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A Special Night-Cap

Photo byLOGAN WEAVERonUnsplash

Here is an excerpt from an erotic novel of mine titled: WHITE WIFE, BLACK HEART.

* * * * *

It was thirty-five minutes past midnight when they returned to the hotel.

Tatjana alighted from the front, then asked Leo if he would care to come upstairs with them for a night-cap. Leo at first declined, but she persisted, and Dragan too joined in, although he was feeling a bit woozy from the drinks he’d been consuming at the club. Dana looked suspiciously at her older sister as they walked ahead of the men into the hotel lobby but waited for them to catch up before entering the lone elevator that rode them up to their floor. They got off and Dana went to her door and muttered good night to them as she unlocked her door with her key card and closed it behind her. Dragan unlocked their own door and Leo joined him and his wife inside.

Dragan switched on the lights and Tatjana went to look into the portable fridge and smiled when she saw several small bottles of cocktails in it. She took two out with glasses in hand and Leo opened them for her and they each had themselves a toast. Tatjana cast furtive glances at Leo and then at Dragan, though unnoticed by her husband who then announced that he was beat and tired and that he was going to bed. He staggered into the bedroom. Tatjana told him she would soon be joining him.

She turned to face Leo, a shy smile lit her face that made her look cute with the living room’s lights on her face. She was at a loss of how to push ahead with what she had in mind. All through their journey back to the hotel, she had thought in her mind about this moment, and now that it was upon her, she felt baffled and couldn't tell if she was actually thinking with her mind of if it was the horny sensation she was feeling between her legs that was leading her on. She hadn’t felt like this or ever been caught in this type of situation in a long time. Usually she was the sort who maintained control about herself. But tonight, miles away from her, she was feeling totally different.

She approached Leo, pressing her palm against his chest. Her face was inches from his; from where she stood she felt his breath against her nose.

“So... you’re going to sleep here on the sofa... alone,” she murmured.

“No,” he answered. “Not alone.”

She was about asking what he meant when he took hold of her hand on his chest and brought his face closer to hers. She too inched her face upwards and their lips clashed in a kiss. Their lips parted and then she got a taste of his tongue as it slid further into her mouth. He took her empty glasses from her hand and dropped it along with his on the centre table then returned to kissing her. His hands squeezed the backside of her jeans while he wrapped her in his arms. Tatjana held onto him too, her lips tied to his, even as they fell on the sofa. He came on top of her, and she touched him all over while his hands caressed her naked flesh under her top. He helped her out of it and brought her over to straddle him while he gummed his lips on her breasts. She arched her back and moaned as his lips pressed on her nipple. Her hand grasped her other tit and she brought it to his lips and right away he switched from her other tit and took in the one she offered him. Her body, including her soul, was on fire and it wouldn’t be put out till Leo put it to work, she knew.

She ground her arse against his pelvis, reached a hand downward and felt his erection pushing against his jeans. Leo mashed her tits together and sucked on them for a while before pushing her off him on the sofa. He got up and wasted no time taking off his t-shirt, followed by his jeans. His cock pushed against the fabric of his briefs. Tatjana held her mouth open at the sight of it, even though she was yet to see his cock; she was getting copiously wet by the second.

Leo made her lay back and began helping her out of her jeans, leaving just her soaked panties. He came to his knees with a hungry look in his eyes and breathed down on the honey-lined walls of her cunt. She shut her eyes and moaned when he lapped his tongue up and down her pussy before inserting it inside her. Her breathing went into overdrive as he balanced her legs over his shoulders and dug deep towards munching on her love nest.

“You’re so sexy,” he murmured as he flicked his tongue on the velvet, smooth flesh that housed her clit. This sent Tatjana to instantly sit up. Still Leo pressed her down and perused her pussy and clit in ways she never thought were possible. An orgasm was imminent and she grasped the fabric of the sofa as her body responded to her inner climax.

When he let go of her, she lay there fighting to catch her breath back. By now she was lying half out of the sofa with her legs on the floor. Leo came on the sofa and straddled her torso, pushing his crotch and the bulge in his briefs against her face. Tatjana felt as if she was lost in a different time zone and her body was no longer in her control. She saw her hands reach up and pulled his briefs downward and out fell his cock which nearly hit her forehead. Her fingers wrapped itself around its black, throbbing flesh and stroked pre-cum out the slit in its head. She flicked her tongue at it and like that slipped the head into her mouth. His cock seemed to fill her mouth and she muttered a groaning sound as she swirled her tongue around its flesh, sucking it some more. Her other hand went underneath to fiddle with his balls. Leo released a satisfying moan as she went on pushing her mouth up and down his shaft. He pressed his cock further down her mouth, wanting her to take more of him. His cock popped out of Tatjana’s mouth when she began to moan consequentially as he half turned and roamed a finger into her cunt which was still gushing with her juice.

Unbeknownst to Tatjana, her husband was nowhere drunk as he’d earlier made out to be, and neither was he asleep as she reckoned he was due to his drunken stupor. Instead he was leaning his face partly between the bedroom door which was open a few inches to afford him sight of what his wife and Leo were up to. He was standing there with his shorts hanging down his thighs with one hand stroking his manhood. The bedroom was shrouded in darkness so his wife wouldn’t know he was actually watching her. Though he would have wished she knew. That he would shed away any hint of hiding and come out there and sit across from them and watch her really lose herself to this black friend of his. It was too bad from the position they were in there was no way he could make out much. He knew Tatjana was sucking his cock. He could hear the sounds her lips made and knew it was so... though he wished they would change position so he could see more.

Leo, too, knew Dragan would probably be awake watching them; he didn't need to turn around to see how open the bedroom door was, he just knew and knew as well that it was time things went further into action.

He came down from the sofa and removed slipped his briefs off his legs. He sat on the sofa beside Tatjana and pulled her over to come straddle him once again, though this time without their clothes blocking the view.

Dragan lapped at the sight of his wife’s arse sitting down on Leo’s thighs, watched as his cock slipped between her arse cheeks and heard her moan as it slipped inside her while she ground her arse down on him. Leo caressed her arse while she began to ride him, although slowly. She leaned forward, grabbing the head of the sofa and began riding him for real.

Tatjana’s body was firmly out of her control and it was a surprise her eyes remained open to watch everything that was happening to her. Her body twitched and jerked forward while she rode Leo’s cock. The presence of his cock so filled her pussy she was seeing stars and moaning like crazy. Leo held her forward over him and pistoned his thighs, slamming his cock harder insider her. Tatjana grasped his arms and squealed with delight at the excruciating pleasure she was getting. It had been long since she got fucked this hard. Leo held onto her and picked her up in the air, hitched her up with her legs dangling off his elbows and went on ramming her pussy hard. Tatjana cried out till she thought she thought she couldn't recognise her voice anymore. A searing light of orgasm enveloped her pussy and shot all the way to her heart like a thunderbolt.

Leo laid her down on the sofa, his arse muscles contracted as he slammed down harder on her. There was pain and pleasure and it returned to pleasure and pain, unlike anything Tatjana had ever felt before. She spattered gibberish phrases in Croatian and some in English. Leo couldn't grasp what she was referring to, but it enticed him to fuck her harder.

He gritted his teeth as he felt her pussy muscles tighten on his shaft and retrieved it in time and ejaculated on her belly region, splattering some of over her tits. Tatjana was still moaning when he slumped on the sofa beside her, panting for breath. Tatjana’s heart was skipping beats though slowing down its rate gradually. She turned to look at her lover who smiled down at her. She reached for his hand and brought it to her lips and gave the back of his palm a smooch.

Nikad neću zaboraviti ovu noć, she said to him. Hvala Vam.

“The way you utter those words is so sexy. What does it mean?”

“It means I will never forget this night, thank you.”

She drew his face towards his and kissed him deeply as if she wanted to tear his lips off.

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