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Best Song for Giving Head

Any woman who needs the best from her man when in bed knows what a good head can do to her body. Any black bull who desires knowing what buttons to push to rock a sexy hot wife's body off the bed should know it pays to be good with the tongue.

A good music helps make the journey toward giving a hotwife great head. One of my favorite such songs has always being D'Angelo's classic song off his 2000 'Voodoo' album: (Untitled) How Does it Feel.

Something about the way the music starts out slow, then rises to a guitar-riff cresendo feels like it speaks to how well a woman's body moans and groans when she's feeling that black tongue perforate her labia. I'm of course speaking this from experience. This song never fails to get a hot wife to cum.

Cuck hubbies ought to learn from this.

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