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Rule of Three in the BNWO Lifestyle

Never underestimate the rule of three when it comes to this cuckold lifestyle. The rule states that the Nature of Command involves the hotwife with her lover/Black Master, and then her cuckold/sissy-boi occupies the bottom of the totem pole.

Each individual has their own respective desires regarding the cuckold way of life as it pertains to them separately.

The husband gets to admit what he desires for his wife: to see her having the best sex possible from another man/lover, and for her to actualise her sexual identity irrespective of him being her husband. It begins with the husband/cuck became a majority of times, this lifestyle in most marriages is usually begun by the husband. The husbands are the ones who are often laden with the compelling thought and imagination of wanting to see their wives in the arms of another man. How they see their wives responding to another man’s seduction regardless of them being aware or not, tells a lot about how such husbands wish their wives would join in admittance towards this urgency.

The wife’s own desire is what comes next.

For some, sure wives are well abreast about the intricacies regarding this lifestyle even more than their husbands. This is to acknowledge the truth that there are some horny wives out there who are desperate towards wanting to indulge in procuring a lover for themselves, and have no other choice but to seek the approval of their husbands to go along with the plan. How the wife imagines her time spent with her lover should suggest how enjoyable she views this lifestyle, with or without her husband’s input.

Most wives would attest to this, that they usually prefer their husbands’ absence in their lovers’ affairs. Reasons often vary towards this aspect. For some wives, having their husbands around tends to lessen their sexual urges from exploding, while for others, it aids in limiting their husbands’ power, especially when it comes to suggesting what sort of lover is deemed worthy for them. The obvious idea here is power. The transference of power from the husband onto the wife’s grasp means its only necessary that her cuck takes a backseat in her cuckolding affairs.

This requirement might differ for couples who venture into stag/swinging wherein the couple get to participate together as a team. The husband might also take a backseat, but he’s never far from the viewpoint. However the couple have designated their cuckold relationship to comprise of: should she require her hubby to assume a sissified role-play, as long as she wields the riding crop in the relationship. However way that the wife might choose to subjugate her husband, the ultimate desire is her sexual maturity that’s bound to kick up with her lover by her side. However way that her husband/cuck might agree.disagree with the way she goes about it is left for debate.

For the lover, his own desired focus might begin with the wife, but if their relationship is meant to be a long-term affair, he’s bound to switch his focus to include her husband/cuck into the mix.

By this, I’m not declaring that the lover needs be bi to sexually indulge in the husband (although such might be the case with other relationships). The lover should give the wife the desires type of sex and all-out fucking that she deserves. He should sexually satisfy every senses of her body, both physically and psychologically, transforming her into embracing the hotwife nature that she ought to be. When it’s a long-term affair, he knows he’s got a long ways to go. It’s more than mere sex this time, and about converting her and her husband into the suitable cuckold couple they envision themselves to be over time.

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