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Big Booty White Girls ❤️ Black Men

I see plenty of big booty white girls out there: young and old, snowbunnies, Milfs, Cougars, and Gilfs. Lots of big bootilicious women seem to be exploding in the world.

Their men are noticing, too, how attractive big booty chicks tend to be these days, and how attracted they are towards wanting black men. If you're a big booty white chick, and you're reading this, then chances are that you know what I'm talking about. And you especially know what it is that often gets you aroused when you're out in the streets.

You love it when your booty catches the necessary attention of black men. You want black men to keep ogling you, regardless of whether their woman is standing right beside them. You are unashamed about the erotic aura you're projecting.

Sure, you'd love it when that black man happens to glance towards your direction. You'd love it even more if your booty aids you in your ultimate mission: to seduce that worthy black man so he can approach and talk to you.

This doesn't just appeal to single white chicks - the snowbunnies - but as well to other women of age and class. You're all guilty of desiring that black meat that you've heard countless gossip and stories about. The ones you can only share with a trusted friend, or keep to yourself and never even raise the subject with your husband.

You want to feel that strong black dick sliding between your arse cheeks, stretching your pussy to infinity.

You want to have your hair pulled while getting pounded like a whore from the back.

You want the black man to smack your bootiful arse cheeks one after the other, groan and whimper when he does.

You want him to lie on his back, straddle him, and then ride him hard. Listen to your cries while you bounce and rock that thick booty of yours upon his huge cock.

Finally, you want to feel the rush of him tensing suddenly as he then floods your pussy with his seed.

I imagine you want to do all sort of naughty stuff with whichever black man that catches your eye. The type of stuff that would make your white husband or boyfriend blush. Even he would see you in a different light once he comes to realize that you have a nasty, slutty chick in you that's dying to come alive.

How come you've begun wearing thong panties, twerking your booty, posting exotic photos of you online for other men (black men, especially) to admire. Even your boyfriend/husband would become affected by your naughty transformation and start getting you to wear tight-fitting outfits. He'd have you wearing lots of short-shorts, tight jeans, and leggings to outline your frame.

He will take excessive pleasure seeing your booth become more prominent and eye-catching to anyone glancing in your direction.

Watch plenty of interracial porn, and you'll notice a majority of the white chicks are well stacked in the booty and titties department. In football (soccer) terms, we call them "Arsenal and Manchester". Arsenal for big asses; Manchester for big titties. And we're not referring to silicone titties, or chicks getting BLMs; we're talking natural-born tits and asses, the sort that comes from drinking plenty of milk as a kid, or swallowing enough black semen once you decide to become a BBCSlut.

As I mentioned already, your husband is equally captivated by the idea that even in your middle-age, you can still catch the fancy of young, athletic men who seem hungry for pussy. He will engage in your seductive indulgence, and even chat with some of the lone men in the bar to see if any won’t mind paying you some adequate attention.

Won’t you look forward to taking one or two of them home with you?

For sure, you cannot wait to have them grasp and caress your pawg booty, knowing that’s been on your mind all evening. When they get to fucking you, your husband cannot help loving the sweet noise that comes with their cock slapping against your ass cheeks. He cannot wait to come over and lend a hand with holding your ass cheeks apart and watch how the man keeps feeding your pussy with his dick.

And when the bull arrives at that sweet climatic moment, what better way to seal the deal than when he sprays his cum over your booty. See his cum slid over your ass cheeks, and then here comes your cuck husband/boyfriend licking it clean off you.

If you have a thick pawg booty, know that you are BUILT FOR BLACK. You are meant to attract black men towards appreciating your rump. Do whatever you can to capture that black man’s gaze to focus on your bodily assets, and once he does, do whatever that’s necessary to aid him in exploiting your figure to the best sexual pleasure he can provide.

And then when you’re doing, rinse and repeat again and again to your unfettered satisfaction. That is what a slut with a bootiful booty is meant to accomplish.

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