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Is Cuckoldry Meant for Me?

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

A husband/boyfriend might one day sit with himself and ask this question: Am I meant to be a cuck?

Is it my destiny to become one?

Should I inspire my wife/girlfriend to cuck me, or should I let her be, perhaps sit back and watch her actions, and maybe then I can make up my mind if it is the right thing for me/us to do or not?

I’m sorry, this was supposed to be a single question asked. But you do get to see the dilemma, don’t you? How one question is expected to lead to multiple types of questions nearly similar in outlook. Even should one be answered, there is never a guarantee that it would suppress the others from bubbling to the surface.

These are the type of questions that even right now are plaguing the minds of many husbands out there. Some have even thrown these questions at me. I will try my best to provide a reasonable solace to them here.

The truth is there is never a straight answer to these sets of questions. To answer them would be to dive into the philosophical and abstract, to which you, my dear reader, are bound to have a headache by the time I get done writing a treatise on this subject. There is no valid reason(s) or symptoms necessary for a spouse to desire his other to indulge in cuckoldry or even for a couple to want to get into such a fetish lifestyle.

For some, it might come to some kinky desire of wanting to explore more of their sexuality; others might have unfolded due to some perceived form of adultery on the part of the other. Where there once was trust now leads to distrust, which in turn might beget opening unfathomed doors in the heart and mind of the other as a means to compensate for his spouse’s cheating habit. Or maybe the idea sounds so appealing to the couple that they decide to lock hands and dive head-first into what they see as an attraction toward unlocking secrets they each might have long harbored toward each other.

Whatever dynamic reasons that exist for a husband (and in few cases, wives), towards wanting to take on having a lover, or at least desiring one for their wife, they are endless and questionable to a naysayer. Societal doctrines would undoubtedly be quick to frown upon such type of social indulgence, which many would assume are only taken up by social outcasts. But the truth is far too simple for a mere mortal to explain.

For a majority of couples who already have begun enjoying the benefits of this lifestyle, I reckon they would assert that to them, being part of this kink was a genuine calling for them. Somewhere in their past, they recognized the enigmatic signals yearning toward them submitting fully to their erotic kinks. They might not have had a name to call it, but the desire had stayed with them for years and years. Growing like a well-nourished seed in the depths of their soul. The seed awaits the one stimuli that would allow it to emerge to the forefront of the husband/boyfriend’s mind.

Some husbands/boyfriends are lucky enough to read the signs of these stimuli early in their life/marriage, whereas others have to keep waiting a lifetime to realize what’s been beckoning to them this whole time. But even upon that inevitable discovery, they still have a challenge ahead of them: what to do with this newfound kink they have become aware of. Should they submit to it entirely? Should they jump into the flowing river, knowing it would carry them along to wherever, or should they take time to learn more about what the lifestyle entails, and if it is for them or not . . . or should they turn around and quit?

And were they to quit, what then would become of their lives? No doubt, the fact that they have become aware of this pleasurable kink is bound to inspire their senses in ways never been attained before. For many husbands, the need to envision their spouse in the arms of another man, to become self-aware of the range of emotions they are expected to harbor once this happens will become a need they cannot want to deny themselves.

For those who aren’t yet moved to the height of making this a reality, yet stand at the threshold of admiring those already in the lifestyle, the desire grow stronger, inclining them to take bold steps in this direction. Even if they haven’t yet decided if this lifestyle is best for them, the knowledge of wanting to know what it might entail witnessing their wife/girlfriend fucking another man in their bed is a resistance they will struggle with. Wherein they might inform their spouse of wanting to partake in this lifestyle with them, and the spouse gives them a negative response, the desire becomes stronger than ever.

And how do one expect to become a cuckold? Is it when the wife/girlfriend takes that inevitable step of having sex with another man in his presence, or is it as they both continue to grow toward understand and accepting their round of emotions as they cruise along this current of sexual pleasure? For even then, as they settle in their prospective place: the wife assuming the role of being the hotwife/Mistress, while the hubby designates himself as a submissive cuck/sissy-boy, while they search for a third individual that’s designated to become the wife’s lover in and out of the bedroom.

Learning all these aspects would take some inspired length of time. It would demand as much foresight and patience from the couple than even before they opted to take up this kink in the first place.

At times, the lifestyle might prove too demanding, or too rigorous for them to want to keep up to their desired pace. Even then, the couple should come together and inquire if they so wish to continue or to bring their erotic kink to a stop.

There is never a more challenging time of deciding the question of what type of cuck should a husband become, and how to become that cuck of his dreams, as opposed to him deciding if this is the lifestyle best suited for him from the start.

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For me I found out later I wasn’t enough it seemed


Jonathan Cuckold
Jonathan Cuckold
Jan 26, 2023

It’s a difficult question to answer and in truth it’s quite a high risk move to even raise it in the first place with your partner.

I knew that I wanted to see her getting properly fucked and this was my strong motivation for starting the discussion. However I still found it incredibly tough to start and there was obviously a high risk that she would have reacted badly. As it was I was very lucky and she was open to talking about it. The key for me wasn’t to rush it and after a lot of discussion and reassurance she agreed to give it a go.

once we got to the actual day I was a mess of emotions…


Omg submission


Dec 03, 2021

From an early age it was so obvious to me that the Black Race was the Superior Race. So, it seemed perfectly obvious to me when I heard the idea that white males should be pussy free and should give over their women to Superior Black Men. When I found cuckolding I knew it was the perfect life for me.


Aug 08, 2021

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