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Embrace Your Black-Owned Lifestyle

Learn to embrace what you are and don’t be afraid to admit it. Such is one of the demanding quality of being a slutwife. It isn’t that you are licensed by your husband (and in other cases, your Black Master) to enjoy being serviced by one or multiple black cock, but that you are henceforth geared towards worshipping and serving your Black gods however they demand of you.

As a Black-Owned slut, you should uphold and wear your whore-wife status with pride. Let your husband be complacently aware of you as a liberated housewife. Although your love entitles him to you and vice versa, your sexual devotion is given instead to your Black Master instead.

You and your husband are expected to open your home to your Black Master. As a Black-Owned couple, worshipping him will remain utmost in your mind and heart. Learn to love, honour, and cherish your Black god in the best way possible as if he is your first love. Many hotwives are inevitably expected to end up loving their Master more than their husband; husbands, too, are enamoured to inspire such emotional increase in their wives.

Just as you were once inspired by your spouse or friend (or by some serendipitous accident) to discover the benefits of this cuckold lifestyle, so you must play your part of passing the idea along to include other couples who might be worthy of it. In fact, your Black Master will endeavor that you get to sharing this relevant information with your closest neighbours, friends, including family members. Even now, there are couples out there who are pursuing the notion to become a true Black-Owned family. This entails having their mature daughters partake in the sexual pleasures their Master has wrought upon the wife. The Black Master should be granted the chance of making a Black Cock-whore of the mature daughter and equally breed her.

The slutwife should wear a symbol on herself to emphasis her cuckold status. This usually entails a ‘Queen of Spades’ tattoo on any exposed part of her body, or to acquire a necklace or anklet that declares such. The cuck hubby has his own symbol to obtain - a chastity cage for himself. Should he aspire towards becoming a sissy, then he’s better liable to become acquainted with wearing panties underneath his work clothes. The sissy can go further towards worshipping other Black gods of his own.

Once the Black Master becomes a formidable part of their home, the cuck/sissy-hubby then forfeits his rights of household ownership. His life as a cuck is henceforth assured. Though he remains the breadwinner of the house, he now must respect the “Nature of Command” now set in his home. Under his Cuckold Agreements, a part of his earnings should be dedicated towards his Master’s upkeep, as well to ensuring his wife’s ongoing happiness under her Master’s tutelage.

The Master’s love is encompassing to make the couple be well adjusted and accepting of their cuckold desires and fortunes.

There is never a right way or a wrong way to venture into this lifestyle; as long as couples desire that it is what they want, then so be it. The next step is finding a credible someone to initiate them into the lifestyle. If, however, they already have a clear picture of what they are, and demand someone to guide them along, that, too, is recommended. Some couples partake in the lifestyle separately: the wife gets to do her thing with whomever she desires, as does her husband gets to be submissive to whichever black men he wishes to submit and worship. In some cases, they still desire someone to unite them together as one.

Many would love to guess how many wives in their neighbourhood have gone Black already. Such can never be estimated, especially in white communities. More couples are succumbing towards becoming a cuckold couple, and aren't hesitant anymore when it comes to introducing their best friends and even family members to partake in this lifestyle.

I'm looking forward to more couples becoming Black-Owned in the coming year.

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