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SHANGO's Visit, Pt. 3

Master SHANGO continues his Black-Cock Training program told from the cuck hubby's perspective. If you haven't been following the story's trail, I beg you to refer to the previous and Follow this Link:

* * * * *

She does not cry. She surprises me by looking down and saying, “Your Superior Black Cock is going in my mouth, Master Shango.”

He sees the change in her. He follows this new path of verbal domination.

“Where is my Black Cock going after that, whore?”

“Into my whore’s pussy, Master Shango,” she replies.

Holy. Shit. He read her right. She is His. It’s simply a matter of reeling her in and overcoming any residual upbringing, societal walls that remains standing.

He holds the sides of her head, reassures her there is no reason to get hit, no reason to cry ever again. This is the first time I have seen him show compassion, perfectly timed. He tells her that all she has to do is what a white wife should do: serve the Black Man, worship the Black Cock, summon the Black Cum from full and heavy Black Balls with every skill she commands. He does not have to tell her to avoid cuck boi cock. That is already so far off the radar it needn’t be said.

“Yes, Master Shango,” she says to all, comprehending now the scope of her sudden new role in life.

Master Shango parts his great knees slowly, the knees she is still resting on. He tells her to take out his cock. She raises her suddenly frail looking white fingers and undoes the button of his pants. She parts the flaps on top to expose the zipper. She draws it down as he adjusts his legs so it doesn’t snag. Her eyes are on the simply insane ridge beneath the black fabric of his underwear. I can see it too, though I dare not gaze on it. I am not worthy. The only image that comes to mind is incongruous: a breaching whale in the ocean, frozen just beneath the waves. The more I think about it, though, that is exactly right: it’s sperm whale.

My white wife is only halfway to fulfilling the order. She does not rush. I know this is no longer hesitation but a savoring. Whatever resistance she has, her libido is now driving the bus: this moment is between her and the Cock. Her left hand resting on the flap of his pants to hold it aside, the thumb and index finger of her right hand move lightly toward the root of the Monster that rests along the right side of his leg. They alight on the root like a butterfly. She feels the fabric and the life and power beneath. She is experiencing what I have intellectualized: the core of existence. The power of the Black Male. The shaft is still not fully hard and she draws those two fingers along it to the bulb of the head.

“Take it out,” he orders. “Now.”

His words seem to shock her from a spell. My white wife – no, now his Black Cock Slut – quickly, dutifully finds the slit in his underwear. The Monster BBC emerges in stages under her guidance: first the head, then the top of the shaft, then the base. It is preceded by a glorious musk and a power that cannot be denied or ignored. Master Shango rises, her hand remaining on the Cock. He motions me over.

Standing before them both, towering above the couple, he commands the Black Cock Slut to take the cock gently between her fingertips – just the fingertips -- and feed it to her cuck boi husband. Enjoying the fact that her husband will have his worthless cherry popped first, she does as she is told. She is angry not only that he went behind her back but that she spent years playing the role that society has forced on her. The cuck boi parts his lips. He feels his own hot breath coming from his mouth, but that is nothing compared to the heat of the Cock. The musk becomes intense as it nears. It’s as if this Member carries with it the souls of every white wife it has conquered. The weight of those submissive white wives and their cuckolded husbands falls on the cuck boi like a wave, compelling him to submit as well. The Great Head goes in.

The cuck boi has never had a cock in his mouth. It is a foreign sensation, but he doesn’t have time to process it. He is told to close only his lips while the Cock fucks his face. He is told to work his tongue around it while keeping his teeth away. The cuck boi obeys as the Master pumps the head and part of the shaft slowly into the cuck boi’s mouth. The cuck boi feels the Cock Crown on the roof of his mouth, tastes the virile flesh inside his cheeks and on his tongue, experiences the tang of the precum in his throat. He tries to figure out, fast, how to loosen his throat because the Monster is going further and further down. He gags, coughs, finds his head pulled forward roughly by the hair atop his head as the Cock pushes into his windpipe and stays there. If he’s to continue breathing, if he’s to keep his dinner down, he has to figure out how to take it in. He gags, but is nonetheless mindful to keep his teeth away from the Cock. His tongue continues to work; when it slows, his hair is pulled hard. The cuck boi adjusts his body to straighten his throat as he has seen his wife do – though only with small dickies. Still, it’s enough for him to accommodate the Cock. It begins to move again in his mouth, in and out slowly. The cuck boi’s hands are on the floor. He realizes he is not quite in a crawling position but situated like a begging dog.

Master Shango releases the hair and withdraws the Cock. He tells the white wife it is her turn. Implicit in that statement is this: “You are about to leave behind, forever, that label of white wife. You are about to become a Black Cock Slut for the rest of your life.”

She does not react. But this is different than before: she is not defiant but waiting for instructions.

Master Shango swings the Monster toward her. I am reminded incongruously of a trucker moving a big rig on a small street, expertly. He puts the Crown to her lips. I am allowed to look directly at this. I take a snapshot of the Head at the lips I once kissed at a wedding, in the morning, before going to bed. Those lips are gone from me, forever.

She has sucked cock, of course, but never one like this. Still, she has the skills and also the will. The cuck boi stares, fighting the urge to touch himself, as he watches his beautiful woman feed on this Black Monster Member, suckle on it like it is Life itself. He hears the slurping sound, the smacking of her lips, sees the swaying of the nutsack. The cuck boi can’t even recall his own nutsack…does he have one any more? The urge to touch himself goes away as he thinks of how he has been neutered.

Without looking over, Master Shango says, “Cuck boi – cup my sack.”

The cuck boi obeys, of course. His libido returns like a storm. Everything he experiences sexually, from now on, will come to him through the filter of Master Shango. He lightly rests the nutsack in his palm. The wrinkled bag with its massive Black Nuts is the new Gold Standard. The cuck boi knows that. Material wealth, which he sought for so long, is just a means now: a tool to bring him here, to the Great Black Seed. He envies the Black Cock Slut who is milking the Cock for her ability to receive It as It was meant to be received. The cuck boi has been effemitized but he has not been made a woman. His is bitterly jealous, yet grateful to be in this position of clarity.

“That cum is going to be in your pretty white wife’s pussy soon,” he says.

“Yes, Master Shango,” he says. Then adds, “Thank you.”

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