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The Story of Caya (Excerpt)

Here's an excerpt from The Story of Caya.

Catherine (now going by the bitch-slave name of Caya), accompanies her Black Master Amos to a Black-Owned market, where he consumates and impregnates her afterwards.

* * * * *

They drove to a hotel where Master Amos had made arrangements of his arrival ahead of time. The truck carrying the slaves drove to the back of the hotel where they would be sequestered in horse stables for the duration of their being traded or sold. Master Amos had made reservation for three rooms; it was a good thing he'd booked earlier as the proprietor explained to him that his establishment was totally booked as it usually was whenever the Arun market convened. Caya carried her master's luggage up to his room; the other two bitch-slaves went with individual overseers who'd driven with them. The hotel was teeming with other bitch-slaves and white boi-slaves serving black Masters and Mistresses, although a lot of them were under supervision by the hotel proprietor as entertainment to the black guests staying. Whatever the Masters or Mistresses required, it was their duty to serve. Any complaints or act of disobedience from them and they would be sleeping in chains in the dog house in the back and eating from the dog's plate.

Inside his room, Caya laid his knapsack bag on the bed and went down on her knees awaiting whatever next instruction was coming; her own nylon bag hung from a rope slung over her shoulder. Master Amos inspected the room, opened one of the windows and closed it back, switching on the air conditioner. He checked the durability of the bed, sat on it and felt its weight and nodded affirmatively at this. He unzipped his knapsack, took out the clothes he'd arrived with and hung them in the closet. Finished, he took off his clothes and stood in the room naked. Caya felt herself become wet as she appraised his magnificent body, the beauty of his abdomen and his cock which hung between his crotch. Standing this close to him, his masculinity filled the room. She wanted to stimulate her pussy but was disinclined to do that in his presence ... except if he ordered her to.

Master Amos went on taking stuff out of his bag. He unzipped a handgrip and took out a bottle of tooth-paste and toothbrush. He spoke to her without looking in her direction. "You in heat now, right? Your period."

Caya was day-dreaming about him when she heard his voice spoke to him, snapping her back to reality.

"Uhh ... yes, yes, Master. It starts today."

He nodded. "I thought so. A pussy in heat is what I like."

He unfurled his towel and threw it at Caya to hold for him while he went into the bathroom and left the door open. Caya watched and listened to him brush his teeth before turning off the sink and stepping into the shower stall. She heard the sound of the water bathing down on him; how she ached to be the one scrubbing his body.

As if he overheard her thoughts, Master Amos parted the shower curtain and hollered at her: "Get in here, slave! I need a good scrubbing."

Caya couldn't believe her ears and for a second thought she hadn't heard him correctly. She shot to her feet with the towel in her hand and hurried to join her Master in the shower stall; she hung the towel on a jutting nail and stepped in to join him. Water rained down on both of them. She took the soap and rubbed it over his arms, torso, and knelt to rub it over his thighs and legs. She got the sponge and he turned and leaned forward against the linoleum wall giving her room to scrub his body. She scooped water with a plastic bail she found and splashed it over his backside as she continued scrubbing him, falling to her knees and running the sponge underneath his crotch, fondling his balls, taking her time about it before sliding down his thighs. He held up his legs and she scrubbed the sole of his feet before splashing more water over him. Water from the shower washed much of the soap suds off him. She was about getting to her feet but his hand came on her head and he pushed her downward back to her knees. She saw his cock nodding its head against her thigh. She stroked his prick and kissed the bulbous head before swallowing him.

"Aaahhhh ... yes. That's a good bitch-slave. Master Amos is going to impregnate you tonight. Going to fuck you as a black Master would. You want some of Master Amos' cum inside your womb, don't you, bitch-slave?"

"Uh-Huh," she murmured as she sucked on his cock, smacked her lips around the tip, stroking it. "This slave wants all of her black Master's cum. I want your cock in me. Everything I am is yours, Master Amos."

He thrust more of his meat in and out of her mouth. Caya relaxed her jaw muscles, struggled to swallow him more. Her other hand went down her crotch to finger her pussy's wetness. Hearing her Master talk to her always spurred her pussy juice to flow. Her Master pulled her up to her feet and sucked on her breasts. She exhaled a soft moan from the feel of his teeth raking her skin; her hand rubbed the back of his neck while the other kept stroking his manhood.

Their bath over, Master Amos pulled her out of the stall, both dripping water, and threw her on the bed. She made to get up and turn around but he indicated for her not to. He knelt before her, his hands parted her ass cheeks and pulled her buttocks towards his face. Caya grabbed the bed sheets and muttered an unexpected moan as she felt his tongue lick and slobber up and down her cunt. His tongue slipped between her labia lips; he groaned with frantic passion as he kept wetting her bitch-slave pussy. His thick pair of hands kept slapping at her buttocks. She in turn pushed her butt backwards to meet his tongue; she reached a hand underneath her legs and parted her pussy lips for him. The sucking noise his lips made as he sucked on her juice sent shivers down her spine.

Master Amos slapped her butt one last time before rising to his feet. He reached into his still open bag and took out a riding crop. He whipped it on her butt, making her yelp from the sting.

"Keep assuming the position, bitch-slave," he said to her at the same time whipped her once again.

Caya did as he wanted. He inched his cock forward and without use of his hand guided the head of his prick between her pussy wall. Caya shifted her buttocks backward to meet his cock, loving the way it pushed through her opening and further inside her. Amos planted one foot on the bed and held her down. His thigh muscles and hips contracted as he thrust his cock in and out of her pussy. Caya was moaning surreptitiously from the contact. In time as he increased the pressure, she was panting wildly from it, pulling the sheets towards her as her body responded to his onslaught. He would pause to flog her with the riding crop if she slowed her pace. He took his foot off from the bed and grabbing her waistline pulled her towards his at the same time slammed his abdomen against her buttocks. His breathing was rapid, controlled. He fingered her anus with his thumb as he fucked her, eventually gaining entrance. She cried from the pain; he brought the crop down on her backside, snapped at her to shut up. He didn't appear to slow down. Caya had her hand under her legs and rubbed at her pussy steadily. She reached her hand further and fondled her black Master's balls; in there was the seed that would fertilize her ova.

Amos stopped and pulled out of her. Caya slumped down on the bed, gasping. He wasn't done with her yet. She watched him take out a little bottle from inside his hand grip and pour some lube oil on his palm and returned to her. She assumed the position once again, knew what he was about to do. He rubbed the oil around her anus region and when he was ready got up on the bed behind her and thrust the head of his penis at the anal hole. Caya tried relaxing her spintcher muscles, still the rush and initial pain of his prick piercing through her hole made her shake all over. She screamed. She thrashed her feet on the bed; she prayed for the pain to be over, at the same time she wanted her Master not to stop. He didn't make like he was about to. He grunted into her ear, pulled her ear lobe with his lips while his cock struggled to find room inside her anal hole. He pulled out of her afterwards. He laid on the bed and she came on top of him and rode his cock as hard as she could. To show her submissiveness, she stopped and inserted his cock back into her asshole and continued to rock his dick. Again she returned his cock back into her pussy and went on riding him. Her hands scratched through her wet hair; she was panting frantically, immersed in the mist of ecstasy his cock was giving her.

"Fuck me, Master," she groaned. She leaned forward, her tits shook before his face. "Fuck me ...Uggghhhhh ... take me, Master! Fuck your bitch-slave! Gimme all your black prick, Master!"

Master Amos grabbed her ass cheeks and the bed shook underneath them, along with her stuttering cries as he slammed his prick harder and faster in and out of her cunt. Caya had a surprising orgasm and she was still reeling from it, her body spasming uncontrollably when another intense bolt of orgasm set off inside her womb. She wanted to scream aloud her Master's name but felt it caught in her throat. He was grunting against her neckline. His lips kissed a trail of sweat off her cheek. His balls tightened. A bullet train of cum travelled up his shaft and he sat up on the bed, holding Caya to his body, gasping against her breasts. She too held on to him and cried high-pitched as she felt his prick ejaculate his sack of cum inside her.

He held her to his body, both of them gasping in each other's face. His prick was growing weak inside her cunt. He released his arms from her and fell back on the bed, breathing heavily. Caya left the bed and went to stand over the toilet seat and scooped up much of his cum pouring out her cunt and licked it off her palm. She washed her hands when she was done and got the towel from where she'd hooked it and returned to the bedroom and wiped the copious sweat off her Master's face, neck and torso. He allowed her to do so, afterwards lay properly on the bed and shut his eyes. He looked peaceful when he was sleeping. Caya threw the towel aside and lay beside him. She placed her palm gently over his chest, felt the rise and fall of his muscles.

He had ejaculated inside her. His cum was still oozing out of her cunt.

"I love you, Master Amos," she whispered to him.

She didn't know if he heard him. She partly wanted him to, though was as well afraid he might lash at her for displaying such whimsy type of affection. She waited for him to explode. He didn't.

Caya got down from the bed and spread her mattress across the floor and lay on it and used her arm for a pillow and slept off.

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