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Encounter at a Nude Beach - excerpt

I returned and found Kim on her elbows and knees whimpering and squealing while Clavin fucked her doggy-style. He seemed aggressive with the manner he was pounding her. That was good too; Kim loved being fucked rough and wild, and she loved men who bore enough stamina to match.

Calvin slammed into her harder and harder, grunting with effort as he slapped her butt for repeated emphasis. He barely looked at me the entire time; his focus was on giving my wife the ultimate pleasure. Kim responded in kind, pulling back on the sheets and sweeping her blonde hair from her face now and then. Her cries filled the room, though now and then, she punctuated them by goading Calvin with how much she loved his cock. Amid her groans, she muttered for him not to stop and that he should keep fucking her harder.

I finished drying myself with a towel and then took snapshots of them together. I looked closely and saw that Calvin was wearing a condom. That was good precaution on his part, though I know it wasn’t something Kim enjoyed—she preferred her dicks raw and bareback. She expressed her displeasure to Calvin while they took a break. Calvin opted to get rid of it before they continued from where they left off. He also extracted Kim’s butt plug from her anus and inserted his cock inside her tight hole instead. Kim was twice ecstatic when he did that.

As for me, I ended up spraying cum on my hands and down my thighs. I did scoop some of it and licked it off. Nothing arouses me more than the taste of cum, second to the smell of my wife’s pussy.

Kim straddled Calvin and proceeded to bounce and rock his dick like she was riding a raging bull. Calvin was an equal match to her. He grabbed and smacked her butt while pistoning his dick to keep with her enthusiasm. They seemed made for each other the way neither seemed to tire. Kim slapped his face with her tits, to which Calvin responded by gumming his mouth on each pair.

He turned her over, laid on top, and fucked her until he climax neared. He pulled out of her and then manoeuvred forward and ejaculated his seed across her face. Kim opened her mouth and took everything he had to feed her. Calvin made room for me as I got on the bed and shared a lengthy, sumptuous kiss with Kim. We moaned with lustful pride as we tasted and licked cum off each other’s lips.

To my surprise, Calvin hadn’t yet quit the bed. He knelt beside Kim with his cock dangling inches from her face, still dripping semen; he was breathing heavy while pools of sweat dribbled down his torso and chin. I don’t know what possessed me right there and then, except I realised I couldn’t dare myself from wanting to taste that gorgeous black dick that just finished stretching my wife’s cunt. I didn’t care if Calvin minded or not as I made a grab for his penis and brought it to my mouth. Calvin didn’t react as I feared he might. Instead, he placed his head on my head and continued guiding me to choke on his meat.

“Eat that dick, white boi,” he murmured. “Yeah, I could tell you’ve been wanting some, ain’t you?”

“You’ve no idea how long,” I replied before resuming my cock-sucking duty.

Kim and Calvin had been fucking for nearly two hours, and the afternoon was yet to give way for the evening. I finished draining his cock of every trace of cum then allowed them to rest on the bed while I made a call for room service.


This confessional tale is 100% real, as are the photos. I'm posting a short excerpt of the work here on my website, but the complete version will be uploaded on my Medium publication in the upcoming week, so be on the lookout for it.

If any of you have any similar cuckold confessional tales, leave me a message or write to me via email (, or contact me via social media.

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Encounter at a Nude Beach was such a fun story to read and masturbate to! I had a lovely orgasm as a result. :) Thank you, Master Shango! :)

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