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How to Welcome your Black Master/Lover

When it comes to first meetings between an anxious couple desiring to get involved in the cuckold lifestyle and their future Black Master, a lot of things can definitely go wrong. It is never a definitive relationship even when they had exchanged lots of emails, back and forth messages on social media, and even gotten around to probably chatting on Skype or even via phone call. Some issues can indeed soil their ideal meet.

For most couples, there’s always the in-built image they have in their minds of the type of Black man the husband might want to procure for his wife. The same, too, goes for the wife, especially in cases where they can either be selfish about their wants. And even when they do happen to be on the same page, the same can still occur: perhaps upon their first meeting, either of the couple realizes several flaws in the man’s outlook (his height or weight; his style of clothing as well demeanour), and for others it could be the man’s inner sense of presence (inability to communicate; or even manner of approach . . .) the list goes on and on.

Communication always is essential. Not just for information that gets passed during email exchanges but as well when subtle gestures or side remarks tend to mean even more than either might guess at.

Having gotten that important first meeting out of the way, and the couple have begun to settle in line along with their Black Master days and even weeks later, there’s then the manner of which either the hotwife or her cuck hubby is expected to appropriately welcome their Black Master whenever they get to spend quality Black Cock training time with him. It matters not whether such meeting takes place in the couple’s home or at a nearby hotel; only when it’s some daytime outdoor venue that there can involve some slight changes.

By this time, the wife should have learned, or at least begun getting comfortable with her new-found life as a hotwife. The same, too, goes to her husband whose submissive stature must always radiate at all times whenever the Master is about.

The wife should deign to put on some sexy outfit or lingerie and must take some time to perfect her feature prior to her Black Master’s arrival at their abode. Should she desire welcoming him in the nude, that, too, is welcome. Her outfit should be as seductive enough to entice her Black Master toward wanting her badly; her cuck hubby can assist with finding something hot and suitable to fit her wear. Should she desire putting on some high heels and thigh stockings. That is left to her choice, or to however her Black Master should already have made known that he wishes to see her. Some seductive perfume is recommended as well.

For the cuck hubby, as already mentioned above, his submissive stature of being one step below his wife must always be apparent not just on his mind but as well whatever attire he prefers to wear to suit his Black Master’s approving gaze.

Should the cuck hubby be a confirmed sissy-boi already, that makes things even better. He should deign to wear his sissy-boi outfit, especially his wife’s panties, or whichever she might have chosen for him to wear. His chastity cage should be apparent inside his panties. His mission for the evening should be to make his wife as ready and beautiful for her Master’s desire to beckon her toward wanting him.

How the couple get to address the Black Master is another important issue, especially for the cuck hubby who always should address his Master as ‘Sir’, and nothing less than that. Only when the mood is a bonding sort can they drop all line of acknowledgement and communicate with each other like they’re long-time friends. The same, too, goes toward the hotwife also.

Upon inviting the Master into their abode, the wife and husband should present themselves front and centre for the inspection. The Master can offer toward paying particular attention toward the wife, but that’s not to say the cuck hubby/sissy-boi should neglect to remember his stance.

Enquire from the Master whatever means of comfort he might prefer to keep his relaxed for the evening before proceeding toward the important festivities of the night. Should he desire something to quench his thirst, the wife can desire getting it herself, or order her hubby to make do with her Master’s request. She should always recline closer to him, or even sit across his lap. Should he be hungry, it’s her duty to feed him. The cuck hubby should sit on the floor across from them and await further instructions from either.

The cuck/sissy-boi’s mission for the night is never half done until the Master and his wife get to retire toward the bedroom. Or should they decide to skip the bedroom and get down to fucking in the living room, however choice they make he should stick to it. And when the time comes for him to clean his wife’s pussy as well his Master’s cock, he should look forward to carrying out that assignment with glee and not forget to thank the Master for him allowing him the opportunity to taste his rich cum.


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