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Do You Know Where Your Wife is?

This article was initially posted in my Medium publication: IR/Cuckold, but I've made some additions to it here.


Do you know where your wife is right now? Sure, it’s probably midnight on your side of the world, and she’s there beside you asleep, except you don’t know what’s running in her mind, do you, cuck-boi?

Maybe it’s morning already, and she’s getting ready for work, the same way you are right now, but you’ve no idea what she’ll be doing for the remainder of the day. You’ve no idea who she’ll be having lunch break with. Probably with a co-worker friend . . . Or maybe she’s going to keep a scheduled appointment with a male friend somewhere. He’s going to have lunch with her and then together they’ll head over to his place so he can give her some good fucking. If you’re lucky, you might call your wife up while he’s fucking her, and she being a naughty slut, might allow you to listen in on the sex.

The fact is that you do want her to have a secret relationship outside of your marriage.

I’ll bet that’s double-exciting for you to imagine: picture your wife getting pounded while she’s got her phone lying beside her with the speaker on so you can listen in on everything. Listen to her whimpering cries while you imagine what sexual position they’re enjoying. Probably from the noise of their bodies colliding and her high-pitched moans, you can imagine the guy fucking her from behind.

I’ll bet that would be enough to make you cum in your pants.

Won’t you love to know what she’s up to when you’re not around? When you’re least aware of her presence beside you? Don’t you often go to bed imagining to yourself that she’s likely out there screwing somebody? That by some chance, she has fallen under the seductive spell of someone who seems very sturdy and capable of fucking her way better than you?

Sure, it might leave you jealous, but what’s jealousy without truth. The fact is that you do want her to have a secret relationship outside of your marriage. You might not come clear to admitting it, but you and I do know the truth, don’t we? That there is a secret part of you that would be fulfilled when it comes to your knowledge that yes, indeed, your wife of so-and-so number of years is out there banging some other stud . . .

Even the fear would grow astronomical if you then realised that she’s with me!

But try as hard as you can, you cannot find any suitable evidence regarding her infidelity. You’ve even taken to smelling her panties while she’s taking a shower, scrolling through her cell phone calls, rummaging through the contents of her handbag for any worthy evidence to show where she’s been.

Anything resembling a receipt of purchase of something given to her. Yes, you try your best to question her, wanting to know whom she had lunch with, and so forth, still nothing. You know you cannot do it without raising suspicion, but you would love to call up one or two of her friends to find out more . . .

Don’t you often go to bed imagining to yourself that she’s likely out there screwing somebody?

Who knows, maybe your woman is stealthy, knowing that you’re the snooping type. Except you’re not doing this out of spite, instead to assuage the doubt that, like any other woman out there, your wife, too, can be persuaded to cheat on you. And why shouldn’t she? After all, haven’t you spent months trying to convince her into pursuing the benefits that comes with her having a secret lover on the side?

Sure, you have.

You’ve shown her dozens of erotic photos, even shared secrets about couples that you’re both familiar with who are practicing such indulgence. You and her have stayed up late at night watching porn flicks on your computer. You’ve done all of that, and still, she’s shown little to no interest in the subject. You’re even cautious of bringing it up, not wanting to risk her getting upset.

Maybe she will get upset with you always talking about it. But who knows, maybe all she wanted was some little stimuli to push her towards seeing things you own way. You might not have any idea what that stimuli might be. It could even be something you know but never thought of, doesn’t mean she isn’t thinking about it.

You had no idea, for instance, that your wife might have discovered my tantalizing books, and has somehow gotten in touch with me in secret. Now she wants to learn everything there is to know about this enticing lifestyle. The sort of stuff that she knows you’d be too eager to tell her, but instead, she wants an expert opinion.

I’m not going to tell you that I’m the one your wife has been secretly seeing, but I’m letting you know that whatever it is you think she isn’t capable of doing, bro, she’s more than capable. The fact that you haven’t caught her means you don’t even know what she knows.

Truth be told, she knows plenty!

This isn't a factual statement, but I'm definitely certain that at some point in every woman's marriage, there is that inclination towards wanting to be with another man beside her husband. Some might consider it detrimental cheating, but some wives certainly won't mind carrying it out, especially when knowing they are being neglected at home, or in the bedroom. Some husbands are willing to exploit this situation by subtly egging their wives to carry forth with this urgency. How well things might go when/if she does is another question entirely.

If and when that time comes appropriately, do not be the husband acting sore that she has taken that path. Once your wife gets entranced by a man who knows how to genuinely fuck her in bed, don't go assuming that she would change back to what your married life previously was. Once she finds someone capable of hitting her G-spot incredibly, her time for you is bound to change. Even her outlook will take on an entire new presentation.

Don't go thinking that you are in charge of the outcome, because it won't ever be the same again. This road is one that can only lead to your woman becoming more susceptible towards being approaching by superior men who would demand her body and time more than you. If your wife desires becoming a black cock-whore, know that all bets are off. You're either assigned to go with the flow of things, or leave her to become her own woman.


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Any man that has experienced his wife or girlfriend in the throws of passion from the powerful lust of a black man, will never be more aroused than when he sees his lady lost in the uncontrollable desire for her black lover. At least for me it's true,

Unknown member
Jul 08, 2022
Replying to

Im gonna get my wife bbc bred


Unknown member
Jun 18, 2022

It's beautiful for a husband to watch, as His thrusts make his wife's breasts swing pendulum-like and she's making rhythmic sounds of sheer pleasure.

Jonathan Cuckold
Jonathan Cuckold
Jan 25, 2023
Replying to

Absolutely agree it’s a win all round

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