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My Wife, Anna, Has a Big Ol' Booty! - Cuckold Confession

My wife, Anna, has got herself a giant piece of booty. A humongous, big ol’ ass, if you will, and it would be my utmost pleasure to watch someone come by and fuck her for me. She might not agree to it at first, but I reckon with a few stiff drinks and with me prodding her along, she would inevitably fall for it. With that thick butt of hers, she has to; what else would she be having it if not to fuck?

Anna and I quit having sex years ago. It’s not like we quit or that I don’t find her sexually attractive and demanding anymore. No, far from it. Anna has always enjoyed sex, especially now that she’s past her menopause stage. It was I who began the withdrawal, and it wasn’t out of spite, mind you. I simply have become too enthralled with Anna, especially with the thought of wanting to see her enjoy having the best sex possible, but not from me.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love sex my damn self! But I am in my late fifties, and I’m not the handsome, virile stud I once purported to be back in my twenties. I have never been that sort of fellow ever in my life. I’m willing to own up to my weaknesses and admit that I was never capable of giving Anna the best damn sex any man can give. I don’t know about other husbands out there, but often the lies we tell ourselves is what endangers us in the long run.

Anna possibly knows this, too. She has stomached me in bed so much that I’m overwhelmed to think that it never occurred to her to cheat on me. I would have welcomed it despite assuming to be upset once she revealed her secret. There have been times when I was more inclined to get her angry towards hoping she would indulge in such activity. I remember one time when I created a scene in a bar over some petty issue and stormed out of the joint, leaving her to return home on her own. I almost expected some unknown gentleman would come to her aid and possibly take good care of her. Anna caught a cab home and for the next two weeks, it was I who ended up sleeping in the dog house.

But I’m getting way ahead of myself here; this is about my wife and not about me.

Not a day goes by that I don’t get a good look at Anna and wonder to myself that how come nobody is fucking that huge butt of hers yet? It’s almost a crime to think that of all big booty wives out there that I have one who would make for a guaranteed slutwife, yet nobody has discovered or called her out on it. I’ll bet if you’ve got a wife sporting a similar type of butt, chances are that you’d been thinking the same thing as I am.

Anna loves sex, as I’ve mentioned earlier. She enjoys being creative about it, too. She likes dressing up for sex, wearing one of her sexy lingerie and dancing to George Michael when she’s in the mood to want some. Aside from her thick butt, she’s got a magnificent pair of boobs. If you’re the sort of man who loves sucking on tits, I’d beg you to look no further than what you think my wife has to offer. You’ll be munching on tits all night if ever you’re in bed with her. And she enjoys getting off if you pinch her nipples hard enough. Oh yes, I won’t lie about that. Anna, sometimes, doesn’t need a hard cock to fuck for her to reach orgasm. Simply such on her tits well enough, and you’ve got her shaking.

I know I’m giving out the cheat codes here to any man that would be interested in wanting a piece of my wife, but I don’t care. She is well aware of my intentions of wanting her to go out and catch fun with friends and possibly with another male besides me. I have enjoyed playing with her collection of sex toys enough times for her to get the message without me being outspoken about it.

Anna has told me about various men glancing at her direction numerous times, though so far, nobody has dared to approach, which is damn unfortunate. Possibly they see the ring on her finger and get dissuaded from making any attempt. Or maybe it’s because she isn’t some young, fancy dame. I would like to think that isn’t so. I know plenty of married women in their middle-age and well into maturity who are currently having the time of their life getting fucked by younger men. Who says that Anna shouldn’t enjoy the same treatment?

For fuck’s sake, take a look at that mountain of booty she’s got! Just take one damn look and tell me you won’t want to have that ass rocking you steady.

Anna loves it doggy-style! Yes, I’m happy to declare that she’s a freak when it comes to sex, and she enjoys talking out loud once you get her going. My Anna might seem pretty and naive, but don’t let her looks fool you. You’re not going to believe the rate of expletives flying out of her mouth once she gets lost to her sex. Whenever she straddles me, slapping my face with those twin pair of tits on her, she lets off whatever dirty word she can hurl at me. There’s nothing I can do except lie on my back and take everything she dishes at me. Her ass is so big, round, and soft that I can barely grab a handful without wanting to cum too soon. Maybe you might last a couple of minutes with her if you’ve got the stamina to last long enough. My penis practically disappears when she gets to fucking me. I cannot feel anything besides her pussy squirting cum juice down my thighs.

Anna loves to please, as any sexy woman should. She’s got a wide set of lips, and she knows how to use them efficiently when giving blowjobs. I’m not one to brag, but I will say that my Anna is the best blowjob-giver this side of town. She’ll have you calling your mama’s name within minutes of her going to work on you. Am I speaking from experience? You bet I am! She also knows how’s how to give a good ass-rimming if you’re capable of handling that. By that, I mean if you’re capable of not cumming too soon when she gets to feed on your cock.

Her best feature remains her big booty, and I cannot stress that enough. If doggy-style is what you enjoy giving, then my Anna is yours for the taking. I’m hoping that this confessional post of mine won’t fall on deaf ears. If you’ve got what it takes to seduce and satisfy my Anna, reply and let’s talk about meeting first thing. Just don’t keep me waiting.

I am eager to see more black men out there admire my lovely Anna’s photos and appreciate the size of her humongous booty. I would love to envision them getting hard just from seeing her butt and wishing they would write to me and inquire about her. If it’s possible for me to have a one-on-one correspondence so I can share more intimate detail about her, and hopefully see about getting her to correspond with them as well, that would really make my day.

I do believe that this is something most every white husband out there who do about their wife: to put her out so other men (especially worthy Black men like Master SHANGO) would admire. Why keep your wife hidden if you secretly wish for her to cuck you? Or if you especially want other men to chase after her? The least you can do is put your wife out there more and more, like setting bait to catch a suitable fish, and someday, you’re bound to get lucky.

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David Sissy
David Sissy
Jan 31, 2023

Superb gratification for this sexy worker...

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