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Cuckold Confession #32: Cuck Jon's First Black Pt. 2

Again still in shock I have no idea how long this was lasting, what was my thinking had happened Grif's cock, how long had it been out of her pussy, it was at this moment I saw Grif's right thumb massaging her clit so she maybe wasn't too concerned about the lack of cock inside her. I just know by this time my lips encapsulating my teeth were wrapped tightly around his thick shaft and I was sucking as hard as I could on it as I felt the harder I sucked on it the more I'd hold in up in my mouth. I'm not sure if this left him feeling restricted or he planned the next part all along, but he stopped pressing his cock deeper into my mouth and instead dropped his big scrotum down onto my face and began slowly and very deliberately grinding it into my face. He got a rhythm going that covered the whole of my exposed face, his balls now taking their toll on my skin, I thought too that it was those big black balls that had shot their load into Carole's pussy just a short time ago, the balls now grinding my face had left us worrying that he'd knocked her up, now my thoughts turned to how they were hurting me very much in a different way, I don't know if it was hurting him to press them so hard against my face but my skin was burning from the roughness of his scrotum and vehemence with which he was tormenting me.

It felt like he was never going to stop, I was completely intimidated by his actions, his cock in my mouth, his balls grinding my face. I felt so small and so much less a man than Grif, his success in making me suck his dick was to take most of my manhood away from me, very few things can rob a man of his ego more than knowing another man has his dick in your mouth, you've sucked on it and you can never rewrite this one line, he's made you into a cock sucking cuckold and forgive the expression, but all you can do is suck it up and get on with your life. It's a bit like a woman's virginity, once a cock has been in there, it can't be undone! I knew too that Grif would always have a power over me because of this, his black cock would always be the one I had to admit with shame - I had sucked. I was used to admitting I was a cuckold, I have been cuckolded many, many times, could I one day admit I've sucked a big black cock - or is that too much even for a habitual cuckold like me to admit?

I was also thinking how would Carole react to this development , how would she think of me now I'd sucked another man's cock, and a black cock at that or was this one of the surprises that Carole said they had planned. Had my fiancée and Grif discussed him tricking me into sucking his cock, was it possible that my fiancée was okay with her husband sucking the cock of a superior black male?

My mind was racing and all the while I still had my mouth full of Grif's big black cock, his balls still resting on my face. How long had it been in my mouth? I was still in shock and minutes or seconds meant nothing to me, instinctively my tongue rolled around the base of his corona, between the head and his foreskin and he tasted so strong, like Carole's juices times twenty! Grif started to jiggle his cock in my mouth again and I sucked as hard as I could to immobilize his dick, I felt a thick sludge ooze onto the center of my tongue, I swallowed, it wasn't cum, I've tasted enough men's cum to know it's taste instantly, this wasn't cum, I must have sucked precum from his shaft, it was thick and viscous but tasteless. Grif started to withdraw his cock and I let him, once clear of my mouth I closed my lips tight and while he tried to get it back in again, he didn't succeed, he'd caught me unaware and I had a mouthful of his cock before, but not again. After a few vain attempts he gave up and slipped his cock back into my fiancée's pussy.

I have no idea if Grif ever said to Carole he had put his cock in my mouth, I know I later told her he had tried but that I had been able to avoid his cock entering my mouth. I've always denied he had his cock in my mouth that night, I think I have been in personal denial, blanking out the feeling of it in my mouth; I did admit to the tasting my fiancée's pussy juices off his cock but claimed that came from him brushing hard against my lips. I also said about him hurting my face with his balls, again I said this was while he was riding my fiancée; but the angles mean he could only have exerted that much pressure on my face when his cock was deep in my mouth. I recently had occasion to contact Grif and ask him if he remembered if he had put his cock in my mouth. I think if he hadn't remembered or wasn't sure I'd have passed it off as him having tried to get me to suck his cock but failed to get it between my lips. But when I asked him if he remembered trying to get me to suck his cock - he told me he had deliberately put his cock in my mouth that night, he was too proud of his accomplishment in getting this white cuckold to suck on that big black cock of his to forget. He had planned from the very outset to make me a cock sucking cuckold, he had way too much pride in having succeeded to forget or let me forget that he'd filled my mouth with his cock, that I'd sucked on him was a major tick on his checklist of his superiority over me.

Now, after all this time, I admit first to him and now to myself - that I have sucked his cock - and yes in a way it was an erotic experience for me, should the occasion present itself again I would no qualms about sucking his cock again. He's told me next time not only will I suck his cock but his balls too, while he fucks my woman and he'll have me lick his rim too! Well I told him there's no way I would do that, he told me that at one time there was no way I'd suck that big black cock of his, HE knows I did suck him. He won't tell me if he and Carole had planned for me to suck his dick, I never admitted to Carole I had sucked him so I can't ask her again, when I said to her about Grif having tried to put his cock in my mouth I asked if she was aware he was going to try to do that, she never really answered me, both of them have left me guessing what was planned for me that night, I know Grif intended to make me suck his dick, I know I did suck his big black cock and enjoyed it - if he and my fiancée schemed together, so the shame will always be mine alone and any kudos goes to Grif, my Black Master.

Regards, Cuckold Jon |

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