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Why I Prefer Black Men

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A slutWife's selfless Confessional of why she loves getting down with black men, and her cuckboi is so all right with it!

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"Why do you like black men" is a question I am often asked. I’ve been trying to figure it out and this is my current explanation: As a white woman I feel it is my place to submit to a dominant man, so I may serve him happily and affectionately while he dominates and controls me with a stern hand and plenty of affection as well.

I am of the belief that Black men are more dominant than white men, despite knowing there are plenty of strong willed dominant white men, who have proven many time that they are good at it and worthy of keeping a submissive and/or slave etc. With this in mind I still perceive black men as more. I also know though many men, white and black, claim to be dominant and know how to dominate a woman but in reality they are nothing more than bullies, beating someone because you’re bigger is not domination, it's physical abuse.

But back to my point: One of the reasons I prefer blacks to white for Doms, is the average white man, in my experience, takes less care of his body. He may be big and strong, but could also have a big belly and loads of hair, not my thing personally, but other do like it. whereas a lot of the Blacks I tend to go with are toned or at least flat of belly, shave their body hair, not like legs and arms but belly and chest etc. This leads to black guys having a more athletic and more groomed overall appearance, compared to the white man. I know it's not true in every case for both white and black but I’m going with who I meet and interact with.

My boi/cuck is a white, 6 ft 2 cage-fighter. He is athletic, he has little to know body hair, he’s' mentally stimulating and we dated for years before I went black, we never fucked. So physically he has what I want, but mentally, he's a submissive, very easy going, which makes him not to lose his manliness even when I dress him up like a sissy, he just pulls it off, but I’m happy about that. I don't like the lowly, whiny pathetic types. Begging tends to get on my nerves.

To me, interracial sex has never been a taboo. It’s never been an issue to any of my family that I’m aware of and it's not uncommon as far as I can tell, in Europe at least. Skin color is just skin color, doesn’t really define much about the person. It’s the childhood and how the child is raised that puts people in the stereotypes, not the skin.

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Anyway so I know all this but still prefer blacks, I do like the contrast of skin, but I don't feel like a naughty girl just because I’m with a black man. I like their physical shape and appearance but I know a white man can match it if they tried. The attitude is something unique though. A black man with an attitude, call it gansta or swagger, what you want... but it works for them. When a white man tries the same attitude, its seems off, forced or just silly. But a white man with attitude is not a fantasy. They do exist but it's different but can yield the same effects. look at Elvis, Mick Jagger, George Clooney, huge attitude and sex appeal but there is no acting when it comes to black men.

So I can say at least on the attitude front, I prefer the black form of attitude, if that makes sense.

Of course there is Penis size. Both black and white can have very large or very small sizes. Though it is my belief that the black dick is generally larger or at least fatter. Of course I know this is not the case with all men, black or white.

So for now what I can say to why I prefer black is 2 things. I prefer their type of attitude and swagger to the white’s type and it's simply become a preference and choice of habit, never under estimate simple habit people, you’re a slave to little habits more than anyone ever realizes.

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