Excerpt from 'All the Right Reasons'

Here's an excerpt from one of my foremost erotic novels: 'All the Right Reasons'. It involves a school teacher who gets herself seduced by the black school principle, who ends up changing her from being a prim housewife into a certified black cock slut.

* * * * *

He came towards her. “You thinking I took advantage of you?”

“Yes ... I think you did.” She tried not to make eye contact with him even as he came to a stop before her. “I think you lured me with that job offer which is nonexistent, since you’ve wanted to take advantage of me for a long time.”

“That ain’t true, Ellen. The job is real, and you saw the flier and knew that wasn’t faked. But as for me taking advantage of you ... would I be doing such if I did this?”

Gerald reached for her handbag and pulled it from her grasp. Ellen didn’t fight him even he threw it across the couch. His hands went between her arms to her waistline and pulled her body towards him. Ellen moved first an inch, then another till her chin was against his shoulder; up close she could inhale the scent muskiness of his armpits. It was such an overpowering smell. Her hips came against his crotch.