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Hubby's Story: Visiting a Black Master

Caroline, my wife, loves to travel. If it was up to her, we would visit a different country every month. I am a bit less keen on travelling but I don’t mind to tag along - as long as I can spend some time by a pool or a beach!

So when I told my wife that I had found a pen pal from Nigeria who I met through Linkedin, and that he had invited us to visit, my wife was immediately excited. I told her that we have communicated for a while and his name was Master Shango. We knew, of course, that we had to be careful visiting Nigeria as white tourists, but he lived in a big city and we would stay in one of the main hotels anyway. So he assured me that there was no reason to be worried. I also told my wife that Master Shango was a very well educated man and published novelist. He offered to show us around which would be a great opportunity for us, to have someone like him as our guide. There was no need to tell her anymore! She told me to book tickets as soon as possible. She had never been to Africa but she always been curious to visit. My wife works in a school, so we agreed that we would go during her next school holiday.

Master Shango was also happy with the timing and he assured us that he would show us a good time when we come. He was always very polite and reassuringly gentlemanly.

It was perfectly true that Master Shango and I had been pen pals for a while, and that we had developed an email friendship. I couldn’t quite tell Caroline that I had actually met him through a cuckolding website, where I had been a keen reader of his stories. I thought I could leave out this minor detail. It was enough for her to know that we were pen pals.

When we arrived in Nigeria, Master Shango picked us up from the airport and drove us to the hotel. He was very friendly and welcoming. We immediately felt comfortable around him. The next few days, we spent sight-seeing. As he promised, we were having a great time and Caroline and Master Shango were also getting well acquainted and very familiar. As had been apparent through his emails, Master Shango was a very intelligent man and great company.

Of course, Master Shango and I had also been communicating about the possibility of living out some cuckolding fantasies. He already had experience of cuckolding white couples because he worked for an international oil company with many Americans and Europeans on the same compound. He knew that it was often the husband initiating it. But once it started, the wives were quickly hooked. He told me about some of those experiences and I was very intrigued. I told him that my wife probably would not be up for it. But he was very optimistic and told me that we just needed to be patient.

When Caroline and I were alone in our hotel room, I asked her if she finds Master Shango attractive. She admitted that she did. And I probed further if she had ever wondered if it’s true what they say about black men’s penises. She giggled and blushed, but again, she had to admit that it had crossed her mind. I could see that she was getting turned on by this conversation. I was encouraged and while I started playing with her breasts and pushed my fingers against her vagina, I said, “imagine this was Master Shango’s hard cock pressing against you, what would you do?”

Caroline went along with it and gave me a cheeky smile, “I would push back against it, to feel how big it is”. I could feel she was getting wet from our dirty talk.

“Hmm, how about if he slides your panties to the side like this and keeps pushing?”, I said, doing exactly that.

“I would tell him to push it into my wet cunt and let me have it”

I followed her invitation and slid to of my fingers into her now well lubricated vagina. She let out a moan and I began finger fucking her. She was so turned on that she also used her fingers to play with her clitoris at the same time. She loved masturbating herself during sex and I always encouraged her to do it. This was the beginning of a long lovemaking session. I kept referring to Master Shango as if it was him in bed with her and she happily played along.

When we went out sightseeing the next day, I told Master Shango about it and he was very pleased with this progress. When Caroline wasn’t looking, he handed me a box with a sex toy. It was one of those remote controlled set of vibrating balls. She could insert them into her vagina while I could use the remote to control the vibrate settings. He told me to use them on her this evening and to tell her to walk around with them casually in the house. Then I should send him a text. I wasn’t quite sure what he had in mind but it sounded hot, so I went along with it.

In the evening, I lit some romantic candles and opened a bottle of wine for Caroline and myself. We made ourselves comfortable on the sofa and I showed her the present that I had for her. She was excited when she opened it and couldn’t wait to try them out. I told her that she would have to wear them all evening if she inserted them now and that I would be in control of the remote. She loved the idea. She took them out of the pack, lifted up her legs, pulled her dress and then panties to the side and then she inserted the balls slowly into her fleshy cunt. I loved it when I could see her in this position because it also gave me a perfect view of her admittedly quite large ass. Over the years, she had become quite voluptuous and her derriere had grown particularly ample, much to my delight.

Once she had the balls in her vagina, we just relaxed on the couch, chatted and drank wine. I tested the remote control a few times and I could see that it was a great turn on for her. To tease her even more, I kept it on constantly but on the lowest setting. So she would be in a constant state of arousal. I could see that it was working because I could positively identify stains on her panties when she lifted her legs onto the sofa. I excused myself for a second and took the chance to send Master Shango the text as promised.

About 15 minutes later, someone knocked on our hotel door. I opened and it was Master Shango to my pleasant surprise. As I didn’t expect him, I looked slightly surprised, when I opened the door. Master Shango asked me: “Did you forget that you invited me for a movie night today?”

I quickly caught on and said “Oh, yes, I am so sorry. I completely forgot. Please come on in!”

“Can I get you something to drink? We are just having some great wine. Would you like a glass too? Please make yourself comfortable. Take a seat!”

I went to the kitchen and to get a glass for him. Meanwhile, Master Shango sat down on the only sofa next to my wife. She was a bit surprised but she still seemed glad to see him and greeted him warmly. All this time, the balls in her vagina were still on vibrate of course. This made her slide up and down the sofa from time to time and she was evidently very horny.

I handed him the wine and sat down to the other side of my wife. She was a bit squeezed in but she didn’t seem to mind. She was also a bit tipsy already from the wine and her legs were opened freely. She didn’t even seem to bother that her dress was sliding up, revealing her panties, whenever she lifted a foot onto the sofa. Master Shango had some good views and I could see he was pleased already with the way the evening was going.

“So what are we watching for our movie night?” I asked.

Master Shango pulled out a case with DVD’s in plastic sleeves and handed them to us, “Here, this is my movie collection, feel free to choose one.”

My wife took the case and looked through the DVD’s. She looked a bit bored until she came to a part with DVD’s that had obvious blue film titles. Her eyes lit up. She was obviously feeling naughty and she pulled out a title called ‘The Lusty Misses’. She handed it to me and I put it in.

We expected a good laugh from a cheesy film title like this. As all of Master Shango’s blue film collection, the theme of the film was cuckolding. And throughout most of the film, a black man was pounding the white wife with the husband watching. Caroline was obviously turned on by what she saw while frequently laughing and making comments about the stupid husband. At some point, the husband was on the floor massaging her feet, while the black man was busy pounding her with his solid cock. Caroline commented, “he looks a bit like you, honey. That gives me an idea. Come I want a foot massage too!” The wine made her loose her inhibitions and she wasn’t afraid to be quite demanding.

Obligingly, I knelt down and massaged her lovely soft feet. I could see Master Shango was smiling when he heard Caroline talk like this. In the blue film, the wife then pushed one of her feet into the husband’s mouth while he massage the other one. Master Shango said jokingly to me, “since you are acting like the cuck in the film, why don’t you suck on her toes like he does too! Go on, give it a go!”

Caroline gave me an evil grin and lifted one of her feet waving it into my face. I took it and began sucking it just like the guy in the film.

Master Shango stretched himself out on the now less crowded sofa and put his arm around Caroline. He watched both us and the film with obvious pleasure. “All of this is making me quite horny, I must admit!” he said.

“Me too!”, agreed my wife.

I couldn’t speak much as her foot was still in my mouth, but I also nodded in agreement.

In the blue film, the wife was now playing with the black man’s large cock.

“I have never seen a black cock in real life! Is it really true what they say?” said Caroline.

Master Shango didn’t waste any time in responding “I can show you honey!”

“Yes, please!” Caroline clapped her hands like a slightly drunk excited teenager.

Master Shango realised that the tide was turning in his favour. He stood up and looked at her, “OK, but only if you go first! It’s only fair!”

Caroline was now a bit hesitant as she remembered that this wasn’t good girl behaviour. She looked at me quizzically. To encourage her, I reached into my pocket and turned up the vibrating balls that were still buried deep in her vagina slightly. I gave her a knowing smile and nodded my agreement to Master Shango’s demand.

Caroline shuddered from the vibrating sensation and began to relax again. She gave Master Shango a seductive look. Then she lifted up her legs, lifted up her dress, showing off that perfect, sexy large ass. Then she slowly pulled down her panties, looking directly into Master Shango’s eyes.

You could see that this also had the desired effect on Master Shango. His penis was now rock hard, visibly pushing up his trousers. He knew he had her in the palm of his hands now. So he decided to urge her on a bit further before revealing that black cock that she was so eager to see.

“Your hubby told me that you enjoy masturbation a lot. Why don’t you show me how you like to do it and then I promise you’ll see my big black dick!”

Caroline was now beyond the point of return and willingly began to massage her clit for him. She had lost her inhibitions when she realised that I didn’t mind her behaving like that but that I was actually encouraging her. The scene unfolding in front of my eyes made me drool. Still sucking on her toes like I was told, my little dick was now as hard as it could get.

Master Shango now slowly pulled down his zipper and unbuttoned his trousers. He pulled out his large black dick. He knew that he was now in complete control of the situation. When he pulled out his penis, I reached for my remote control and pushed it up to the maximum. I wanted Caroline to be as turned on as possible as she was looking at his gorgeous cock. It didn’t fail to have the desired effect. She was completely defenceless and was now furiously masturbating her clit.

Master Shango met with no resistance when he lifted his heavy frame on top of her and pushed his black dick against her opening. Just as she said she would do in our love making sessions, she didn’t fight Master Shango’s invasion of her fertile vagina. She stopped masturbating for a moment and used her fingers to part her vulva for him and to make it easier for Master Shango to insert himself into her. Master Shango didn’t disappoint her. He filled her with his hard, black penis while the balls were still vibrating inside of her. She had her first orgasm right then, when she felt his full penetration for the first time deep inside of her, resonating in her womb and sending shudders through her whole body. Caroline let out a long moan of pleasure.

Master Shango then began to pound her with a steady rhythm, slowly at first and then hard. She smiled at me in a happy daze while her body was being rocked by his powerful thrusts. I looked in awe at my wonderful wife. I was the happiest husband in the world.

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