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Point of No Return

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Every hotwife has been through this obstacle before; it is one that they never forget; the same goes for white bois and single women.

Every hotwife remembers the moment that signalled that inevitable point of no return. The moment when she realised she was serious aboutcommitting herself to want to become a black cock-slut. That moment when she knew she was at the threshold of letting a black cock inseminate her pussy; once she crossed that threshold, there was no going back. The bridge had been crossed and burned, and whatever existed about her will no longer be referred to anymore.

That was the enviable moment she realised her life was about to change into something she could barely comprehend. A life that would undoubtedly transform her into a different woman. Someone whom her husband had clearly envisioned but never appropriately realised would become as real as he imagined.

A hotwife.

There is that instant moment when things suddenly change for a wife, including her husband: they realise that things won’t ever be the same once they cross the threshold of entering the doorway that leads to cuckoldry. This whole time, they have been kidding themselves; but the time for play-acting is over—things are about to get really, really interesting once that black cock penetrates the wife’s vagina.

This is a pinnacle time that most husbands are looking forward to witnessing; nothing, however, can ever prepare their minds for whatever expectation they desire. Most husbands love to think they’re still in control of the situation; that would undeniably change once the wife takes her first step into getting Blacked. Once she gets blessed with taking that black cock, very little of her world will rhyme with whatever promises her husband had initially promised her.

You might inquire what sort of promises.

Most husbands (at least a large majority) often stay clueless regarding the enormity of what this cuckold lifestyle holds for them. They like to picture it as taking a vacation to some exotic location where they get to live their most engaging type of erotic fantasies, but only for a limited time, before returning to the drudgery of the real world from whence they came. Most don’t realise until later that their erotic fantasies world have followed them back home. They cannot simply engage in this lifestyle for fun aspect and expect to dumb it however and whenever they please.

Many husbands are often clueless regarding their submissive role: they hardly see themselves becoming humble enough to embrace their tactical role regarding the Nature of Command between their wives and their would-be lover(s). It is after the wife has submitted to multiple rounds of black cock stretching, fucking, and pounding her pussy that the realisation begins to take shape. The husband realises he’s lost the initiative: he’s not in control any more than he has become a passive observer of his wife’s sexual transformation. His role being the cuck is here to stay and must become effective in his mind. He has no choice but to learn to come to terms with embracing this cuckold attitude and learn that it is inherently for his benefit that he does.

But this quality change doesn’t exist with all cuck husbands—some husbands are already well aware of what’s coming even before they instigate their wives to partake in this lifestyle. Some husbands (many of whom are becoming well versed and knowledgable about the Black-Owned/Cuckold lifestyle) believe that this is what they deserve to embrace if their wives join in becoming committed to what awaits them.

These husbands understand the addiction that comes with embracing Black Power: the type of power they, including their wives and every other white couple out there, cannot wholesomely resist. Once that black cock gets inside your wife, consider it similar to going to war: the black cock is the invasion army, and their sole mission is to conquer your wife’s pussy as efficiently as necessary. Sure, your wife might assume it’ will be any typical sex, the likes of which she’s apt to have with you. But that is a falsehood that she’s soon to realise once she submits herself to being her black lover’s bitch.

The black power unleashes its addiction when that black cock thoroughly climaxes inside your wife. Even before that happens, the deed has already been done and sealed, but the crowning moment comes when her pussy accumulates a copious amount of black seed into her womb.

Rich, black seed, the likes she hadn’t witnessed before, not since she first started fucking you. And with that black seed swirling in her vagina, she is bound to want to relieve through that orgasmic pleasure again and again. You can conceive black cock addiction as similar to someone hooked on some nefarious type of drug. The difference here is the warmth of pleasure that comes with your wife wanting more of her lover’s cock buried deep inside her.

She cannot resist wanting to taste that black seed.

She will relent towards wanting you to do your submissive duty of cleaning her pussy.

Your wife wouldn’t mind sharing black seed with you and even desire you to clean her lover’s cock so as to prepare him for another round of all-night pounding.

Can you imagine the absolute change that’s bound to occur in your wife after she has been Blacked? This doesn’t even include when she gets Black-Bred. Her attitude and demeanour towards you won’t ever be the same. She is bound even to get upset that you neglected to inform her about this desire throughout your marriage until now. For such women, the vitriol would be that they have been kept in the dark this entire time regarding this love, which they now truly admire and desire.

White couples would want to believe that black cock is such a novel experience when it has always existed around them, but they choose to stay ignorant about its existence. As much as they are starting to come to terms with this realisation through the internet, there aren’t enough tidbits out there to showcase the range of change bound to occur in their sexuality and their marriage once they open themselves to embrace this reality.

The point of return does exist for single white women once they realise that they no longer despair of wanting to fuck white bois any longer.

The point of no return also does exist for white bois openly admitting that black cock is king in their life, and they desire to serve, to suggest to more of their women to embrace getting Blacked, and for them also to become sissified and that serving a Black god is part of their Reparations Wishlist.

In summary, all married couples (including single white women and bois) are compelled never to neglect their moment of transformation: the day they admitted to their point of no return when they embraced everything that a black cock was meant to bring to their lives. From transforming the wives into embracing their hotwife femininity and making their husbands become submissive sissy-bois, there was so much benign power in this lifestyle, that just like when white women admit that once they went black, they knew there was no going back for them, so too the mantra exists for married couples who demand wanting to become Black-Owned for life.

A Message for Fourth of July

America turns a year older this month, and I decided posting this article prior to that day to wish all my American followers a Happy Fourth of July. There is always much to celebrate, regardless of the bad times.

This Fourth, make sure your wives get to spread their ass cheeks for when a Black Dom comes calling, and for you, white bois, endeavour to submit yourself to serving a Black god who might require your sufficient time. This message allies to couples located around the world, too.

No exemptions!

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