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Sex in the Blue Room

Updated: Jun 2, 2019

Enjoy this excerpt from an upcoming erotic novel of mine titled: "The Submissive Wife". I'll be posting a future excerpt later. For now, enjoy this gem.

* * * * *

Bright lights beamed down from the ceiling as the main door opened and some scantily-clad damsels poured out into the room, jumping and gallivanting like they were raving minstrels in a circus show. The men in the room instantly came alive. They cheered, they wolf-whistled, they double-punched the air like college brats at a football game and waved and spilled their drinks as they women danced around our tables, waving their tits, jerking their hips, twerking their rump for all in the room. The men went wild, smacking their thighs and slapping the table in front of them, trying so desperately to signal them over.

One of the women—a shaggy-haired blonde with streaks of blue in her hair, clad in a BDSM leather-type outfit with holes cut out in the torso and crotch section showcasing her assets for all to view—strutted towards our table. She stopped in front of John and planted a foot on the small table beside him then drew his head down to sniff her crotch. John complied, like every other chosen man in the room was doing. This was the sort of activity that went down every other night in the Blue Room: the women knew how to get the men riled up, expectant for the action that was coming.

John was at first sniffing the woman’s crotch, Donald observed, but then went further to eating out her cunt. The woman flung her head back and forth while still pressing his head against her pelvis. Eric had his cigar glued to his mouth while jumping up and down, roaring for attention. Other damsels were performing similar stunts to the male clientele. Some gyrated hips and swung their arms and limbs to the music while standing on the tables; others performed erotic titillations against the stripper poles. The music switched to an upbeat and raunchy number with a drumming bass to shatter eardrums.

The shaggy-haired blonde pushed John back into his seat then came and sat astride Donald’s lap. She locked arms around his shoulders, flicked her tongue at him then licked him from his chin up to his lips and past his nose up to his eyes. She rocked her butt against his crotch the entire time; Donald barely moved a muscle as she performed on him. He couldn’t stop himself from getting a hard-on. Eric whooped and cheered and tapped her ass cheeks.

“How’re you doin’, white boy,” she spoke with a country-like twang in her voice. “You come here to watch us girls fuck?”

“Oh yes,” Donald spoke loud enough for her to hear him above the music.

“Damn right it’s what we wanna watch!” Eric added.

In the Blue Room, the women had the power; they got to do with the club’s patrons whatever they wanted. The patrons got to sit and cheer and enjoy the fantasy show, pretending that the women were their wives or girlfriends.

While the fanfare went on, several black men busted in and came to take charge of the women. The black men were naked; their bodies glistened with an oily sheen that accentuated their muscles and aura; their flaccid organ slapped against their thighs as they marched encircled the room. The patrons, Donald included, were livid and awed by the black men’s presence. They relinquished their hold of the women as one by one the black men took charge of them.

One of the men approached Donald’s table. He sported a thick moustache and goatee beard; for Donald, the man had an uncanny resemblance to Richard Roundtree, that famed actor who made that classic 70’s movie Shaft. The Roundtree lookalike grabbed the shaggy-blonde’s arm and gruffly pulled her off Donald’s lap, making her stumble on account of her high heels as she went with him without any bit of protest. The man glared at Donald when he attempted making a move towards assisting the blonde woman to her feet, dissuading him from such action. Eric tapped Donald’s arm to sit his ass down.

“It’s against the rules, Don,” he reminded him. “Thought you’d have known that already.”

Yes, how clumsy of him not to have remembered that. He sipped his drink and was content to enjoy the rest of the club’s activity.

The Roundtree lookalike fellow pulled the blonde to her feet and grabbed the back of her head and stuck his tongue into her mouth. She locked her arm around his shoulder, then slid her hand down to grasp his manhood. At other tables similar orchestrated explicit action was happening: some of the women were on their knees pleasuring the men’s cocks, whereas others spread themselves on the table letting the black men eat out their pussy. The patrons remained in their seats, ogling and muttering back and forth, their eyes never strayed from the action. Some threw wads of money on the couple, cheering in excitement as they did. In the Blue Room, besides the patrons getting sexually touchy with the female sexpots, almost everything else was allowed. The women knew not to get attracted to any of the patrons; outside the club, however, was another matter entirely.

“Don’t she look terrific?” said John to Donald.

The shaggy-blonde fell to her knees choking on a mouthful of Roundtree’s cock. The man laid his hand on her head like a priest offering a blessing. He groaned while simultaneously thrusting his girth down her throat while she responsively gagged on his cock, slurping and dripping spit down her chin. His cock stood hard and sturdy and looked like it could slice bread in half. Donald envisioned Cindy in place of the woman, as he knew Eric too was thinking similar of his woman.

“Yeah, she sure is,” he agreed. “Got an ass on her, too.”

“Oh yes, she’s got it,” John said. “She’s my wife.”

Donald looked at him, surprised; John smiled and winked at him.

“Ex-wife, really,” he said. “I introduced her to this place, and she’s loved it since.”

The woman remained locked on his cock, deep-throating him, then pulled away, gasping and coughing hard. Her mouth and face glistened with saliva and cum.

The black man then picked her up and laid her on the table and then mounted her. She gasped while holding her legs apart for him to go all the way. The man gripped the table’s edge, and together their bodies rocked awkwardly back and forth as he fed her pussy with his manhood. The man later slid both arms under her backside and lifted her off the table. His cock fell out of her when he did; the blonde reached between her legs for his cock and inserted it into her cunt as she then locked her legs tight around him. The man’s fingers pressed into her buttocks as he bounced her up and down his rod. Eric had his cigar jammed in his mouth and was clapping his hands and making wild gestures. Donald was just as well appreciative of the action. Listening to the woman’s gasping cries as it nearly got drowned by the upbeat music still playing made everything ecstatically sensuous. Donald couldn’t help wishing he could see more of Cindy getting fucked like this daily.

Over at the other tables, similar activity was ongoing. Some of the black men had already climaxed. They sprayed their semen over the women’s buttocks, tits and on their face and then stepped back for the patrons to rush forward and clean their semen off the women. When the Roundtree look-alike fellow lowered the shaggy-blonde to her feet and fucked her some more, he too pulled out and ejaculated all over her tits. She went on squeezing her jugs and smacking her lips until the man got spent, then she came to John and presented her breasts to his face. John was just as happy to play with them. Eric dropped his cigar and came over to where John sat, looking like a hungry eager pup as he knelt beside him. He too got to suck on her breasts for a while. He left them and went to kneel before the black man and sucked his cock. Other patrons in the room were performing a similar duty to the black men’s hard-on while the women left the room.

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