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Dreading What You Crave

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Many husbands out there are wary of the Black cock invasion creeping into their lives, spreading unannounced like wildfire through their neighbourhood. They would argue against this feat, but they know the truth; the truth that’s seldom mentioned but lies at the heart of things. Many husbands are afraid of the “BLACKNESS” they cannot excommunicate from their minds. The one that prods them, that compels and compliments them towards wanting to ensure their women become a black man’s sexual plaything, and they as the black man’s submissive subject.

The truth declares that like with their wives, such husbands, want to see themselves become transformed into cuckold-serving husbands.

This doesn’t apply to every white man or couple out there, but for those who are yet to get settled on reading the tea leaves, allow me to further elaborate.

Most husbands don’t merely wake up with the abject thought of wanting to expressly see their women getting fucked and used by black men. Perhaps the idea has been fermenting in the nadir of their heart and minds for so long that they don’t recall how it manifested into being. Like the unexplained birth of the universe, this idea has always lurked in the unconscious streams of many white men’s minds.

How or whatever was responsible for the germination of such idea manifesting into reality can never been fully explained. We simply can acknowledge the idea has been fermenting in their minds, but even they would agree that it was never assumed they would arrive at the determined decision of granting their wives sexual freedom of fucking a black man outright.

And even when they did get to thinking of such possibility, the thought always raked their minds with dread. Many issues could compound the subject into ever being considered as suitable to the husband’s wish. Entertaining the though can verge from being merely pleasant to something utterly unrealistic.

Why on earth would he dare want his wife to have sex with another man besides him? And should he even relax to the thought of letting another man into the privacy of his bedroom, why would it, of all persons, be a black man? The husband continues with his uninhibited thoughts: What’s so engrossingly fascinating about black men for me to want one to come and be with my wife? And how would I even dare consider my wife would want to indulge into such activity should I suggest the idea to her?

So much questions to consider, but the undertone is one that is hardly mentioned or brought to limelight. As much as most husbands (including white boyfriends) desperately seek their wives and girlfriends to go black, it scares them to know that such possibilities exist. It frightens their nerves to know that what they literally crave can also lead to redoing their marriage into something unrecognisable to them in the near future. Their women can endeavour to want to fuck black men, and inevitably succumb to being addicted to black cock. Once that occurs, these husbands/boyfriends can consider themselves left out in the cold. No longer will they get to enjoy white pussy as previously guaranteed them once the black dominant figure takes over their women’s body and mind.

Oh-no! Say this isn’t so?

Perhaps not so, but it is interesting to note that many cuck husbands have resorted to becoming sissies for the sake of wanting to acquaint themselves with a taste of similar black cock-addicted magic that’s consumed their women. And even those who don’t dare to go the sissy route, they, too, cannot help being ensnared towards wanting to be of submissive service to their wives’ lovers/Black Master. They can even demand serving Black gods alongside their wives, or venture out and serve a black bull on their own behalf while their wife/girlfriend attends to hers.

Does it start with a dread of black men? That might seem too dramatic to accept, and it could border towards racial undertones. But know that white men would rather forfeit their sexual prowess in place for social standing in society. Even in their social background, the basest knowledge can never be gotten rid from their minds. The one that states that they would love nothing but to see their conservative white women of society loose their social status by becoming a black god’s sexual fuck-toy. White men, too, crave similar helping, even though only a small percentage would effectively be proud to admit to this desire when confronted. However, for those that are yet to be faced with such judgement, when confronted privately, even they cannot hide from the truth.

The husbands would endeavour to put their wives’ lover(s) into being part of their payroll, and would bankroll whatever mission the bull seeks to maintain with their wives, as long as he’s capable of keeping her sexually satisfied in and out of the bedroom.

The truth declares that like with their wives, such husbands, want to see themselves become transformed into cuckold-serving husbands. The sort of husbands who would do anything to serve and uplift a black bull’s standard with their women. He would do anything to ingratiate himself towards becoming a submissive to his wife’s desire, and grant her black lover(s) whatever personal appreciation towards training his wife to become a whore in his presence.

And yet it was assumed during the start of this essay that such husbands would be afraid of seeing their wives become aroused and sexually open towards fucking a black man/men. Their women would become so addicted towards wanting black cock in bed regardless of what hour of the day, and the women won’t mind spreading their addiction to involve their best friends including family members who have yet to imagine ever going black.

After all, the notion of ‘Once You Go Black, You Can Never Go Back’ should acquire some serious meaning if it ever starts manifesting itself in the white couple’s home, shouldn’t it?

Previously, it was assumed that such a upstanding husband would grate with fear at the notion that his woman can become intimate with a black man in the comfort of his home, and that same black man would have credible access to his home however he sees fit. Even worse is that such husbands would someday imagine their kids accepting their wife’s lover as a solid part of their family. The husbands would endeavour to put their wives’ lover(s) into being part of their payroll, and would bankroll whatever mission the bull seeks to maintain with their wives, as long as he’s capable of keeping her sexually satisfied in and out of the bedroom.

In conclusion, there is no escaping the black cock invasion.

These same husbands previously looked at their wives as bastions of what’s great about white society. That they married a truly remarkable woman that’s capable of maintaining a good home, looking after the children, and doing whatever is possible to stick with her husband, regardless of however it suits her commitment. But as the ideal fear of whether his wife would mind going out of her way to attend to a black man’s sexual needs continues grabbling with the husband’s wishes, it’s inevitable that he would uncharacteristically start imagining her under a different light. Would she remain committed to him as a dutiful wife would should she ever get to be with a black man?

How many black men would it take to transform a white woman into a black cock whore?

The same, too, applies to the husband: how many attempts at serving, or of wanting to serve a black god would it take for him to let go of his dreaded fears and start embracing his submissive stance towards cuckoldry?

Some of the worries that husbands carry are worth having, especially when having to do with the outcome of their marriage once they undertake a cuckold-type adventure: will the wife end up loving/craving black cock more than his expectations, or would she desire it less? If less, then what means would he possibly apply to revitalise her love towards this lifestyle? Would they ever encounter a suitable lover that won’t seek to damage their relationship? What if the wife decides she wants to carry on with her lover alone with her husband’s assistance, how then would he cope?

There are always complications regarding whichever step a cuck husband might choose to accept the dynamics of this lifestyle. It all comes down to him entrusting his wife with the means of jumping into the cuckold-laden pool and both of them learning to swim through the odds together.

In conclusion, there is no escaping the black cock invasion. It might not have arrived in your country, in your city, or in your neighbourhood, but know for a fact that it exists, and it’s out there reigning over married couples’ homes. You’ve probably been learning about it but chose to ignore it this while. Your friends and maybe even family members have begun practicing it, and you’re only been clueless about it.

Or maybe the idea seems so eerie and strange for you to consider as real.

However, it is real.

It is so real because you cannot forbid yourself from thinking about it, from speculating about the dynamic changes it can unleash upon you and especially your wife. Even as your daughter(s) head out to college, you cannot refrain from imagining what their dating life might be like. And if ever they are dating white boys, would you assume their boyfriends aren’t going to be future cucks like you?

Regardless of how you feel, or of whatever politics you abide by, the future is coming. You can’t stop it, no matter how much you dread it. Instead of dread, learn to desire instead and commit yourself and your spouse to learning more of what this lifestyle intends of bringing into your home and neighbourhood.

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Nov 28, 2023

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My wife is a woman that grew up hearing her mon and her aunt talk about how black man are better, and hotter. So she was always aware and always found black man better and sexier.

We started dating when we were 16, we are 34 now, before me she made out with 2 black guys and sometimes she would mention them in our relationship and would get very wet remembering them. So I started to develop the fantasy of her with a black man so she could fulfill her fantasy of having a black man. As I told her my fantasy, it took some time for her to believe that I really wanted this, it took sometime but when…


Sep 12, 2023

Such a romantic first picture! 😍


Sep 12, 2023

want to be used by a group of big, cocked masters. 100 of then all at ones


Sep 05, 2023

great video, thanks Master Shango.

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