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Being Black-Owned for Life!

The bull and the slut wife own the bedroom, while hubby gets his white boi self relegated to the couch in the living room . . .

I can understand the percentage of couples, single women or hubbies who don’t desire this lifestyle for themselves. I even applaud them for making the decision. For the ones who are still considering, and the others wanting to know more, I guess some measure of explanation is required.

Many couples erroneously consider the term 'Black-Owned' as something akin to slavery. That's far from the truth. It is and at the same time it isn't. Slavery means involving/punishing someone under your dominating power regardless of cause humanitarian reason. In other words, slavery rules out the right of choice. Being 'Black-Owned' involves the couple making such a choice: the slut woman/white boi/white couple choose to want themselves become totally immense in submission to their Black bull. The Black bull thus assumes the role of being a Black Master over them.

It’s a choice that starts out with a form of desire: when the slut wife realizes what she's been missing all the time she's been stuck with her hubby, when her hubby too realizes what the wife has been wanting all this time and knows without a doubt that he's not the one to provide it for her. Yeah, he could take care of the mortgage, feed and clothe her, buy her new pair of shoes every now and then, and do whatever he's meant to do to make her happy and smiling, but when it comes to being the man in the bedroom, he's at a low scoring point on that. Such is where the black bull comes in.

The bull and the slut wife own the bedroom, while hubby gets his white boi self relegated to the couch in the living room . . . or in some occasions, the basement. Some wives like it being that way, don't blame me.

This lifestyle is never meant to be enforced upon any couple; I don't want any of you readers out there taking this the wrong way.

The Cuckold lifestyle ensures allowing the wife to become used to having one (sometimes two and even more) essential lover. This is essential because a lot of times starting with more than one could lead to a varying excitement, the sort that sooner or later the wife won't be able to control her need for black cock. There is no guarantee that she will remain stuck with a single lover, but starting single is often preferred, as it makes things easy for her and her husband to note their respective cuckold boundaries.

To get a wife involved in this, a husband needs to give the wife that measure of comfort and warming reassurance that what she's doing is the right thing for both himself and her . . .

 Not all white married women are at first comfortable with when it comes to being with a black man, or of letting themselves to be seduced by a man who's not their husband. It's not as easy as most women would make it out to be. There is plenty of psychological infighting bound to be at work when such happens, which is why many hubbies often walk a tight-rope type of venture when suggesting this lifestyle to their wives.

Another debilitating reason is because a lot of white women (across North America, and over in Europe), have spent the majority of their marriage years living in communities where suitable black men are available. Many wives have instead gotten assailed by stereotypical images alerting to how harmful and dangerous black men get portrayed by the media. It's easy for white men to know such isn't true, because statistically, men spend a large amount of time surfing the net and visiting all kinds of adult sites than do women. Hell, I do too, so I'm not exempting myself from it.

To get a wife involved in this, a husband needs to give the wife that measure of comfort and warming reassurance that what she's doing is the right thing for both himself and her and that no matter what his confidence in whatever is going to happen is seldom going to waiver. In other words, he needs to find a man suitable enough so he could transfer a large measure of comfort over to him when it comes to being with the wife, thus the wife won't feel like she's stepping into unknown territory when actually that's what she'll be doing. In such situations the best means to handle this is for the hubby providing the wife with a black man whom he can have a large dosage of trust with to further open the wife's mind towards discovering her sexual self.

Such is the reason a Black Master must exist, and such is the main aim a Black Master is meant to assume.

I believe EVERY WOMAN (regardless of where in the world you're at, what colour of skin you are, your ethnicity, age, religious background or societal class ought to be having and enjoying the best sex as possible. If you aren't, then I feel bad for you. Its not enough that you're married or stuck in a marital life where things are just the way they are and the last time you and hubby made any life-altering change was back when Reagan was in office. Sex is something that ought not be denied to any woman, and it’s a crime for a woman to allow herself absorb such denial.

The role of a Black Master is to emphasis this mantra into the white wife's head. Let her come to realize that regardless she's gotten a little heavy what with having had kids and being married/divorced, or that she isn't that young enough to win top prize at the beauty pageant anymore, she still has that fire in her that says she's got beauty and a desire in her to want the best type of sex any man can give her … and her hubby has to recognize that need in her too. He's either to assist her get her groove back on, or take a backseat and watch. And with some white bois, I know they'd love nothing better than to watch.

Back to the subject of being 'Black-Owned':

This can occur in any number of ways: the couple might get in touch with a black bull whose being consistent in the wife's life and desire that she wants him closer, or to herself, or that she wants him to further make as much sexual use of her and deem herself as his 'sex slave'.

If the hubby too wants to get involved in the action, so much the better.

To make it more real, the couple/wife could draw up a 'Black-Owned' contract with the Bull/Master, putting in words all what she wants in this new relationship and that her hubby would comply with. Of course the new relationship now depends on the wife and the Master making out as they want. The hubby has no further say in this except assist with them enhancing the wife's sexual experience/desire. If the hubby is involved, then he too as well gets to rip some benefits from the relationship first hand, such as becoming submissive before the wife and her lover . . . cleaning up the wife's pussy after the Bull/Master has done cumming inside her . . . cleaning up the lover's cock, should he demand him to . . . and providing homely service to them getting as much fun from each other.

The wife will at this time begin to show more sexual aggression when in bed with her lover. No longer will she make out like she formerly used to when making love with her husband. Her husband is not required to have her for sex anymore, as that role henceforth belongs to the Black Master and is his sole right to have the wife as much or whenever and wherever he wants to.

The wife's outlook makes drastic changes: her freedom will evidently come to the surface. Even when in public, her friends will undoubtedly comment on how young and vibrant she's looking. Her style of dressing too will change: gone will be the 'full-ass' type of panties she once used to wear. From then on, she'll either choose to go without any or wear thong panties. Anything with easy access to get to that hungry pussy of hers. She and hubby must accord the Master with as much respect as possible. If the wife wishes her hubby to assume a sissy-type of role, then such will be adhered to.

A lot of this can be made up as things go along with the three of them - not everything is etched in stone. This will only work depending on how well in agreement they are with things working out for them. Should the couple desire to go further distance with their Master, its up to them to bring it to his notice. Likewise if he has something, he would too. If the couple decide to want to provide financial aid or whatever form of assistance to the Master's wish-list, they should do that as well stipulate it in the contractual agreement, should they decide to have one. It basically comes down to how familiar they are with their Master and that they respect him and desire what he's bringing into their relationship.

Though being 'Black-Owned' is most given to couples, a lot of single white men desire this too, I won't rule that out. Single women too as well. Although I'm more of a ladies/couple's man, I can understand the desire of white bois out there wanting to be of servitude to Black Masters. It follows the same principle: find a black bull whom you're comfortable and familiar with and get it to happen.


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as is it should be! natural selection


I love the 2nd Pic of my future daughter with the alpha bull 😍


"a husband needs to give the wife that measure of comfort and warming reassurance that what she's doing is the right thing for both himself and her" This is so essential! Most time the white boi / cuck to-be knows already his future role in the first place. His calmness, support and reassurance gives the wife the comfort she needs to proceed in the lifestyle. A smart white boi / cuck starts caging himself. In doing so, he shows his wife that, firstly, he understands that he is no longer able to satisfy her sexually and secondly, that he encourages her to take a black bull as a lover. In doing so, he also gives up the right to spen…


Great article like always deep and true. Thank you Master Shango 🙏🫶

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I agree.


Apr 12

Great images...

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