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Hubby's Confession: Las Vegas Nights (Night 2)

Our second night in Vegas, we didn’t really have plans except to gamble and sightsee. We spent out day by the hotel pool. We didn’t really get out there until 2 or 3 PM as my wife was up pretty late and needed extra time this morning.

We were able to secure two lounge chairs away from the bar. The pools in Vegas draw a mixed crowd. There are some families, which I always thought was a bad idea to bring your kids to Vegas. There are some old fat people that you really would not see in a bathing suit. There are also a lot of young college aged kids hanging out trying to get sun. Our lounge chairs were next to two of these college kids. After I returned with a round of drinks, I noticed my wife talking to them. My wife is looking smoking hot in her bikini and her oiled up body. Those two guys were talking about her tattoos, which is always a good pick up line. One of these kids was white and tall with dark hair. He had a muscular body, not as thick as James, but much more toned. He reminded me of a swimmer. His fried looked to be of mixed heritage. He was a light-skinned black, shorter, but still muscular. They both are staring at my wife up and down.

After a few more drinks the flirting starts to get much thicker. My wife takes down a side of her bathing suit and quickly flashes those boys a nipple. They cheer and drink like typical frat boys. After some time, I ask them whether they would like to come up to our room. My wife looks at me and smiles.

The boys seem shy at first and decline. But I tell them that it’s OK. I put my hands on my wife’s ass and ask them if they’re sure they don’t want to come. My wife turns over and puts her fingers under her bathing suit bottoms. We are at the hotel pool and wife is fingering herself! Finally the boys agree and we make our way up to our room. The sun was beginning to set anyway.

The boys sit down at the foot of our bed. My wife stands about a foot in front of them. She waves me over and asks me to untie her bikini top. I do of course and her top falls to the floor exposing her perky breasts and erect nipples which she rubs in front of the boys. She then turns around and bends over her ass in the air for the boys to see. She tells them to remain sitting and asks me to pull down her bottoms. I do and she wiggles her naked ass to the boys. She gets up and is now totally naked. She sits between them and whips out both their cocks. One by one she sucks both of them off and takes their shorts off. The white swimmer boy has a really long cock, pretty a good 8 inches. The other mixed fellow is not as large but has extra width that the white boy doesn’t. My wife plays with them both, rubbing their abs and telling them how much she loves their bodies.

The boys are hesitant. They obviously have never done something like this before. So I feel it’s my responsibility to help them as they fuck my wife.

I motion for one of the boys to come over. My wife is on the bed bent over with her face down on the bed but her ass high in the air. The white boy comes over and sticks a finger in my wife’s pussy. It’s dripping wet. He finally sticks his cock in, which he has no problem after James the night before. I hold my wife’s shoulders down as her ass is in the air getting pounded. I yell at the boy to give it to my wife hard, which Liz loves. She tells me, “It’s so hot when you tell them to fuck me harder.” Pretty soon, I am yelling at the boys, “Fuck my wife’s pussy!” I hold her hands over her head in missionary position and tell them to fuck my wife harder. After about half an hour, the boys start getting into a groove. They take turns and when one gets tired the other hops back on. I am watching, holding my wife down, holding her hand, and telling the boys how to fuck my wife.

In our hotel room we have a balcony overlooking the strip (You might know where we are now since there are only a few hotels on the strip with balconies). My wife opens the door and asks them to fuck her outside. What a wonderful slut. She always loved putting on a show for me and now she is putting on a show for everyone. She leans over the balcony with her tits for anyone to see if they choose to look up. One boy enters her from behind.

They take turns with her leaning over the balcony. My wife is very vocal and she screams over the balcony “Fuck me!”. The strip was very loud and this was prime-time so I don’t know if anyone heard her but man was it hot. She wanted to show off her getting the fucking of her life.

Everyone returns to bed and my wife asks the boys if they’ve ever doubled up on a girl before. Of course they hadn’t. My wife lays the mixed boy down on the bed on his back. Liz then gets on top of him and rides his cock. I tell the other white boy to get behind my wife’s ass as she leans forward. I tell this white boy to stick it in my wife’s ass. I took some manoeuvring and some positioning but he was finally able to get it in. I am in a hotel room in Vegas, watching my wife with two cocks in her at the same time. She is in absolute paradise as she grins ear to ear smiling.

After some DP action, my wife gets on her knees. The two boys start to jack off over my wife as she sucks their cocks and plays with her tits. Soon they can’t hold back as first the mixed boy sends a load all over my wife’s face. The white boy does the same. My wife’s face is covered in cum and she continues to suck the boys off.

Finally, after a good two hour fuck session, the boys get dressed and start to leave. My wife thanks them and asks them what their names were. My wife just let two strangers double penetrate her and fuck her over a balcony and didn’t even know their names. Vegas is turning my wife into quite the slut.

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