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My Husband Interrupted Me While I Was Having Sex

There I was, having a great time—a terrific and smashing time when the unimaginable happened.

I was over at my boyfriend’s apartment making love to him. No, scratch that off. We weren’t making love, we were fucking; lovemaking is stuff I used to do with Raymond, my husband. We seldom do that anymore, thank God for that.

I was at his place getting smashed when Raymond called me.

“The fuck!” I snapped when my phone started buzzing. Tre propped my legs against his shoulders and was fucking me right and proper, both of us grunting in near sync. The bedsprings were jerking from our combined movement. I was gasping harder with my tits rocking against my chest. I felt myself soaring past the windows towards the heavens when my phone brought my senses crashing back to the world.

What the fuck!” I groaned.

“Don’t pay no fucking mind to it,” Tre suggested while thrusting his pelvis against my bottom. His hands caressed my sweaty thighs; his abdomen muscles stood perfectly outlined as he kept feeding me his phallus. “Don’t mind the fucking phone, bitch.”

I tried to ignore the call.

I grunt as I lay there getting pounded by my lover’s beautiful black dick. The sensation was fucking incredible—the best fucking feeling any woman in her forties can receive.

But still, the phone rang and rang . . . non-stop, it kept ringing.

“I can’t . . . Uhhh, I fucking can’t,” I grunted.

Tre reluctantly let me go and I pivoted to the side of the bed before coming to my feet. I swept my hair from my face before snatching my phone from the dresser table where I had left it. Sure enough, it was Raymond. The fucking prick just had to interrupt my sex session. I bristled inside before pressing the ANS button.

“What is it, Ray?” I snapped.

“Oh, hiya, hon,” said Raymond into my ear, clueless as to the brusque manner in which I had answered him. “Just wanted to know how you’re doing and to let you know that I’m leaving the house right now for the long drive to Memphis. Remember, I told you about that piece of furniture that I will be transporting . . .”

I went to bed and began stroking his cock while holding my phone to my ear.

“Are you going alone, or is that apprentice of yours, Jackson, going with you?”

“Yeah, he’s coming along. It’s about time I introduced him to this part of the business. And I have some other business client I need to make transactions with when I get there . . .”

Raymond kept rambling about his impending trip while I was busy stroking and sucking Tre’s cock. I kept my phone glued to my ear and murmured like I was paying attention to his words. All I wanted was for him to shut the fuck up and go on whatever fucking trip he had waiting for him while I continued fucking.

“Susan, are you there?”

“Uh-huh,” I muttered and took my mouth off Tre’s pipe for a moment. “Yeah . . . yes, I’m still here. So, you getting ready to leave now?”

“Yes, I’m about doing that. When you get home, I’ll be long gone.”

Gosh, I wish he’d been gone already, I thought as I resumed sucking Tre’s cock. “Okay, honey. You’re going to be gone for a while, right?”

“Yeah, it’s a five-hour trip, so I might not make it back today, but I’ll be home tomorrow.”

“Okay, that sounds good,” I said while taking time to suck on Tre’s balls. “I’m gonna miss you, darling.”

“I’ll miss you, too, Sus. I’d better be on my way now. But I’ll be home by noontime tomorrow. I love you.”

“I love you, too, darling. Here’s me giving you lots of kisses.” I kissed Tre’s balls several times with my phone closer so that Raymond could hear. “That’s me missing me, darling. Drive safe, okay?”

“Sure will, hon. I’ll give you a call once I arrive in Memphis. Talk to you later, babe.”

“Yeah, talk later, hon.”

I felt grateful when the call ended, and I dropped my phone and then resumed sucking Tre’s cock til he grew hard. His cock felt terrific this time, like I was getting fucked for the first time. It made me forget that my husband had called a few minutes ago; it made me want to forgive him for the interruption.

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Aug 15, 2022

i'd hope my wife let's me know what she's doing. not seeing my call as an interruption, but a chance to tease me. she could turn on the microphone and let me hear her moaning and grunting. let me hear when she tendely whispers the name of her lover or screams his name while climaxing. will she orgasm harder, when i have to witness, how her bulls calls her his bitch and that he owns her now, making my wife beg for his cock, begging her bull to fuck her harder, faster and deeper then i ever could?


How dare he interrupt you.

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