What Makes a Black Lover?

What makes a black man a terrific lover?

It’s a question I pondered while I was spending time with a lovely wife down in Charleston. After we'd make love, we would sit in bed and talk about ourselves: our past sexual experiences, our time we've shared with each other so far. She found it easy opening up to me unlike how she'd been with other men before, and I too took pleasure explaining to her about myself and what I stand for. We talked like old friends. We talked like lovers who'd known each other since way back. The world just seemed to shrink before our eyes as we talked and rubbed our hands over each other's naked flesh, our minds explored while our bodies gained back strength to come after each other once more.

At one point in time, she threw this question at me: "Master Phil, please tell me what you think makes black men better lovers?"

It sounds hypothetical, and not wanting to seem biased, I can only answer such type of questions from my own perspective.

It's hard to know what separates a lover from a sexual partner, more like what separates love from sex . . . or if its possible they can ever both be separated. Answering such is like stating the difference between the yolk of an egg and the albumen. They're both intertwined and only when together do they make up the egg. Hence sex and lover are as intertwined as . . . we would want them to. As human beings, we are sexual animals, and to me, sex is one of the most primitive things we will ever have that's far greater than Man discovering fire, and yet it baffles me that it's still something a lot of us have a hard time accepting or dealing wit