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MARY'S ADDICTION (Second Excerpt)

Here's the continuation of my upcoming and yet unfinished novel 'MARY'S ADDICTION'. This is the second excerpt. Visit my other blog to read the first, or simply follow this here link:

* * * * *

The fucking went on way past midnight.

Donald thought that he’d seen enough horror and despicable things in his life, but never would he have thought in all his life he would live to see something like this happen to him. Not just him, but his wife. Here he was, tied to a chair with a cloth gag in his mouth, watching a trio of black hoodlums first break into his home, corner him and his wife and then steal his money, and now they’d subdued his wife. Raping her before his eyes. But this was beyond mere rape. His sweet Mary appeared to be enjoying instead what was being done to her. Donald couldn’t believe it. He’d blinked his eyes a couple of times praying he was merely seeing things . . . yet the truth was happening right before him in his bedroom.

The three dastardly black men were fucking his wife in their bedroom, on their bed . . . and Mary—my God, Mary!—she was enjoying every bit of what they were doing to her. Donald felt like he was going out of his mind and but that wasn’t possible. From where he sat he vividly heard every moaning cry his wife was making, and every grunting sound the men made as they each took turns on her. Even the sound of the bed springs made it plainly obvious what Donald was watching.

My wife is being fucked by three black bastards before my eyes . . . she’s screaming like a whore, she’s enjoying them fucking her . . . I’m tied to a chair unable to move or do anything about what’s happening.

Donald felt like crying. In fact, that was what happened to him as he hung his head down his chin, not wanting to watch anymore what was taking place in the room. He’d long already given up hope about struggling to free his hands from his bounds and submitted himself instead to watching his wife get raped/fucked before his eyes.

“You enjoying the show, white boy?”

Donald looked up at the leader grinning at him. He stood by the foot of the bed naked, holding a beer can in his hand. One of them had gone down to peruse their kitchen minutes ago and returned with several cans of beer which they’d now divided amongst themselves. The men had taken consecutive turns fucking Mary, sometimes allowing her to catch her breath before resuming the sex bout.

“Don’t look so grim, white boy,” said the leader to Donald. He took a sip of his beer then uttered a belch. “Your wife’s got a sweet-ass pussy. See the way the guys are handling her? You ought to be proud.”

Donald gave him a malicious look to counter the man’s mocking eyes. “You broke into my house, stolen from me, and now you’ve gone and raped my wife. And you dare ask me to be proud!”

The leader continued smiling at him. “Ain’t nobody raped anybody, white boy. Listen to her, you can tell she’s having fun.”

From behind him came Mary’s moaning cries. Right now she was riding Tre’s cock while Mickey stood beside her thrusting his cock into her mouth.

“You black bastards!” Donald exclaimed. “I’ll have you all arrested by the end of the week. I should warn you, I know the police commissioner.”

“Good for you,” the leader responded, unafraid by Donald’s words. He leaned closer to him. “Something you ought to know about us, white boy. We ain’t into any hurting, but that don’t mean we won’t do that if worse comes. You’ve seen our faces, yes. I want you to remember it too, and mine especially, ‘cos you’re gonna be seeing more of us soon enough. You dare rat anything to any cops, and you’re going to wake up one morning with your balls cut off and shoved down your throat. And we’re gonna be watching you so you don’t think we’re playing here. Try me if you think I’m lying.”

Donald shifted backward in his chair as he absorbed the cold stare in the man’s eyes.

“You’ve got all the money in the world,” the leader continued. “Yeah, I can dig that. But don’t think you ain’t gonna go to sleep at night. And know if I don’t get to you. Your sexy wife here is gonna be easy lay. Or maybe one of your kids.”

The leader grinned when he said this. Donald saw everything he thought he hated in the world in that grin and wished he was younger and free from these bounds so he could wipe it off the man’s face.

“But don’t you worry, white boy,” said the leader. “You ain’t gonna do such thing. I’m gonna be having my eyes on you. Like I said, don’t go thinking tonight’s going to be the last time you see me around.”

He left Donald to ruminate on what he’d said while he drained the rest of his beer and returned to the bed to tag his friend. Donald once again lowered his face to his chin while his ears captured the sounds of his wife’s cries filling the room.

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