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Watching & Filming Your Wife Fuck - Cuckold Confession

We are in a motel room across town right now, sipping beer and eating snacks. My wife and her lover have just finished fucking. They are the sole occupants of the bed, and they’re both naked. I sit across from them in my clothes with my beer in hand, watching and waiting to see what happens next.

Diane and her lover, Toji, have been going at it for nearly an hour. We arrived early, about an hour before he did, so we could set up and get the place ready. Toji had been looking forward to fucking Diane for weeks. He called days ago to let us know when he would be in town, and I’d since gotten busy making arrangements for this day.

I’d set up our camera equipment on either side of the bed. Toji had no problem with us videoing the action as long as we remembered to blur his face; I promised him that we would honour his choice.

It took me a half-hour to get everything set; that’s an improvement from previous occasions when we attempted this activity. Other times, back when Diane and I decided to start filming her sexual escapades, it had taken me hours with plenty of back-breaking and clumsy trails before I began getting the hang of things. I’d once thought to hire a camera friend I knew who worked for the local radio station to come and give me a hand, but then changed my mind. This was our secret. The last thing we wanted was for word to get around that my wife was a cheating slut and I was nothing but her willing cuck.

It would vex me if people found out, but the irony was that was exactly the truth: I am my wife’s willing cuck; I’m her willing cuck, as well as her loving husband who enjoys watching her handle another man’s cock.

How can I explain such type of fetish without sounding demented to you, Dear Reader? How can I express to you the feeling that everything I do for my wife is nothing short of love and mutual understanding that we share? You’d still think I’m crazy, and I’m not going to be the one to fight you over such an assumption. Once there was a time when even I thought I’d lost my marbles. This was back when I saw my wife fucking an old Army friend of mine and not once getting upset about it.

My Army buddy was travelling across Texas to take up his next posting when he decided to stop by Austin to visit us. Charles and I had been friends since high school. We got into the Army the same time, except I later fell out with an honourable discharge while he stayed back and continued to serve. He had been the Best Man at my wedding. Diane missed him a lot, which was why when I woke up in the middle of the second night of his stay and found them making out in the guest room, I wasn’t mad or inclined towards being upset. I stayed in the shadow of the doorway and watched them have sex.

I listened as Diane remarked on how big his cock had gotten. I realised then that this wasn’t their first time together. Not that I knew. Later, Diane told me they had fucked the night before we got married.

It seemed only natural that I would allow Charles to fuck Diane. Charles wasn’t married, though I doubt I’d have thought to have a crack at his wife if given a chance. He spent five days with us before leaving for his posting. The majority of his time was spent servicing Diane, and she had felt sad when the day came when I drove him to the bus station.

That event opened a wellspring of discovery for both of us. Diane and I spent nights talking about sex and the pleasurable fun she derived from screwing other men besides men. For my part, I was very open to the idea of becoming a cuck and began looking into the idea of seeking other men for Diane to meet. We had enjoyed successful encounters with various lovers before we met Toji.

Diane suggested that we see about making something out of this fun-filled activity. She brought up the idea of opening an OnlyFans account after she perused numerous adult sites and saw other women of her age range who were into similar activities with their spouses. Many of them had begun living this lifestyle for decades; Diane and I have years to catch up.

Aside from starting an OnlyFans account, I began my second life as an amateur photographer/filmmaker by making my wife become my favourite porn star. I have since enjoyed taking hundreds of erotic photos to expose her online through our various social media accounts. I have purchased her several sex toys and kinky lingerie that showcase her love towards becoming a hotwife. I love getting her to strike a pose for me on the bed or out in the yard, careful that our antics don’t get discovered by our neighbours, even though sometimes I wish they would. Sometimes, I wish they got to find out how much of a black cock-slut my wife has become. I wish I could invite them to one of our motel meetings so they could see how sexy Diane looks when getting fucked by a black cock that’s way bigger than mine.

Like the early videos I did of her, my early photos were of lacklustre quality. But I have since improved and turned this lifestyle into a second means of livelihood for us. Her OnlyFans subscription has been increasing steadily since the year began. That includes her social media followers. Now and then, I’d receive a complimentary message from some anonymous bull expressing his desire to fuck her. If only they lived close by.

I can imagine hundreds of couples out there are equally living the dream we’re enjoying. Maybe the husbands don’t enjoy filming their wives, but Diane is an exception, and I love her for it.

For those couples who haven’t yet discovered the joy of transforming their wife into their favourite porn star, I can only ask one question: What the fuck are you waiting for?

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No cuckold husband should be ashamed of everyone knowing that we are cuckolds and that our wives belong to a black man. I am a proud sissy showing my antlers.


Jonathan Cuckold
Jonathan Cuckold
Apr 25, 2023

Great story and great that your wife is getting the hard fucking that she needs and that you’ve fully accepted that you need to bring a black man in to get the job done properly. Accepting that your cock isn’t up to the task in hand and accepting that this means embracing your cuckold status shows true love and devotion to your wife! The more white couples that accept this the happier everyone will be. We eventually found our way to the same conclusion and haven’t looked back! I hope that your videos will both provide entertainment for you but also educate white couples about the significant benefits of a modern white marriage, where the serious fucking is outsourced …

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