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My Weird, Incredible Fetish

I’ve got this weird habit that I cannot find myself wanting to quit. I often find myself gazing under my wife’s skirt to see if she’s wearing any panties for the day or if she’s deciding to go commando. Mya has done it plenty of times, especially whenever we went bar-hopping to see if she could entice any lucky fellow to appraise her figure. I must admit that it turns me on, knowing that other men are out there lusting after her. She knows it, too, that she, with a mere flick of her blonde hair or by flashing a smile, can light up a room and have single men drooling towards her.

Mya is as naughty a slut as you can imagine. Yes, she does cheat on me, and her usual target is black men. She has an appetite for black cocks that I cannot wean out of her. Not like I have made any attempts at that. I love it whenever she returns home weary and wasted from an evening spent with whomever her date was for the night.

Today was no exception. It was a Saturday, and I was tasked with looking after the kids while she went upstairs to change. I left the kids to watch their favourite cartoon, telling them I would right back before dashing upstairs to check on Mya.

She had changed into a blue cotton dress and was wearing her sandals when I entered the room. Her back was towards me, and I had a clear view of her butt under her dress—she wasn’t wearing any panties!

That Mya was going commando meant only one thing: she was out for some explosive sex.

“Who is it you’re out to see, hon?” I asked after shutting the door behind me.

“Chris,” she replied after she finished wearing her sandals. “You remember Chris, right?”

How could I possibly forget Chris; I might as well forget my name. Chris was Mya’s on-and-off boyfriend for the past five months. Theirs was as disjointed as any relationship I could think of. Part of it was because Chris’s job often took him out of state, and Mya was one of several wives he proficiently screwed. Mya knows this, and it drives her crazy knowing she can’t have Chris all to herself. Still, she never said no to him whenever he demanded her presence. According to her, his cock was so fucking good and he could make her cum faster than my tongue. I don’t ever declare to Mya who to date and who not to—her decision, her choice; mine is to support her and pray she brought back enough creampie for me to feast upon.

Seeing that she was going out without any panties indicated she and Chris would have themselves some serious fucking tonight. That was understandable as it had been weeks since last time they connected. It was unfortunate I won’t be there to witness the action.

“What time do you think you’ll be back?” I asked.

“I don’t know, hon,” she said as she threw her cell phone into her handbag. “You know how these things go,” she emphasised by shrugging her shoulders.

“Yeah, I know.” I sure did know, all right. Mya seldom cared about the time when it comes to her getting fucked. Worse is when it involves Chris. I knew damn well he could fuck her all night and stop her from returning home. It won’t be the first time she had done that. Usually she would end up sneaking in through the backdoor in the early hours of the morning and pray the kids aren’t awake.

“Hold the fort for me until I get back,” she said. “I promise to text you to let you know how things are going.”

“See if you can film a little something for me,” I added after kissing her cheek. Nothing thrills me than watching her getting fucked, regardless of whether I’m there or not.

“Don’t worry, I’ll see about that.”

She kissed me once again, then together we went downstairs where she kissed the kids before leaving. To them, she was off to see a close relative; if only they knew.

My six-year-old son asked: “Dad, will mom read me a bedtime story tonight?”

“Don’t worry, Josh. If mom doesn’t then I will,” I replied. “Come, let’s go watch Barney with your sister.”

I sat between my kids and indulged them as we watched Barney sing along adventure with his playmates. Being with them helped relieve my mind from speculating what the evening would be for Mya. She will have herself a terrific time, no doubt, but it’s the finer details that I especially cherish.

Mya texted me that she was with Chris, and that she would be home late.

The day grew dark and I made dinner for my kids and read them bedtime stories later before saying goodnight to them. The time was half past ten. I carried my laptop to the living room to continue my wait. I poured myself a drink and opened my computer to watch some past videos of Mya fucking Chris, including other past and present lovers. Mya loves to fuck and wasn’t ashamed of it; having kids hadn’t once dampened her sex drive. It amazes me that we hadn’t thought of finding avenues to capitalise on her talent. Perhaps open an OnlyFans account where I can post videos of her. With the money coming out of that site, it was only fair that we got ourselves a slice. That was something I would have to discuss with her later. I finished my drink and masturbated to some of her videos. My kids would be sailing across the moon right now in their sleep, so I wasn’t afraid to be myself in this quiet moment.

I don’t remember when I dozed off. I felt someone shaking my arm, calling my name, then my eyes blinked awake. The room’s light was on. My immediate fear was that one of my kids have come looking for me, but then my sight cleared, and I saw it was Mya.

“Hey,” she shook me to complete wakefulness. “Hiya, hon. You been waiting up for me?”

“Yeah,” I muttered while I wiped my eyes to get a good look at her. “What time is it?”

Mya looked at her watch. “It’s 11:53.”

Her hair was tousled. There were bite marks on her neck and shoulders. She smelled of body spray; that was probably so to hide the odour of semen all over her. Her dress was torn and rumpled. When she leaned forward to kiss me, I tasted cum on her lips.

“You certainly had a good time,” I remarked.

“Boy, you’ve no idea,” she muttered. “Come on, I’ll tell you all about it.”

She offered me her hand and I came to my feet, carried my laptop with me, and we went upstairs. We checked in on the kids before continuing to our bedroom.

“Chris was expecting me,” Mya said as she slipped out of her dress. Her body was sticky with sweat and cum. I noticed more bite marks across her tits. “The instant I was in his apartment, he got to attacking me. He was all over me like glue, hon.”

Mya pushed me to sit on the bed, then made me lie on my back. She freed my cock out of my pants and I gasped as she began stroking my erection.

“He told me that he had missed me so much,” she purred. “He mentioned that I have the best pussy out of every bitch he has ever fucked. Don’t you agree, hon? Don’t I have the best pussy?”

“Of course you do,” I moaned. “I love your pussy, babe.”

“Would you want to see what I brought home for you?”

“Yes, yes, I do want to.” I licked my lips in anticipation.

I slid further up the bed before allowing Mya to come and settle her butt over my face. Her pussy hovered above my face. Her pussy lips were swollen pink, and I could still make out dry snatches of semen on her crotch. I inhaled her sweet, musky fragrance before sticking my tongue into her succulent flesh. Mya issued forth a satisfying moan as I rolled my tongue around her cunt lips. I could still taste her lover inside her.

“It wasn’t just him that fucked me, Jim,” Mya continued. Her grip on my cock was electrifying as she continued stroking me. “He invited three of his friends over. They fucked me like I haven’t been fucked in a long time. Uuhhhh yeah, bury your face into my snatch, hon . . . yeah, just like that . . . Ohhh, fuck yeah . . . Uummm . . .”

I was lost to my task, burrowing my nose and lips deep into my wife’s pussy. I wanted to ingest every nectar of Chris’s semen down my throat.

“They fucked me six ways till Sunday, Jim,” Mya moaned. She leaned forward to suck my cock. She rolled her butt over my face, wanting me to dig in as far as I could go. “He made a video recording, hon. He said he’s gonna email the link to you so you can download it. Ohh God, make me cum, honey. Awwwhhhh, make me fucking cum!

That was what I did. My cock erupted like a champagne bottle and sprayed my seed onto her face. Mya cleaned me up after which we curled against each other and fell asleep.


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