Excerpt from 'All the Right Reasons'

Here's an excerpt from one of my foremost erotic novels: 'All the Right Reasons'. It involves a school teacher who gets herself seduced by the black school principle, who ends up changing her from being a prim housewife into a certified black cock slut.

* * * * *

He came towards her. “You thinking I took advantage of you?”

“Yes ... I think you did.” She tried not to make eye contact with him even as he came to a stop before her. “I think you lured me with that job offer which is nonexistent, since you’ve wanted to take advantage of me for a long time.”

“That ain’t true, Ellen. The job is real, and you saw the flier and knew that wasn’t faked. But as for me taking advantage of you ... would I be doing such if I did this?”

Gerald reached for her handbag and pulled it from her grasp. Ellen didn’t fight him even he threw it across the couch. His hands went between her arms to her waistline and pulled her body towards him. Ellen moved first an inch, then another till her chin was against his shoulder; up close she could inhale the scent muskiness of his armpits. It was such an overpowering smell. Her hips came against his crotch.

“Dance with me,” he said to her.

“No,” she said.

“Come on, I promise to be gentle.”

“There’s no music playing,” she said.

“There don’t need to be,” he replied.

Her arms came from under his armpits and over the back of his shoulders as together they both began to sway side to side as if they were doing a slow waltz. His hands went from her waistline down the back of her jeans where they then grasped her ass. Ellen wanted to protest, but she couldn’t. Her body wasn’t in her control anymore.

Oh God, what am I doing here? She said to herself.

“Gerald, we—”

“Shhh, don’t say a word.”

His lips kissed the side of her cheek and slid up to cup the soft part of her ear. Ellen gave a sigh that sounded like a tea kettle releasing steam.

“We shouldn’t be doing this ...” she muttered, though it sounded even less than a whisper. “I shouldn’t ... be doing this.”

Yet she was doing it, she actually was doing it. Her hands squeezed the backside of his shoulders, urging him to keep on with what he’d started. Gerald nibbled on her ear lobe as if it were a piece of meat he wanted to munch on. While he did so, his large pair of hands went on squeezing and groping her bottom till one of them forced its fingers down the waistline to feel the seam of her panties. Ellen’s eyes were half shut and she moaned over his shoulder. His lips left her ear and slid backward in search of her lips. Their lips met, parted open and made way for each other’s tongue to mesh with each other. Their kiss was both hungry and desperate. Ellen’s hands wrapped themselves around his neck and pulled his face down towards hers. No longer did she listen to that conscientious voice of hers, the one that kept telling her she was making a very big mistake. What if Tim finds out about this? Exactly how would you expect him to take it that you’re here acting like a sex-craved tramp who hasn’t felt a cock in years?

Her answer to the voice: Shut up and let me the fuck alone!

Gerald’s tongue darted in and out of her mouth, his lips taking time to lick the underside of hers before resuming the kissing frenzy. Ellen too wasn’t going to be undaunted and she too gave him as fervent a kiss as she passionately could. This was unlike anything she’d ever done before with anyone.

Gerald picked her up from the floor. She wrapped her legs instinctively around his waistline and held onto him as he carried her towards the direction of the bedroom.

He dropped her hard on the bed enough to make her bounce. In one instant his hands undid the remaining buttons of his jeans and pushed it along with his underpants down his legs. Ellen meanwhile was fighting with the buttons of her blouse even as he came to her with his erection hard and strong jutting off between his legs. He came and straddled her chest, his cock sticking like a tent pole towards her face. He held a hand under Ellen’s head to hold her up, though he needn’t bother about her mouth finding his cock.

“Hmmmm,” she moaned in the back of her throat as her lips wrapped itself around his shaft and she took a first long suck of it for the day. He kept holding her head up and pushing her face towards his cock, wanting her to feed more and more on his shaft.

“Yeah,” he urged her on, “keep sucking that black dick. I know it’s what you came for ... keep sucking it, pretty white bitch.”

By now there was no pretence on her part as to what she was doing, or even why she was doing it. Ellen’s mind simply stopped focussing on the why while her body did the answering for her. She brought both hands and wrapped them around Gerald’s cock and went on stroking him even as her mouth kept sucking on the knobbed head of his dick.

Gerald came over her and began pressing his cock down her face, forcing the remainder of his shaft into her throat. Ellen gagged on his cock with streams of saliva pouring off the sides of her mouth and her tears watered her eyes. Still Gerald forced his cock down on her.

A while later he came off her and helped her out of her jeans and panties; Ellen felt grateful he didn’t rip it off like he did the one of last night. He pushed her to fall on her back, her legs coming up, and then brought his face to the spot where her flaming pussy was.

It was now Ellen’s turn to groan as she felt the wet smack of his lips against her pussy lips. She was hardly prepared for such and the surprise was just unexpected. Ellen loved receiving head from Tim, though there was a difference here. Whereas Tim opted for gentleness whenever his face burrowed between her legs, Gerald was anything but that. His lips and tongue took turns eating her out, making as if he intended to suck out every aspect of wetness out of her cunt. Her hands grabbed his head as she felt his tongue flick against the piece of meat that was her clit and it felt like being struck with lightning. Her head fell back on the bed and her back arched upward in a spasm of ecstatic thunder.

“Ohh God! Ohh my God!” she groaned through gritted teeth as she pressed her boss’s face down on her pussy. Her hips grind side to side. Her pussy was hungry for him and it didn’t wish for him to stop what he was doing.

Gerald went on slobbering and feeding on her pussy with hungry relish. His lips munched on her clit while he inserted two fingers into her cunt and finger-fucked her with it. Ellen’s cries rose like a harridan and she squirmed and thrashed underneath him, wanting to get away from the rampaging fire he’d lit upon her. Gerald pressed his arms down on her quivering thighs and dug his face further into what he was doing. It wasn’t long before he felt the expected tremor rave through her body and Ellen shot herself surprisingly from where she lay and shrieked as another bout of orgasm slammed her body.

“Ahhhh ... Awww shit! Awwww my God, I’m cuminngggg!”

She fought to crawl away from Gerald, but he managed to hold her down in the midst of her excitement. When eventually he let go of her, it was like floating to the surface of the ocean. Ellen laid there panting heavily. Her chest rose and fell like a pendulum. She looked down her chest, past the breasts with her standing nipples, she saw Gerald sitting there stroking his cock and grinning at her.

“You enjoyed that, didn’t you?” he asked her.

Ellen was still caught in the aftershock of her climax she could barely answer him. She’d never climaxed from that before. She wanted to enjoy the feeling before thinking of anything else.

Gerald didn’t give her that much time. He came upon her and reached down between her legs and guided his cock into her sloppy wetness. Once again her arms wrapped over his back and she gave a murmuring sigh as she felt the head of his cock, followed by his shaft, slip willingly inside her. His cock met with little tightness of obstruction and not even giving her time to get used to his girth, Gerald went into his game and began pounding her with it. Within seconds the bed wasn’t the only thing in the room groaning. Ellen couldn’t stop the expletives from flying out of her lips.

“Ohh Shit! Ohh ... Ohhh God! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

“Oh yeah, I’m gonna fuck you, bitch!” Gerald growled at her. “Gonna fuck your first-grade teaching pussy good!”

“Oh yeah ... fuck my pussy! Awwhhhh God! Fuck me!”

Gerald ground himself on top of her like a quarterback running with the ball and proceeded to give her a good fucking. Ellen simply lay under him with lead-heavy hands taking the brute force of his cock. His hands went under the back of her head and grasped her hair, yanking it hard enough for her to cry out from it while his hips went on moving up and down over her waistline. His cock kept widening her cunt with dexterous intensity. Ellen could barely keep up with the wave of euphoria his cock was giving to her even as she moaned and cried out his name.

“Ohh God ... stop .... st ... stop ...”

All of a sudden, Gerald did stop what he was doing. Ellen’s eyes shot open with fear.

“Why ... what ...” she pants the question.

“Do you want me to stop?” he asked her. His cock was still buried inside her but he wasn’t moving.

“Ohh nooo ... please ... don’t stop,” she panted.

“Don’t stop what, Ellen? You’d better say it out loud for me to hear.”

Yes ... yes, she wanted him to stop what he was doing. This was insane!

A part of her mind wanted him to stop this instant what he was doing to her. She wanted to push him off her, gather up her clothes and wear them on and then scuttle her butt out of his bedroom and out of his apartment and swear never to speak to him again. And perhaps when Tim gets back from Denver, she would confess to him all that’s happened since he left and ask that he forgive her ...

All this and more she would have done had she the nerve to tell him to stop. But instead she went the other direction. Besides she’d never been so horny in her life as she was right there and then. She wanted to feel every essence of his cock and more. She wanted him to take her much the same way he’d done the previous night, treat her like a filthy whore and not an upstanding wife.

“Noooo,” she moaned at the same time shook her head, tightened her grip on his shoulders. “No ... please, don’t stop. Don’t stop!”

“You know you’re a slut, Ellen. I told you this last night, but maybe you weren’t hearing me clearly. If you want me to continue fucking you, you’re going to have to beg for it. Now, do you still want me to stop?”

The bastard, she thought to herself. He just wasn’t going to let her get off easily. Amazing, his cock was still staying erect inside her.

“Oh please, Gerald ... please, don’t stop fucking me ... please don’t.”

He cocked his head to the side, still making fun of her. “You sure about that, Ellen? I wouldn’t want you thinking this was just me taking undue advantage of you, you know.”

Ellen was getting sick and worn up with his games. She was ready to cry bloody murder on him if he kept taunting her like this. “Fuck you, Gerald!” she spat the words at him with every emotion in her body.

“Just go ahead and fuck the shit out of me, PLEASE!”

He grinned. “My duty to please the lady.”

His hips returned to life and resumed pumping his cock in and out of her, faster this time. He sat up, held her legs aside and went on jerking forward and back, shooting his dick, now cum-stained with her juice, in and out of her cunt. Ellen was feeling once again the brute force of his cock slamming into her and it felt so much like climbing the walls of Heaven. Her breathing sounded erratic and her moans were in near tandem with his cock fucking her in and out.

Gerald pulled out of her suddenly and Ellen was nearly afraid that he was resorting to his former tricks of making her beg once again. Instead of that, he turned her over and had her face down on the bed, with a pillow under her face. Ellen was least prepared when he thrust his cock into her once again. She yelped in surprise as her pussy muscles tightened around his shaft. Her fingers gripped the bed sheets and her arms grew taut as he forced himself further in and out of her. Gerald slid his hands under to cup one of her tits and gave it a hard squeeze. Ellen cried out each time he shoved his cock back inside her.

“Oh yeah!” he grunted into her ear. His breathing was sharp and strong; their sweat merged together as one. “You loving that black cock, bitch?”

“Oh yes!” she murmured between moans. And indeed, she was loving it. “Oh yes, I’m so loving it!”

“You’re going to be loving this cock for a long time, bitch! You’re going to be my favourite slut, you hear.”

Ellen barely listened to his words. In her minds’ eye she saw a galaxy of exploding stars, all of them occurring with each thrust of his cock.

Gerald, still holding onto her, turned over on his back, taking her along.

Now she was straddling him, reverse cowgirl style, and went on riding him through the duration of another climax which exploded somewhere close to the epicentre of her heart that she nearly fell off from him.

Gerald went on pounding her harder and harder till eventually he too achieved his own lingering climax. And just like last time, he spurted his load way deep inside of her.

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