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The Rise of Adult Fiction

Most would consider it as smut. The sort of dish-rag people, especially single men, tash in the deep recesses of their bedside cabinet and only bring out at night, or whenever they feel the coast is clear, so they can jack-off to. Others would say it's devilish and akin to porn. Despicable nonsense, they would prefer to call it. This derogatory term mostly coming from older, conservative members of the society.

I'm not saying this is merely applicable to the American landscape. Where I'm from, the same sort of judgement does ring true. But allow me to paint a different portrait to what we have come to see as Adult Fiction.

Words have magic. Magic is power. Words, when transcribed to sentences can woo, seduce, and churn the reader's imagination to however direction the writer chooses to. In the end, he could leave the reader with a satisfying experience, or debilitating anger. However the case becomes, the reader is apt to undergo a change. This sort of change is as much apparent when it comes to sampling erotic works of Adult Fiction.

Most forms of Adult Fiction would agree that the more the sex, the better the story. Or rather, the dirty the sex scene, the more chances of having an exploding readership. I can't speak for other writers out there aside from myself. Majority of my erotic stories contain sexual attributes from my sexual lifestyle, as well as from the wishes and desires of majority of my readers. What I've most come to define when it boils down to writing erotic fiction is that the more we read through a sex scene happening between two characters, the more, as with other modes of fiction, we read sensuous meaning into ourselves. Into the eorogenous depths of our heart's content. We so wish to open doors that we only let open when we're the only ones around.

I enjoy writing Adult Fiction that happens between married couples because with couples, there's plenty of gray area that's still untapped, or unexplored by the Adult Fiction market, on the grounds that it might seem toobish or unstimulating toward the mainstream at large. Such argument has no confirmed basis besides the perceptive fear that often dogpiles most consumers as regards to what sensuous effect such forms of fiction might hold.

Such brand of writing isn't new in the general public, neither is the cuckold lifestyle one that was birthed from the onset of the internet. It's high time such form of erotic fiction before accepted by the general public, and for such brand like mine to become the mainstay of a new outlet for couples to discover more about what lurks in the erogeneous zones of their hearts and minds, whether or not they choose to share such information with their spouse or not.

I remain as always greatful to my readers and visitors to my numerous blogs and website. I will continue to remain dutiful in entertaining you, whether through our personal meetings or via communicating through emails or through various other social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook, even through other means like Skype or Kik.

I've been attempting since the start of the year to raise enough funds so as to return to the States to carry out more of my seductive mission for real. It's been a grueling affair, and I wish I can say I'm halfway toward achieving the figure I'm trying to raise, but then I'd be lying. However, miracles do still happen.

Let's just keep our fingers crossed.

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