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White Couples want Black-Ownership

Black Cock changes white marriages in ways that white couples can never expect. They know this, which is why they are enthralled and enchanted by this as well disgusted by it.

I say disgust because if there's one thing that married white couples never expected would be the key ingredient to upholding their marriage values upside down, it would be a strong black cock.

Husbands are intrigued to seeing a black dom's cock invade the sanctity of their wives' pussy. Wives are stunned to see how much in love their husbands are regarding this image, and are equally amazed that their husbands would do anything to ensure their women become Black-Owned property the same as them. Husbands (and white boyfriends, too) want to become cuckold submissives and sissies, who'd love to worship a black cock alongside their women.

The caption doesn't lie when it declares that a white woman's marriage is about to change once she takes that black cock inside her vagina, or whichever hole she prefers. It will become impossible for her to ever want to return to the way things were for her. This doesn't mean she won't continue loving her husband; however, her esteem for black cock will appreciate even further than her cuck husband.

Her cuck, too, would be keenly aware of this. Neither he can do anything to change what has already happen once he commits his wife to embracing her cuckold instinct. The moment he suggested the idea of wanting to become a cuckold to his wife, he knows apparently that he's sending forth a signal of desire that's bound to ensnare both of them together into this ritualistic lifestyle.

Once she has had a black cock successfully stretch her pussy, why would she dare wanting to return to merely having sex with her cuck husband? Even her husband won't want to have sex with her . . . not unless a black cock gets to own her first; cucks know that they're meant to take second helpings.

Cucks know that once the wife has gotten her first taste of black cock, it's going to ignite every addictive cell in her body to conform towards wanting more and more of that black organ stretching her cunt muscles, pounding her cervix, and eventually enriching her womb with its rich seed. Once that Black man gets to kissing his wife, the husband knows its a matter of seconds before she gets aroused intuitively, in ways she never has before.

Is it weird that white women find black men to be irresistible lovers? Not weird at all: white women are as genuinely attracted towards wanting to break and conquer all notable taboo that's kept them sexually hindered for years. This includes offering their bodies as sexual vessels to black gods.

The scent of attraction can never be diminished between them. Their white men are awakening to this infinite truth: that their women deserves the best sexual experience they cannot offer. So, why keep her imprisoned, even if she doesn't know it? Hence it's essential she learns to break free from whatever societal stereotype that might forbid her from accepting her sexual nature, and attracting her to the best type of men to break her off.

Her cuck can either allow her to venture forth towards contacting suitable black men on her own, or he can assist her in committing to her sexual revolutionary journey and know that he, too, is as much a part of it as he might assume he isn't.

Thus why married couples are learning to strive towards Black-Ownership.

They know well enough that this is the ultimate journey they are bound to undertake in their marital union. Those that are lucky to know about this prior to their wedding are the lucky ones. However, more couples in their middle-age are discovering this realisation, and venturing to learn more about this lifestyle and of how beneficial it will entail in their home.

Nothing guarantees the erotic transformation of a white couple's home than they committing themselves towards signing agreements ensuring that they serve a Black Master in the comfort of their home. As well, spreading the Black New World Order message to their friends, families, and neighbours to come partake in the lifestyle along with them.

Does this mean that black cock is contagious? In a word, yes. White wives find it irresistible, likewise their husbands, too, cannot hide the urgency of wanting to be rendered powerless whenever they draw closer to it. Hence why they have their nagging desire in their mind of wanting to become submissive under its glaring power.

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