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The Hotwife I know as Ms. Black

I know a gorgeous white woman whom I call Ms. Black

Blonde-haired, blues eyes sexy as can be with lips twitching to smile

Married to a loving hubby, all full of smiles and American pride

Hardly ever she knew of the changing world outside her doorstep

Not until the day it came calling, except to own not to collect.

Here is how the story goes, I hope it causes you no sorrow:

It was the night after her wedding, a beautiful moment it was indeed

Her husband had a black friend who was a Best Man in need.

Drunk they were on wine and merriment

when out came the devil to tickle Ms. Black's nourishment;

Her hand traveled across her hubby's friend's thigh

Perhaps she mistook it for her husband's, she told me later with a sigh

Hubby's friend loved what was happening and unzipped his fly.

Ms. Black's hand wrapped around the meanest, blackest snake ever that crossed her sight.

She drew closer and took that hardened snake in her mouth

She sucked it, she pulled on it, and she tugged on it: anything to make it keep up its rise.

Her husband laid passed out in his stupor

Ms. Black liked it that way, for she was afraid to even murmur

Hubby's friend meanwhile pushed her head down to swallow him more

He cummed in her mouth; she couldn't help gagging for more.

That was years ago when that happened, Ms. Black confessed to me

Never has she repeated the incident, yet never had it left her mind to ever be

Hubby knows little about her desires or what happened that night

But Ms. Black confessed she wouldn't care if he knew her mind.

Ms. Black loves makeing toon art that expresses her desires and dreams

Such was why she sent me this artwork of hers to showcase at my CHILL site for others, especially married women who deem

The desire of tasting a black cock like she did nights before

Knowing such a memory gives her goosebumbs like nothing can at all.

For weeks now I've attempted telling Ms. Black's confession in words and style

Yet hardly ever found the means to figure out the why or how

As such I resorted to this pathetic ryhme scheme to make a poet blush

And have a woman's pussy wet with sodden slush.

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