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A Black Master’s Resolution for 2023

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

What more can a Black Master want besides the desire to conquer more couples in the New Year: to seduce and train the wives to become useful black cock-sluts, and hopefully, dominate the husbands towards becoming submissive cucks/sissy-bois alongside their wives. Tell me, what more can one ask for besides that?

Yes, there are other miscellaneous items that comes with the overall Black-Ownership package, such as growing my list of subscribers, having more of them make special donations that would adhere to the growth of my message, and also to maintain correspondence with many of my followers and would-be fans whom I might someone hope to meet in future travels. But what is most important is carrying out the same endeavour as last year, except further.

Last year was a good year, as it was the year before. More people are tending to search my name online than ever, and majority of them are even finding me amongst their social media circles, including their erotic trending ideas. And why shouldn’t they? More and more couples are learning about the cuckold lifestyle, and shocked that it’s taken them this long to acclimatise themselves with the idea.

Each year, a growing number of horny white women are committing themselves to indulging in sexual relationships with black men. Whether married or single is out of the question. What matters is that these women are growing used to wanting to explore sexual relationships with black men, or they are even now considering it in record number.

The same goes to white bois wanting to become transformed into becoming loyal sissies and cucks. They, too, have caught the bug that is Black Cock Addiction, and which to live the life of submitting to a Black Master/Mistress of their choosing. Would their white women be jealous of them making such decisions behind their backs? Not really.

White husbands desire seeing their women going black. They want to watch their women transform themselves from naivety to embracing their sexual desire that beckons them towards wanting to get in bed with a black man. Their husbands (and most often, boyfriends) want to see how their women respond to wielding a black man’s cock in their hand, and then guiding it into their pussy.

Such is the ultimate desire that a majority of white men want to behold.

As for some of their women, they want to equally see their white men become subjugated towards submitting to worship black gods in their presence. They know that white men are meant to be slaves to black men, and as these women’s black cock addiction grows, they crave the wish of seeing white bois beg black gods not only the opportunity of cleaning semen out of their women’s vagina, but also cleaning their cocks as well.

These same women are apt to keep their husbands locked behind chastity cages, and compel their men to sit and watch how a real man gets to make a whore out of using them in and out of the bedroom. As these women aim towards adopting Queen of Spades-status, so too the husbands aim to adopt Jack of Spades tattoos on their body, announcing to the world whom they serve and worship.

Some persons out there would declare that I am poisoning the minds and souls of white people out there. Nothing of what I preach that is new; this desire of black servitude has always existed through time. The internet, however, has given it an entirely new language of which most find most attractive and wish to participate. What more could be most satisfying than when a married white couple commit themselves (and their home and well-being) towards the growth of Black-Ownership in their neighbourhood.

Hopefully, I will see further evidence of this growth in the New Year, especially in the summer when the time comes for me to see about returning to the States once again.

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Jonathan Cuckold
Jonathan Cuckold
Jan 23, 2023

Blacking more white women is a fantastic resolution to have for the new year!

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