,” she said. “I hope he’s packing.”

“Oh, I know he’s packing,” the redhead answered. “I’m yet to fuck a black man who wasn’t. A good thing we tipped Florence to get us his key before any other slut could have him.”

Thaddeus allowed the women to wrestle with relieving him of his clothes and while that was happening he shared a kiss with the Asian woman while the redhead was already on her knees working to free him of his belt buckle; Thad’s cock was equally begging to be made free as well. Thaddeus gasped from the way she gripped his cock and whipped it from its hiding place inside his jockey shorts as if wanting to wrench it from his crotch. She held his member upright as if to get a better view of its worth and licked her way from the underside of his balls to the mushroom-shaped tip of his prick before enclosing her lips around him.

Thaddeus was busy sucking on the Asian woman’s tits while her counterpart fondled his balls with her mouth. He then signalled time-out to get out of his clothes but kept his socks on. Thaddeus scooped the Asian woman off her feet and managed to lift her into the air. She was pretty lithe on her feet and manoeuvred herself so as to sit squarely on his face. The redhead went on sucking his blood-fattened cock like she was famished for it. Thaddeus held the Asian slut by her waist, careful not to fall over while she ground her crotch against his face. She exhaled mewling squeals of delight as his tongue slipped between the velvet folds of her vagina. It was so much a struggle for Thaddeus to balance her weight on his shoulders as he fed on her pussy while not succumbing to the encroaching sensation of the redhead sucking his cock.

Behind the see-through mirror was a dark room, inside of which stood several of the club’s patrons, all of them distinguished men of society all protruding anonymity behind their face masks, some of them sipped exotic wine as they enjoyed the spectacle happening in the room. Two men in the room were familiar to the women with Thaddeus Black as they were their individual husbands. There was hardly any noise in the room except the sound of gasping breaths as everyone watched. Now and then the silence was punctuated by someone exuberantly beating his cock or even whooping sudden ecstatic cheer at the live performance they were watching.

Back in the room, Thaddeus lowered the Asian woman on the bed. He came and lay beside her and she again straddled his face for him to continue probing her vagina with his tongue and lips while she leant forward and attacked his cock with her redhead friend. They alternated between his gorgeous pair of balls-sac and his shaft, making beautiful noise in their throat while they did. The redhead mashed his cock between her tits, laughing excitedly while she did, and shared a passionate kiss with her colleague.

The Asian slut wantonly grooved her ass back and forth on his face, moaning a frenzy as he fed on her clit, making her cum quickly. Her sweet pussy juice seeped down his chin and still, he grasped her ass with both hands and finger-fucked her cunt one time while still eating her out till she eventually rolled off him, gasping.

The redhead came forward and slid on top of him with her skirt riding up her ass and her crotch pressing down on his prick. Thad’s erection felt the obstruction of her thong panties and he wrenched it to the side of her butt just as she raised herself and she reached between her legs and guided his cock into her pussy’s entrance. She was already bucking her hips and riding him even before an inch of cock was inside her. Thaddeus matched her thrust with his own, hammering her with his shaft, listening to her climbing moans as he pushed more of his shaft inside her. She fell forward and cradled his head in her arm, groaning feverishly while she did. Their lips clashed as they breathed excitedly in each other’s face. Her pussy gripped muscles his cock tight as she enthusiastically grooved back and forth against his pelvis.

The mechanics of their fucking took over as Thaddeus locked his feet in an inverted V and was then slamming his hips against her ass cheeks, driving his cock harder and harder inside her. Her face contorted into a volcanic grimace of pleasure and lust and she groaned aloud as she absorbed the brute pounding he gave her. Her tits swung rapidly over his face like reckless pendulums. He managed to grab one of her breasts and sucked her nipple hard, the whole time not slowing his momentum. The Asian slut sat back playing with her pussy and squeezing her tits while marvelling at the fun her friend was enjoying; she couldn’t wait for her turn to come.

The redhead flung her head wildly while screaming with lustful abandon. “Ooooohhhhhh . . . I fucking love black cock! Aaaaaahhhh, your cock . . . it’s soooo fucking good! It feels so good inside me!”

The Asian came off the bed and knelt between Thad’s feet and played with his balls sac while enjoying the pleasurable sight of her friend’s butt swallowing his prick. Thaddeus slowed his pace and then his cock slipped out of the redhead’s pussy. Her Asian friend retrieved his member and applied her mouth to it vigorously before inserting it back into her colleague’s gaping hole.

After what felt like a lengthy round, Thad pushed the redhead off him and came to his feet, took a moment to swipe a pool of sweat off his brow before attending to the Asian slut.

He got her to fall on her back and pinned her down while introducing his ten-inch black python where he wanted it. He rested her foot on his shoulder and gripped the other aside, exhaling deep with each thrust he drove into her. Behind the mirror, the Asian woman’s husband was feverishly jerking his cock as he watched the black man fuck his wife. Every room contained hidden microphones, the sounds which were piped through multiple hidden speakers into the viewing rooms which heightened the voyeuristic pleasure of the men watching. The men heard every moan, every whimper, and just about every explicit outburst of sex going on in the room. Listening to the Asian slut holler at Thaddeus Black to fuck her hard spurred several of the men, including the woman’s husband, into a symbiotic masturbatory frenzy as they soaked in the action.

Thaddeus did unleash his load of cum momentarily and had the women take turns cleaning his pipe till he grew flaccid. They collapsed on the bed and cuddled together.

Later the redhead got to sucking his cock and Thaddeus to his benign surprise found himself amazingly become turgid once again. The Asian slut lay on her back and her friend ate her pussy while Thad plugged her inviting cunt from behind. He slapped her butt hard and she was soon panting her moans as he smacked into her harder. The Asian slut turned around on her back and wiggled to get under her friend. She ate her friend’s twat and now and then Thad withdrew his penis and made her suck his cock before inserting it back into the redhead who went on howling for more. There was now a growing crowd in the viewer’s room as much of the club’s patrons ventured inside. Most of them amazed by Thad’s stamina with the women; several of them speculated about acquiring his details later if by chance they could invite him to their respective homes to perform on their wives in the same manner.

Thaddeus slapped the redhead’s butt one last time then pushed her aside and held the Asian slut up and fucked her mouth. He laid on his back and got the Asian to ride him in reverse, pounding her pussy harder after which her turn ended and the redhead returned to straddle him. Thaddeus shot his load inside the redhead and this time her friend ate his cum out of her and both women thanked him for the experience when they were done. In the viewing room, the men who had been masturbating to the action too reached their climax with shattering satisfaction.

* * * * *

I hope you enjoyed that marvelous excerpt. If you want to discover more about Thaddeus Black, check him out in his recent book below.

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