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I Lost My Wife To A Glory Hole

More cuck-husbands should endeavour taking their wives out to gloryhole locations . . .

The last text I got from Suzy came at 07:12 p.m. That was more than an hour ago. I got that message while I was on my way home from work. I have read the message more times now than I can count. The words are brief, and I can recite them with my eyes closed.

Honey, I’m off to the XXX shop.

Sorry, but I can’t stay away.

Dinner is in the oven. Will be home in 1hr.

Love you – S.

The shop she referred to was an adult XXX variety shop we had visited several months ago, near the interstate. A work colleague told me about the place, said it was the perfect place to take the wife out for an erotic fun time, strictly adults only.

My main hurdle was of convincing Suzy about it. She was seldom the out-going sort of woman. Her parents were Catholics, and they were as conservative as you would imagine the Puritans were in their prime. My initial fear was that she would tell me no, and that would be the end of it. To my surprise, she too was game about wanting to know about this place I mentioned. As it turns out, she had long grown bored with sitting at home and waiting for the COVID-19 pandemic to blow over, which wasn’t looking like it intended to happen anytime soon. We made a date for a Saturday, and when that day arrived, we waited till evening and then got into the car and off we went.

The place was everything my colleague had mentioned and more: it was a Mecca-type paradise for anyone wanting to indulge in whatever sexual fantasy they could think of. There were multiple adult and novelty shops, and then there were the adult cinema rooms that played whatever type of porn you desired. There were Glory-Hole rooms and this was where we both got hooked. Suzy and I watched other couples venturing inside there. There was an outer room that had monitor sets where you can see what went on inside. That there was where I got to see things I never before thought I would witness. The sight of ordinary married couples, middle-aged to mature wives sucking penises while their husbands watched. What a fantastic sight it was, and unbelievable too.

It didn’t take long for me to imagine Suzy doing the same. I turned toward her when she began tugging my arm to see what she was pointing at on the monitor screens.

“I want to give that a shot,” she murmured.

I was flabbergasted by what she said. I almost didn’t want to believe those words came from her.

“Are you sure, honey?” I asked.

“Definitely I do,” she said with what looked like a flush glimmer in her eyes. “Come on, let’s do this before I change my mind.”

She pulled me to the doorway and out into the corridor; we made for the door leading into the Glory Hole room. Suzy was so enchanted and bubbling with excitement even as we pushed past other couples and found ourselves an empty booth. There was a lone stool in the centre; the wall bore cut-out holes. A red light above our head turned green—the approved signal that the booth was now occupied. I gasped at the sight of a thick black penis sliding through one of the holes. It had the look of a giant python, and I nearly even mistook it for one. Suzy dropped to her knees and gave it a smooching kiss. I sat on the stool as she then smiled at me before taking the cock further into her mouth.

We were there for more than two hours; the night seemed to have forgotten about us. We were both looking flustered when we exited the room. My initial fear was that there would be people standing outside, waiting to sort of slut-shame us for our actions. Nothing of the sort was the case; everyone went about their business like we didn’t matter. Suzy wouldn’t stop gushing as we made it out into the parking lot and got into our vehicle and returned home.

A week went by and we had barely gotten over our love over the Glory Hole adventure. It made up the majority of our evening conversation, especially in bed. Suzy bombarded me with questions about what it would be like to fuck one of those black cocks. She wanted to know if any of my colleagues’ wives have attempted such. I did, of course, make subtle inquiries about it. As it turns out, a few of them have tried such; one even told me his wife had met with one of the black men and had sex with him out in the parking lot. Suzy and I made plans of visiting the XXX spot a second time.

We returned to the shop the following Saturday. This time two black penises were waiting for Suzy. She took her time pleasuring them both, up till when they squirted cum on her face. I watched her scoop every spurt into her mouth while she laughed at me as though it were ice cream. How would I have known that our married life wasn’t going to return to what it formerly was before, starting from that evening? Except I was in denial to fathom that idea. I lied to myself instead that this was only a passing phase. Somewhere down the road, Suzy and I would discover other adventures and move on from this.

Boy, was I fucking wrong.

The time was 8:35 p.m. when I got dressed and grabbed my car keys and went looking for Suzy. I had tried calling her phone but she wasn’t answering; God knows the level of fun she was having at the variety shop. As I drove out of our neighbourhood, I thought to myself what I had unleashed that’s made her so addicted to that place.

This wasn’t the first time she had made it there on her own. I was amused the first time she told me she had done it. She told me she had even made friends with other wives who were there for similar action. One of such wife, she told me later in bed, had shared a booth with her. Together they had sucked multiple black cocks. The woman had then lifted her skirt, pushed her panties to the side, and Suzy stood back and watched her insert one of the black penises inside her. The woman fucked the black cock until it came inside her, then she knelt and cleaned the cock herself. It amazed me to hear that, as I always assumed that sex in the Glory Hole booth wasn’t a thing.

Never would I have assumed that Suzy would become drawn toward wanting to give that a try. But give it a try, she eventually did.

A fourth trip alone to the shop, and later when she returned home, she then declared to me that she had done precisely that. I was stunned out of my mind, especially when she lifted her skirt to provide me with evidence of her nasty deed. I tried my best to suggest that she cool off going to that place. She did listen without putting up a protest; who was I to know that she had already made up her mind.

Now here I was, driving like hell to the XXX shop.

I arrived there in record time. It was the weekend, and the place was teeming with life. There appeared to be more couples than the previous times I had been there.

I began my search in the novelty and gift shops and then looked at two erotic video shops. Suzy wasn’t in either place. To my surprise, she wasn’t in any of the Glory Hole rooms either. I watched the monitor screens and saw nobody that resembled Suzy. I started to fear that maybe she had already left for home and we might have passed each other along the way. Then I noticed a gathering in one of the cinema rooms and went in there to see what the fuss was about.

Other couples were there, huddled together with their backs towards me. I could see an adult movie playing on the screen, but few people appeared to be watching it. I could hear a woman’s cries and first I assumed it was coming from the movie. I managed to push past the crowd and my eyes opened in horror when I saw Suzy bent over a couch seat, naked, being gangbanged by multiple black men. One was fucking her from behind, while another had his cock jammed into her mouth. Others stood beside her, stroking their penis, waiting their turn. They were all mumbling and laughing simultaneously. I didn’t want to believe that it was Suzy, but it was her. Some of the men watching, I noticed, were masturbating to the action.

“Oh, my God, Suzy!” I gasped.

Several of the men looked at me. One of them elbowed me and asked, “That your wife?”

“Yes,” I answered.

“You’re a lucky man,” he said.

“She’s a fucking whore of the night!” echoed another.

I stood there and watched the men—I lost count as to how many they were—fuck the shit out of Suzy. For what it was worth, she appeared to be loving every minute of it. They ejaculated all over her, then several of them went to fuck other women in the room willing to give up their pussy for free. Some of the husbands even dared to ejaculate on her body; I stood there, too weak to stop them.


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