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Your Wife Loves Opening Her Legs

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Your wife loves to open her legs for black men; regardless of who they are or where they’re from, as long as it is black men, her legs never close. How is this possible, you might ask? Why would you bother about asking in the first place—this is what you have always wanted for your wife, what you have always desired. Long ago, you grew tired of thinking you married a submissive woman who’s always at your beck and call. Now that the submissive part of her is gone, you see her for what you have always wanted her to be.

Shouldn’t you be happy?

Obviously, you are happy. But you have no idea what to make about your happiness. Perhaps you were expecting something different: that she would like to be with black men instead of going all out to love them. You imagined she would still be that same submissive woman you married years ago. Or that she would still harbour some measure of it while allowing herself to enjoy having sexual fun with black men.

You have always desired your wife/girlfriend to cheat on you, especially with a black man because you cannot hold back the thought of visualising her having sex with a black man.

It never occurred to you that your wife would become afflicted with a strong case of black cock addiction syndrome. That is something you have never witnessed before, not until you decided to inspire your wife to cheat on you.

Why would any husband be willing to prod his wife into cheating on him in the first place? Have you ever wondered where the idea came from and why you could not keep yourself from pursuing it? The answer is more than you can imagine, cuck-boi. If you were to search yourself intimately, you would realise that you have always wanted this to happen.

You have always desired your wife/girlfriend to cheat on you, especially with a black man because you cannot hold back the thought of visualising her having sex with a black man. The truth is so potent that you cannot dare admit it to yourself for fear it would rid you of shame. You are still sitting on the fence this entire time, wondering if truly it is your destiny to embrace being a cuckold or not. You have battled with the idea for years, even seeking therapy. You figured that the idea would someday escape your thoughts and that you would be wholesome again.

Such a dumb lie that you have been telling yourself this entire time.

This lie compelled you unconsciously to suggest to your wife to become a hotwife to you.

Such is the truth that you have been unwilling to embrace, cuck-boi. Don’t blame yourself—you aren’t alone with this fear. There are many white bois out there bearing similar thoughts in their mind regarding their wives. Like you, they cannot help wanting to return home from work and catch their wives cheating on them with a black man (and if it’s two black men, then they have hit the lottery!) And no matter how much they struggle to deny the feeling, it never goes away.

Your fears are your most intimate wishes come to life, cuck-boi. This is the reality you have been struggling to deny, and I am here to reveal the truth to you.

Your wife has gotten afflicted with a strong case of Black Cock Addiction syndrome, and it isn’t ever going to quit her heart and mind. Your wife has come to the junction of loving a strong black dick like water—sometimes, even more than water—and there’s no going back for her.

What is unfortunate is that you are yet to face this reality; you’re yet to let her be aware of what you truly feel about her becoming a black cock slut. You keep pretending to yourself that this is nothing but some wild dream, and you would wake up tomorrow and things would be back to how they once were. Are you regretting ever introducing your wife to this lifestyle? Surely, you knew the outcome before you pushed her towards that direction. Even when she admitted to having cheated on you, what did you do about it?


Yes, you did ask her who she had sex with, how she met the man, and whatever it was that led her to have sex with him.

After she finished narrating what she did, you pretended to be angry, got into your car and drove off. Your wife feared you would get too upset and get into an accident. She had no idea that you were so proud and happy about what she had done. You drove to a nearby empty park and masturbated as you recalled everything she told you. You were happy that your wife had finally done what you were so afraid to suggest to her.

Perhaps you thought it would end there, but it didn’t.

You thought her adventure with a black man would be a one-time affair, and then she would resume her wifely duty with you. You could not have been so wrong. Once your wife went black, she has not looked back since. She continued seeing the black man that fucked her, and they have been fucking more often than you can imagine. There have been times when you returned home, and you perceived the funny smell in the bedroom and knew that sex had been going on when you were out of the house.

These days, you get so worried about leaving the house by yourself. You suspect that your wife won’t hesitate to call her lover to come by. You sense right that she has been spreading her legs for other black men around; they don’t mind coming by your house when you are not home; your wife lets them in through the front door.

Enjoy your cuckold life, cuck-boi. This is your dream that you are living; learn to make peace with it and be happy.

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Mature wife
Mature wife



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You make again a great point Master.

Experts say there are three main reasons why women cheat.: 1. Lack of love for primary partner, 2. Desire for sexual variety 3. Situational factors (like being on vacation.)

The question is, once the Rubicon has been crossed, do women continue to fuck with other men, or can they stop. Is it like an addiction to a drug or is it more of an emotional thing? If they continue fucking other men, are they still interested in their husbands?

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